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Badge: Boat Defender

Boat Defender Badge
Game: Max Mesiria Chp1 RPG
Level: Medium (15 points)

Guide Gustave through the beginning of his adventure in Max Mesiria Chp1 RPG

In-depth strategy:
The game is divided in two days. Let’s start with the intro, feel free to skip it ^^.

Finally the departure day for my studies at the prestigious university of Esnel, capital of the three nations. After the precious advice of my father, mayor of our dear fishermen’s village, I waited for the supposed magnificent ship that would take me to the harbour of Plania’s misty forest.

You’ll now see a small animation, in which you’ll meet the captain.

Half-way through, captain Gorvus woke me up with his soft voice because the ship was threatened.

Day 1
The time for the first battle has come! You’ll meet with vehusus, some small sea animals. I highly recommend attacking them, you’ll later have time to try the magic and specials. You should hit between 35-40 and one-hit kill them.
The number of vehusus in each wave is:
After killing the fifth wave, you should level up.

Day 1 - Boss
The female vehusus has come. You now have 90 hp, because you leveled up. If during the battle you have low health, go to items and use an herb, or go to Magic - Heal.

Female vehusus
Heals itself 25.
Ink Throws some ink at you (most powerful attack)
Water attack Throws water at you.

An excellent strategy is using Boost (Special - Boost) and in the next turn using Dbl Strike (Special - Dbl Strike). It’ll hit near 150. Use it twice, and if you attack it a few times, the monster should be dead if it didn’t heal itself much. When dead, it’ll give you 100 Exp.

Day 2
After a few more hours of sleep, we arrived at last to the harbour of Plania’s misty forest. Once I had finished helping the captain to fill-up the transport barges, he put me in charge of warning the transfer post’s people.

The captain will tell you that it’s vehusus’ breeding season and there are lots of snow birds in the region. These monsters will try to kill you all day.

Snow Birds
Normal attack They’ll hit you normally.
Regeneration A new snow bird will come, with a max of 3 at the same time.

Go down and turn left. You’ll probably fight with some vehusus and snow birds in your path.

Continue left.

You’ll see a small chest, which has an herb inside. Go right, and then go down (check previous picture).
With all the battles you had, you should now be Level 3. Go left and follow the only path you have.

That’s the bell! Ring it with space, open the chests and get the herbs. Then return to where you were previously, but turn right.

Continue right and follow the only path you have, that will take you to a chest which has a phial of nectar. Then come back.
Follow this path, it’ll take you to where the captain was. Speak with him and come back there (again).

Go up...

…and pull the lever with space.

BE CAREFUL. The game is bugged and the lever could work or not. If you pull it but nothing happens, go speak to the captain again and pull the lever once more time. If you pull it and the captain appears, then continue.

Then the captain put me in charge of accompanying the merchandise destined to the mining city of Ortema. During the night, after I went up the upper channel, noises were heard under the aqua-motive. And suddenly, I was attacked by a gigantic male vehusus, certainly attracted by the full-moon’s light. I had no other choice but to defend myself.

Day 2 – Boss
The male vehusus is going to kill you! And it has three heads! Wait… why are you worrying? You are reading a walkthrough.

Male Vehusus
Green ray It usually hits 10.

I recommend starting with Slash (Special – Slash). It’ll hit all heads. Use two Dbl Strikes on one head, and it'll be dead. Then use Boost and combine Dbl Strike with it. Another head dead.

Attack the last head normally, then use Boost, then attack again. You are done with the Male Vehusus! But another boss appeared…

Big male vehusus
Blue ray
Hits near 10.
Bite Strong, strong attack.

First use Magic – Heal. You should have near 100 HP now. Then attack it normally, and after a while you’ll defeat it. Don’t worry about his attacks, you have many herbs and enough mana as for healing yourself many times.
When you kill it, it’ll give you 300 exp. You’ll probably level up to 5 there, the maximum in this chapter :D

After I defeated the beast, I saw at last the distant lights of Plania, where I will really get some rest for the first time before leaving by train in direction of Ortema.

To be continued…

Dude! You just completed the Boat Defender achievement in Max Mesiria Chp1 RPG and won the Boat Defender Badge and 15 points!

Remember to play Chapter 2, which is better, has a save function, two badges, and a guide coming soon to COCAK. =)


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