Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekly Random Review #3: Blue!

My Overall Rating: 4 stars
Good: Good color scheme, interesting puzzle game with many levels to keep you occupied.
Bad: Level select menu crawls by at a snails pace, desperately needed replay button is absent.

First of all, this game is not a sequel to Red, or related to it in any way.

Kajenx is a new developer to Kongregate, uploading this game just a few days ago. Anyway, this game has two modes, 50 levels of the main game, and an unlockable puzzle generator. It features a five by five box where, instead of clicking, you have to move a hovering ball to where you want to go. The point of the game is to neutralize board so that all the boxes are the same color. A symbol in the top left corner shows in what pattern the ball neutralizes the boxes. To keep the game fun, this symbol will change every few levels.

When I began this game, the levels looked hard. Actually completing it, though, was much easier! But don't feel that the game is all a big piece of cake, oh no. After the first fifteen levels (approximately) it starts to get challenging. Well, I'm not going to spoil any more of it for you, so why not play it?

In my opinion, Blue is an original, enjoyable puzzle game that should keep for attention for more than a few minutes, despite some minor annoyances to the gameplay. Thanks for reading another WRR!

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