Friday, October 19, 2007

Understanding ColourPod

Technicolor Savior Badge (medium – 15 points)

Pixel Perfect Badge (hard – 30 points)

The wonderful insight in this guide is brought to you by crazycruiser and chitown15... Enjoy!!!

ColourPod is a basic defense shooter, with two main

(1 collect colored pixels.
(2 shoot all the gray pixels before they reach your turret.

First off, the bar on the backside of your turret is your collector(Called your "Colour Lens").

*IMPORTANT* This is NOT a shield, if you try to block a gray pixel with it, you will lose some of your life "points".
The more colored pixels you collect the more your various weapons will be upgraded. Basically, all the "leveling up" of your weapons does is decrease the reload time.

Here's what the four colour weapons do. (1 Red, red is your basic
turret gun, and you get it automatically from the start. To shoot a red laser FRAGM3NT :D just click your left mouse button... (Might want to try aiming too =P)
(2 The blue weapon, Ah, my favorite weapon of all... what I affectionately call the BLUE NUCLEAR BOMB OF DEATH... It wipes the screen clear of all gray pixels... you know those evil ones bent on interstellar domination... To use this weapon simply press your Spacebar

(3 Green, the green color refills some of you lost health it does
this automatically, you don't have to press anything. (Finally, an automatic weapon)

(4 Yellow, yellow slows down incoming pixels for a
short amount of time, thus allowing you to shoot the crap out of them :) use the yellow weapon by pressing your "S" button on your keyboard.

I found the best strategy is to protect your
health first, then collect as many coloured
pixels as possible. As you get to the later
levels make sure you go after large groups early. And
if you start to get overloaded use the follow code "Self-destruct sequence A2r3t... wait, nevermind... Just use your "blue bomb" (OF DEATH)
and then go after the new pixels as fast as you can.

Also for the medium badge you should get to 777 pixels, meh, around the... 6th level.

Well there isn't really anything else I can say [O.O]
It may take you a couple of tries, and that's fine. Remember,
this is a hard badge, it shouldn't be easy.

Hope this guide helped you to save a little piece of color in your world :].

The 2 C's...

Crazycruiser, and Chitown15. Most of the credit goes to chitown for this one (pronounced "shy-town", don't ask me... It is a bit weird xD)

Thanks buddy!!!


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sprint45_45 said...

just wanted to add, that you get a free death bomb(blue thing), if you use it right before you are about to level up.