Friday, August 3, 2007

Badge: Killtacular

Killtacular Badge
Game: Boxhead 2Play
Level: Hard (30 points)

Requirements: Go on a killing spree and score 10,000,000 points in Boxhead: 2Play Rooms

Strategy: Shoot TEH ZOMBIES!!! oh and Charge yur lazer

In-Depth Strategy: Remember the shotgun is your friend, you can easily destroy countless hordes of zombies once you get it up in level, fast-firing shotty is great. You'll want to kill zombies as fast as you can because that way your multiplier will go up. This way you get more points for killing zombies. Keep moving and shooting, use your weapon of choice, I suggest Shotgun (spray attack), or Rocket Launcher depending on range
The Dirty Strategy: You can actually make this game super easy, up there yea thats the actual hard way to do it... heres a secret, go into options put the difficulty on nightmare, don't worry it won't be bad. Also turn off friendly fire and devils. Then once you start your game, just switch to your rocket launcher, and blast away until 10 mill is shown on your score, then you can let the zombies consume you, once your dead you got your badge.

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Anonymous said...

You should probably change the goal and everything that needs changing with the recent change to the badge.