Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kongregate Facebook App now amazing!

Now you can do so much more, the original app, basically only updated your news feed when you favorited a game. It wasn't much interesting.

Now, the App is fully featured. Read on to see all of it...

As you can see it puts high scores on your profile as well as an overview of a Kongregate account. The widget also shows your rank in comparison to others in your network. As you can tell my network has nobody else with the Kongregate facebook app, so I can't try out any competitive high score abilitys of the app.

Though this is certainly really cool, theres much more to the app.
You can also view game pages through the app. Such as this profile for Float.

As you can see the page shows recent comments and a link to Kongregate to play the game. As well as recommendded games.

Also there is a link next to the games on the main page to post on Facebook, see that double arrow next to jmtb02. Yup thats a link to share the game with your facebook buddies. When it says your friends using Kongregate, it means your facebook friends. The link underneath that will allow you to send a invitation to your friends to add the application.

The high scores area showcases all of your highscores that exist in your Kongregate account. You can let the Kongregate App auto-manage your High Scores to show on your profile. Or you can manage them yourself by selecting which scores you want on your profile.

The FAQ/Upcoming Features is essentially what it says although if you what you've seen so far doesn't convince you to get the app, maybe these upcoming features will

Upcoming features

Challenge your friends!
You will soon be able to challenge your friends! Called "challenge circles", you will be able to select a game and challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score within a two week period. A leaderboard tracking everyone's scores will be displayed on your friends' profiles for those two weeks and whoever wins the challenge will receive Kongregate points and major bragging rights.

Play games directly on Facebook
We hope to start embedding selected games onto our application canvas pages so you don't have to leave Facebook in order to play games. High scores will still be recorded into your profiles on Kongregate and Facebook.

High scores leaderboard
You will also be able to see high scores posted from all your friends in a leaderboard when you go to the Kongregate Games Application canvas page.

Achievements and badges
Achievements and badges already exist on, but you will be able to proudly display your hard-earned badges on your Facebook profile soon! Achievements are just like challenge, except that they are not time-based, so you may complete them at your own rate. Each completed achievement earns you a special badge that will be displayed on both your Kongregate and Facebook profiles.

Reassociate your accounts
Didn't associate the correct Kongregate account to your Facebook account? You soon will be able to deassociate your two accounts and re-enter your information.

Then lastly the feedback form is essentially the same as the one on Kongregate, where you can send bug reports and other information to Kongregate.

One more thing, the mini feed, the feed that displays in your profile will also update when you play specific games, get a new high score, or favorite a game.

Well thats the Kongregate Facebook App, hope you all enjoyed it.


William Henderson said...

Glad you like it man.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very nice guide.

Malachi said...

I'm liking it... too bad I don't use facebook :(

Jim Greer said...

Wow, great writeup FRAGM3NT.

Anonymous said...

how do we find it ? i couldnt when i searched...

Anonymous said...

U must have worked on all of this at least 6 mos. or more.. I like will prove to be very interesting....