Friday, September 28, 2007

Challenge #28: Crossing The Line ( Includes the Line Rider badge!)

Crossing The Line Challenge

Escort your delicate line through perilous pulsating pigments to the gentle safety of a giant green dot to unlock the Caltrops card!

Badge: Line Rider ( Easy - 5 Points)
Score lower than 7000 in The Line Game.

Line Game by EverybodyPanic
In this game you have to guide the line through the pulsating red maze to the end with the mouse or keyboard. It’s simple but stupidly addictive.(Agreed on.) 8 levels, online highscores, and a mouse mode.

The Challenge / Badge:

Challenge - Line Guardian – Using "mouse" mode in Line Game, complete any 4 levels to bring your time under 5,000 seconds total. (If your score was already less than 5,000 before the challenge was launched, you'll need to complete any level again with any score. )

Badge - Bring your "total time" score under 7,000 seconds in "mouse" mode in Line Game .

Brief Overview:

- If you're not in a rush, do it in any order...

-But if you are, I'll suggest doing Level A,B,D and H. They're the quicker ones to finish.

- It's only 4, doesn't take too long :P.

- Remember Mouse Mode Only.
- Follow Challenge, except half-way.

In-sight Speed Guide!
Speed! That's what you're doing this time! Face it, everything's easy if you just slow down and smell the flowers, but it ain't fun stating every level *brrr...e*

Mouse Mode only, for Stage A, just follow the path, avoiding the red stuff, and get onto the rotating bridge.(Should take you 10 seconds...)
For Stage B, start when you can see the hole coming through from the right, so that you canimmediately get on it when you start. Then, rotate around the thing, watch out for the hole again, and complete. (Should take you 10 secs too...)
Oh wait, Line Rider Badge completed! Well done!
For Stage D, it should take you 7 seconds. Nope, not 20. 7. Why? First, take the shortcut there, and when you get to a cross-road, navigate down, going to the sides of the sheep. Then, just go up towards the goal!
For Stage H, it's just longer to finish it. Nothing much.
Did we just get the card?


You just earned the Caltrpos card!

Hmmmm...a card that deals damage to enemies when they switch out. It could make it a win-win situation with Rumiko!

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