Friday, October 12, 2007

Papa's Pizzeria Guide(Preorder Payment Challenge, Register Biscuit badge)

Finish the Preorder Payment Challenge

Oh noes! Roy's copy of Halo 3: Legendary Edition has been sitting in a GameStop drawer for weeks now, and if he doesn't get the cash by October 18th, the evil employees are going to eat it!
Register Biscuit Badge
Begin your fulfilling career as a pizza clerk by earning one bronze customer in Papa's Pizzeria

The Challenge!
The game itself does a great job showing you how to play, recommend going through the tutorial.. and doing an update by update of each level as I complete them. With Character Profiles and which Characters appear in which level. So you know if you should premake a pizza, remember they take a while to walk to the counter so you can put a pizza in the oven before you have to take their order.

1. Customer Profiles
2. Level by Level Synopsis

Customer Profiles
Thanks to ThemePark COCAK now has stats for almost all characters including Papa Louie himself

Pepperoni (4 L) (Time 1/8) (Slices 4)

Anchovies (8 A) (Time 2/8) (Slices 8)

Mushrooms (6 B) (Time 1/8) (Slices 4)

Olives (6 R) (Time 3/8) (Slices 4)

Pepperoni (8 A) (Time 4/8) (Slices 4)

Peppers (4 L) (Time 4/8) (Slices 6)

Big Pauly
Sausage (4 R), Onions (4 L) (Time 3/8) (Slices 8)

Sausage (8 A), Mushrooms (2 TR) (Time 2/8) (Slices 6)

Peppers (4 L), Olives (6 R) (Time 2/8) (Slices 4)

Peppers (2 R), Onions (6 R) (Time 3/8) (Slices 4)

Pepperoni (6 T), Mushrooms (6 B) (Time 3/8) (Slices 6)

Pepperoni (4 T), Sausage (4 B) (Time 4/8) (Slices 6)

Mushrooms (4 TR), Anchovies (6 R) (Time 5/8) (Slices 8)

Pepperoni (8 A), Sausage (4 B) (Time 2/8 1/8) (Slices 6)

Pepperoni (6, TL/BL/BR), Mushrooms (4 BL) (Time 4/8) (Slices 4)

Mushrooms (6 TL/BL/BR), Peppers (6 L) (Time 4/8) (Slices 6)

Pepperoni (8 A) (Time 2/8) (Slices 4)

Pepperoni (4 R), Olives (2 TR), Anchovies (4 R) (Time 2/8) (Slices 4)

Mushrooms (5 TR), Onions (3 BR) (Time 2/8) (Slices 6)

Sausage (4 R), Olives (8 B) (Time 2/8) (Slices 4)

Mushrooms (6 TR/BR/BL), Peppers (3 TL/BL/BR), Onions (3 TL/TR/BR) (Time 2/8) (Slices 8)

Pepperoni (4 R), Mushrooms (6 TR/TL/BL) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Peppers (4 BR), Olives (8 A) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Sausage (6 TR/BR/BL), Mushrooms (4 BL), Peppers (2 BL) (Time 6/8 1/8) (Slices 4)

Pepperoni (8 A), Olives (3 TR/TL/BL) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Mushrooms (6 L), Peppers (2 TR), Anchovies (8 A) (Time 2/8) (Slices 8)

Pepperoni (4 A), Mushrooms (6 L), Peppers (4 BR) (Time 4/8) (Slices 4)

Pepperoni (8 A) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Sausage (4 R), Peppers (4 BR) (Time 4/8) (Slices 6)

Onions (4 A), Olives (6 BL/BR/TR) (Time 3/8) (Slices 8)

Carlo Romano
Sausage (4 R), Mushrooms (6 L), Peppers (4 BR) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Little Edoardo
Onion (4 A), Olives (4 A), Anchovies (4 A) (Time 5/8) (Slices 8)

Gino Romano
Pepperoni (8 A), Onions (4 A), Olives (4 A) (Time 4/8) (Slices 8)

Bruna Romano
Pepperoni (2 TR), Sausage (4 A), Olives (4 A) (Time 5/8) (Slices 4)

Onion (12 A) (Time 5/8) (Slices 6)

Papa Louie!
Pepperoni (2 TR), Sausage (2 BR), Mushrooms (2 BL), Peppers (2 TL), Onions (2 TR), Olives (2 BR), Anchovies (2 BL) (Time 4/8) (Slices 4)

The day-day synopsis details any important events that occured that day


Day 1: First Day
Day 2: Upped to Rank 2! got a large variety of customers also unlocked Big Paulie
Day 3: Rank 3 and Unlocked Penny
Day 4: Rank 4 Delivery Boy! now if only you could actually... unlocked Maggie
Day 5: No rank up or new customers
Day 6: Ranked up =D and obtained Taylor
Day 7: Obtained first Bronze Customer and Ranked up again, unlocked Sue
Day 8: Ranked Up couple of new bronze customers, obtained enough money for the card


Frank said...

This Game is WAY too easy to warrent a guide for any of the Badges, they are all N difficult. Which means you keep playing and you WILL beat it. You don't lose levels to my knowledge.

To make people happy just make sure you give them the right pizza. That's the one way I didn't get happy customers. The waiting time is a bit hard to get, but as long as you're customers give you a star each time you give them pizza, you're fine. 8 days for the card is about right, but the rest of them is continue what you're doing. You can hit level 10 around 13 days, as long as you're getting badges from customers.

Sue Bailey said...

I'd be interested to know how many days it's supposed to take me to get the two hard badges - new customers seem very slow in coming along (like one every two or three days).

Anonymous said...

It takes somewhere around 90-130 days, or about 25-30 hours of game play.

Nathan said...

I guess all I can do is check the hours off, one by one.

Dark Mist said...

New customers come when you level up.