Sunday, November 4, 2007

Army of Dazztruction

Ok so first of all I must say that this guide to Army of destruction is made by a Kongregate user Dazzer he put in a few good tips that you might want to use for getting the badge.

Game:Army of destruction.
Goal:Beat level 15
Type:Medium(15 points)


Single Infantry or Bomber – use gun. Aim for the head if possible.

Groups of Infantry and Bombers – Shotgun (2 shots are needed). Clean up with Gun as required.

Bikes – Don’t bother with anything else. Use rifle. You can get 90% of the bikes before they even fire. (10% is when they come in pairs).

Stealth – Use Rifle. A single shot works like a shotgun if you aim right. Takes a few of them out. You CAN use the Gun if you want (3 shots), but then you have trouble if they swarm you.

Mechanized Infantry – Use Lasers. If you want to mix things up, Laser them till about half, then finish them off with the Gun (6 shots). Other wise it takes 13-14 shots to take em out which means you have to reload twice.

Mammoths – There’s really nothing much else you can do here. If you have lasers, laser em. Once you run out, you have to resort to rockets and nukes which will take out a few of them at once. Just becareful, because they CAN and WILL bug out, meaning your bombs won’t have any effect.

Press the mouse button slowly and calmly till the rockets land (I believe they are meant to be laser guided or something). Else you might find nothing happens.

If you have less then three shots remaining, clear the gun and let it reload.

Stealth Units can be easily spotted by their shadows but try to aim as close to the middle of they shadow as possible since they aren`t big like the bombers.

Only Infantry and Bombers can be shot in the head with the gun (Not sure about Stealth, but you don’t really want to use the gun for them anyway, plus it wont be easy to spot their head) also there seems to be a bug or maybe it`s intentional,Mechanized Infantry sufferes from the gun more then from the rifle.

As you can tell, the Rifle is the MOST important weapon in the game. You can’t live without it. So make every shot count, and make sure it is fully loaded every level.

Most of the time units will come in groups. I seldom saw multiple types of enemies at any one time (unless you’re slow in killing them which means you’re in trouble). So take em out quick so you can use the right weapon for the job.

Don’t let those bikes get away. You can still get money if you shoot them down.

And a few tips from me:

Money won't be a problem in the first levels but in the last few it will be vital since you will need to restore health, buy weponds and charge towers.

Be extra carefull on level 14 the less damage you take the less money will go for health.

Wepond according to usefullness:


Malachi said...

Nice guide, but isn't the badge medium, not hard?

Nqkoi1 said...

It seems you are correct it is now fixed.

Osuwaribooi said...

Also it is very helpful money wise to not use the energy cells till the last two levels. That way you have money to fully stock guns on all levels.

JudeMaverick said...

It's incredible that you actually copied the whole darn thing.

Nqkoi1 said...

Incredible ain`t it?

"How to Kongregate" said...

Go sleep and cease to quarrel, teenagers. The truly incredible thing is in here.

Focus said...

Is it How to Kongregate or How to Cheat, Spam and Whin Kongregate?

VertFire said...

I told Greg about the How to Kongregate blog and posted a bad comment about it. I suggest you delete that post and tell Greg also because its not right that they can just get the badge by following this guide to cheating.

Zantier said...

Nuke is only really helpful for buying 1 of for the last level xD. When the errrr, tranformer-wanna-be's come out on the last level, start shooting them with pistol, then a huge swarm of stealths come. Then just use a bit of good positioning with the nuke, and you should take out loads of stealths as well as 2/3 tranformers.