Thursday, August 9, 2007

RotP #1: Teh Fancy Pants Adventures!

To any of the other contributors, Mah Territory :O. Unless you ask me nicely first in Kongregate Chat first :/.

Hey, Syl here, and welcome to the first "Reviews of the Past!" As we all know, the past is essential in finding the future (and that we have more games to review in the past :P) and this thingy will be for two times a week, mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Let's start,shall we?Today, we'll look at the wonderful world of possibly one of the best Flash Platformers ever, The Fancy Pants Adventures !

- Game Review

The Fancy Pants Adventures is a game created by DrNeroCF , creator of the pie-throwing No Comment! and the greatest hits,Nuclear Eagle.

*Gameplay?* Anyway, the goal's simple. You know, it's like Mario, only that instead of a plumber, you get a stick figure with hair and pants on. Anyway, you simply get to the end of each level, represented by a door, which also represents hidden rooms to gain throphies, scribbles and more. Once you get to the end, you have to fight this... penguin boss thing which is really big. And a bit insane if you ask me.

Graphics? Sounds wierd, but a stickman in a full environment's not quite wierd, as it gives a sense of something.

Music? It's made by -API- from the NGAP. It's a pleasent soundtrack, so you should relax while playing this game. Hey hey, don't get too rel...WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SPIDERS! Ouch.

Interactivity? Arrow Keys for movement, Space to pause/quit, 's' to jump, simple and stylish. The game lets you explore the area, and also stuff.

Oh,and replay values also go to the throphies that are displayed there. Say hi Throphies.

Humor? If you think jumping on spiders is fun, than well... Yay both of us.

Overall: This is a great Flash Platformer, which is somehow one of the most popular games in Kongregate, and somehow the first to be picked by me :/. Too...wait a second, you think we're done yet? Well, you guys who came here for the reviews, go, now it's time for the extra stuff : ).

-Game Statistics

Hooray, it's time to see how well FancyPants fared in the whole internet! (If you got any other websites that you want me to monitor on, just message me in Kongregate or ask for my email.Either way.


We have a 4.30 average here, which is quite alot for over 6K+ ratings. Guess we must really like people with orange pants,huh?

We also have an achievement and a challenge on this game as well! More on that later.

And in Newgrounds, the game has a score of 4.16/5 with a massive 20,000+ votes , and over 900K+ views! It's rank in scores is #298 , and it's popularity rank is #679. Yay.

We're done here, let's move on to the Card Challenge / Badge!

-Gaming Involvement

This game's been involved in Kongregate for a challenge and a badge. Yay, I'm having to do a challenge in my own mind...

--Challange#1 : Throphy Room

Hey, this's the first challenge! Neat! You can see all the throphies up there, and all. Maybe I'll do a walkthrough on how to finish Fancy Pants next time, so I'll keep this short.

Throphy #1: At the 1st level, when you get to a sign , and there's a route going down on your right, jump to the platform on the left and complete the rest.

Throphy #2: On the 3rd level, there's a door with a spiderweb at it's side. Go in there and complete it.

Throphy#3: 3rd level still,if you see a door while repelling yourself onto a ledge, run and jump to it and complete it (Hold 'S'.)

Throphy #4: 3rd level, it's somewhere on the top, but you need to drop down to get it in a curve.
Throphy #5: 5th level, and it's hidden,sooooo...just look for any hidden stuff and complete it!


You have the Rumiko Card!(Don't ask.)


Lazyness is!

Done with those two,let's move on!

-Contests Won

You'll be great to know that....


This game won 1st place in the 1st weekly contest (Yay.)

This game was also a runner-up for the Kongregate Game Contest 0.Blah.


The game also won a Daily Feature, Review Crew Pick and Weekly 2nd place.Amazing.

-Final Words

Well now, this has been fun and all, with 8 hours of work posted into this walkthrough. I hoped you actually READ this entire thing, or else I'll send down some Spiders to kill you.

But wait! Come on down in a few hours time! I'll be working on the second one of the series by then.



Denis said...

When was that challenge? And why do you mood me down by showing off cool card which I did not get? :(

Sylicas said...

Because I rawk. And that challenge was made in March 22 to March 2...6 if I'm not wrong :P.

FRAGM3NT said...

Yea it was the first challenge only those of us that were here, well in the early stages have it