Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So much content!

Alright COCAK is just booming with new posts all about the great world of flash based entertainment.

Heres a rundown in case you've gotten lost in the storm..

Focus took a look at the games of the month on Kong and gave his personal recommendations here

You want the gold in Papa's Pizzeria well Vertfires giving you your chance.. here

Dark Cut 2 is gruesome and disgusting all in time for Halloween YAY! Check the preview here or play it on Kongregate!

Bloons Tower Defense 2! Review right about... here

Still can't seem to beat those damn ships with your asteroid, well heres a guide

Rigby! Review by Malachi here

Amberial keeping you down.. can't get aces or just can't finish.. help is here!

Vertfire Focus milskidasith


Focus said...

Is it me or you forgot Nqko1?

FRAGM3NT said...

he never wrote a intro post.. =P