Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello world! New writer here!

Well, since you will be reading my articles on this blog, I thought it might be nice to introduce myself. My name is Milskidasith, I happen to love (no suprise there) and of course write fairly well. My hobbies are video games, computer games, the internet, more games, getting Kongregate badges, playing games, and sleeping. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention games at least 5 times?
More about me personally. First lets go with my Kongregate profile. I am a level 15 with around 70% of the badges, though I hope to have them all by the end of the year. I would say end of November, but I got really bored with Papa's Pizzaria. Anyway, on Kongregate I post on the forums a lot, hang out in the chatroom scribbles, and unlike many of our distinguished writers, I am not a mod. Just don't get on my bad side, I am very mean when crossed.
Ok, now for me in real life. I am 14 years old at exactly the day of posting this (actually in 2 hours if you want to get really specific). I live somewhere in the southern U.S, Central Timezone for those who care. I attend 9th grade and am taking Chemistry, Introduction to Basic Computer Applications (typing, need a credit of this, free period for me), Drumline, Gifted English, Gifted Geometry, Gifted Algebra II, and Gifted Civics and Free Enterprise. Yes, I am a genius if you were thinking that. I enjoy watching comedies, especially that new one, The Big Bang Theory (plays on mondays before 2 and a half men on CBS, no it is not that scientific). I am straight (just to clear this up) and male (see last parentheses). I hate people who ask for online relationships by the way.
If you want to ask me something or have any ideas on what my next article should be, contact me on kongregate. Give me a shout on my profile or just chat with me in Scribbles. So untill next guide (Ok, that was terrible) I'm out!

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PurpleElf17 said...

Congratz on the job! Hope you get some good guides!