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Tactics 100: The Official COCAK Game Guide

Tactics 100 provides plenty of options to be an amazing strategist like the great Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi of Three kingdoms fame, well not that quite amazing but still it offers alot of customization to create a constantly new experience, especially with the introduction of online play. With this guide we will show the basic to most advanced strategies that exist for the game as well as a guide to the single player campaign against the evil horde of random enemies that spawn for some reason to attack you.

The guide list for the blog:

1. Absolute Beginner
a. The Units
b. Creating an army
c. Playing the game
2. Easy Badge anyone?
a. Getting points in single player
b. Effective strategy to lead into a perfect game
3. Cornelius Constantine you are madness!
a. This is TACTICS!!! guide to the first 3 levels
4. Hard enough?
a. Guide to the Hard badge and every level in the single player
5. Multiplayer
6. Appendix
a. Effective strategies by the community

1. Absolutely Beginners
a. Learning the Units
First of all we must understand that the game revolves around 4 basic unit types. The Knight, Ranger, Mage, and Cleric. Each has a special ability in which they are proficient.

The Knight can effectively lower any initial damage toward himself if attack toward the front using his shield, after the first attack on the knight he cannot use it anymore.

The Ranger has the ability to fire long range bow shots across large distances. Effectively lowering the chance to get hit while allowing a good distance win formula.

The Mage can create a lightning arc that can shoot towards any enemy and effectively chain down towards close units.

The Cleric can heal nearby units although the ability is lacking as you cannot heal yourself.

b. Creating an army
In the game setup screen there will be a few 100 points to spend on how you please to set up your army (If there already is an army then click "clear all". This game only allows 8 units to be under control at a time. Also you can customize your team colors and your background fighting area in the setup window.

Now then you will find boxes such as this (see right) in many places through out the setup screen. The buttons on each correspond to the unit and the amount of points each unit costs. It's up to you remember on how to spend it. Now then once you select one Unit you will find something like so for each unit.

As you can see they all have different options toward customizing their stats. The cleric has uniquely Heal Power and Heal Range. The Mage has Blast Power and Chain Strength. The Ranger has Arrow Power and Firing Range. The Knight has Sword Power and Blocking Strength. In addition each unit can upgrade their health and movement statistics. By adding some of those 100 points you have you can upgrade to your strategies delight.

c. Playing the game
The game goes by rounds, when it is your round each of your characters gets a turn, in that turn many things can happen. First of all click on a character, this character can do many things, the blue boxes that are displayed on the game grid are areas where that character can move, the red boxes are units that the player can attack/heal, while light purple boxes are units that the character can attack by moving towards them.

To play the game all you have to do is effectively move your army around and strategically defeat the opposing army. There will be more on strategy later.

2. Easy badge anyone?
Taste of Battle Badge (easy - 5 points)
Wet your blade with blood by scoring 50 points in single-player mode in Tactics 100 Live v1.5

a. Understanding Points
This badge as it says is quite easy to get, first of all we must understand how to obtain points in Tactics 100. You obtain points through keeping your units alive at the end of the round. For every unit you lose you lose some points. The max you can gain is 100 points. I would recommend for this badge that you just use the default army and rampage through the first level. It'll be a simple good fight and prepare you for whats coming ahead.

b. Effective Strategy
For the best tactics it is known that the best way to win is to not get hit, so one of the greatest things you can do is either have a super soaker knight to take the damage for you, or simply run away while having ranged attacks to fend off your foes. Although either way has their downsides. Some people simply sit atop their perch on top of the raised level, this minimizes damage as well as allows extended damage.

One thing to understand most about tactics is the ability to hit more or less than what you should.

Positive attack percentages:
Attacking from behind +50%
Last Ditch (When your health is in critical condition) +75%
High Ground +25%
Veteran Bonus (Depends on how many enemies that unit has killed)

although watch out as there are ways to be a bad tactician too.

Negative attack percentages:
Move Fatigue (Depends on amount of movement)
Shield Block (Depends on level of shield block)
Low Ground
Obstructive View -10% for each friendly unit in the way, -30% for each enemy unit in the way
Chained Down -20% per chained down lightning.

3. Cornelius Constantine your are madness!!!!

a. This IS TACTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guide to the first three levels and getting past the Cornelius card.

Level 1
Mighty Army (Knights and Archers)
step 1: Skip the first turn

Rest of battle: Keep the enemy close by in this one as you want any ranged attackers you can to stay behind the knights. If your team is mage based then just have your mages sit atop the hill or next to it and let the enemy come to them.

Level 2
Magical Army (Knights, Mages, and a Cleric)
step 1: Skip the first turn

Rest of battle: Again let your knights soak some damage as you attack the magical units. If your game is maged based again keep to the high ground. Otherwise fire your arrows at the magi, and kill the knights with your magi and knights.

Level 3
Balancer Army (the normal setup)
step 1: skip the first turn

Rest of battle: Essentially the same strategy, I wouldn't worry about their cleric too much. None of the units are overly powerful so pretty much just wipe them clean. Especially easy if you have the Mage setup from the appendix.


4. Hard enough?
Flawless Victory Badge (hard – 30 points)
Leave no soldier behind, scoring 1,000 points in single-player mode in Tactics 100 Live v1.5

This game just gets slightly harder after this, now remember if you have ever lost a unit in a single player battle. It may be better to lose all of your units and then retry the level. This way you don't have to play through say 9 levels.

Level 4
Brutality Army
For this one take out the front line middle three first as they are the ones with the upgrades, otherwise don't worry about the cleric and just focus on killing the Knights.

Level 5
Arrowstorm Army

For this stage simply rush and keep a mage on the high ground, the rangers have a great tendency to destroy one unit. So just try and get in close and take out as many archers as you can.

Level 6
Hero Army

For this army defeat the central knight first as he is the most beefed up unit here. If you can try and keep your units away from him and definitely not exposed as a single attack can kill almost any unit.

Level 7
TriMagi Army
For this battle try and keep your army apart so the magi can't effectively defeat you. Pound on them vigorously and you should defeat them.

Level 8
Simply seperate and destroy these three knights.

Level 9

For this level what you want to do is simply defeat the mages and then work on the knight as the knight has no power-ups other than health.

Level 10
Phalanx Army

Simply attack the Knights, its the evil last charge, defeat it! The persians had no chance.. erm I mean the random medieval enemy.. =P

5. Multiplayer

Multiplayer on Tactics 100 is a simple way to go about it. There is a random ranking match, also there is a way to keep record of your wins and losses against opponents. There is also a private match option where someone can search your name and fight against you. You can chat between users and there is also a time limit between moves.

6. Appendix

There are plenty of community created armies on Kongregate that can defeat the main single player and most strategies in multiplayer.

Kannushi_Links Strategy: Megamage (effectively works for any beginner to win)
Nerrimus Strategy: Clerical Magic
Cloud_9ine Strategy: Defend the Cleric
Infinity8ball Strategy: Corner Magic
Jedixi Strategy: The Knights Table
JRinke Strategy: Knightly Protectors
Chicen Strategy: Rangers Magic


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You can get "Last Ditch" bonus if your unit health is lower than 5%.

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