Thursday, August 30, 2007

May have noticed

Kongregate now has another button for cards and badges, lets take a look at this little redesign.

This page is essentially the same as your profile badges, except it just shows the newest badges first instead of ones you've completed.

The page now shows us the card game layout as well as a link to the forum with the rules, oh and PAX attendees can redeem a special tafari card.

wait.. what's happened though, does this mean no more featured developer? no more Kongregate logos to put on our blogs? No more community page!


Ben said...

The link to the community page has been moved to the footer, it has not been removed.

freak11magic said...

I like the new button placement, and they also gave it a card page. I bring up another question: How will Kongregate host the game; as a game like all the other games (reeally..-.-), or will it be on it's own page, with a different layout from normal games?