Monday, October 22, 2007

VertFire Your New COCAK Writer

Ok so im not the only new one but I will be posting allot !

About me:
My real Name is Tyler
I love games any kind, Ill try anything twice (two times to make sure I really don't like it)
I'm a horrible speller,but spell check saves me allot. I usually hang out in Barrens chat, I try to get every badge and card but im still missing a couple ( hey nobody's perfect). If you are having trouble with a card and/or badge Send me a message, and I will either send you a video guide made by me or a link to someone else's. I don't have many friends on Kongregate because I don't chat much, but if you say hey VertFire or something like that ill talk to you, or If im in a chatty mode. I make video guides allot and sometimes if a video doesn't work well with a game (Papas Pizzeria) I will type a guide.
About the name:
I came up with the name VertFire meaning fired up, This shows that I am always ready to go and ready for a challenge.

I hope i will provide some great guides for you guys!

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