Thursday, August 9, 2007

Challenge #21: Balance of the Universe

Balance of the Universe Challenge
Bring synergy to all of existence by blowing up stars and balancing some balls! Victory will unlock the Sharpening Stone card.

Starshine by Herointeractive
Have a fetish for stars and trigonometry? StarShine will have your brain working in overtime as you try to predict angles and patterns without smashing your keyboard through your monitor… or maybe you will.

Choose where to fire your lone shooting star to light up all of the rest! With 50 puzzles, you shouldn’t be too bored. I promise, all of them have solutions!

Balance Balls 2 by sarcastro
Balance the red ball, Its harder than you think! In this sequel however, you’ve got power ups to help!

How long can you survive? be sure to check the high scores and see how you measure up.

The Challenge

Balancing Act Survive for 45 seconds in Balance Balls 2.
For balance balls, I would recommend simply grabbing the spike power-up and balancing out the paddle, keep the ball in the center as much as possible. Then just keep it up for 45 seconds then just stop balancing, it'll be ok. Oh and if you don't get it the first time its alright, this game is 50% skill and 50% luck.

Little BangComplete level 10 in StarShine. Don't worry; the hundreds of planets being wiped out won't mind.
So for starshine you wanna find a way so the stars explode each other. You can easily get the solutions to 1-10 by following these simple photo guides on Jayisgames


You've achieved the Sharpening Stone card, mmm criticals juicy criticals

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