Thursday, November 15, 2007

Badge: Bloon Destroyer

Bloon Destroyer Badge
Game: Bloons Tower Defense 2
Level: Medium (15 points)

Feel free to modify and share this map. It’s not the best, I know, but it’ll bring 15 points to your account.

In-Depth Strategy:
Let’s go wave-by-wave. On the later levels I’ll only write when new towers are needed or older are modified.
When I say ‘Before starting this level’, be careful. At the bottom left you can see the number level, but it only changes when you click on Start Round. So, if I say ‘Before starting level 25’, then it’ll say 24 at the bottom left.

First 3 waves
Put your first tack tower, the top one. As soon as you have the money put the second one, it’ll help you on wave 3.

After finishing wave 3, buy the Faster Shooting upgrade for the top tack tower.

Wave 4
I’m SO afraid that some bloons will escape. Let them go, it won’t matter in the long run.

Wave 5
During this wave, you’ll get the money for buying the Faster Shooting upgrade to the other tower. Do it while the top tower is popping bloons or some will escape.

Wave 6
Your tack towers are getting a bit weak. When you see that 5-6 bloons are going out of their range, buy some Road Spikes and place them in the path. Note that these only work for that round, and pop 10 bloons each.

Wave 9
Before starting this round, buy a Cannon and place at the right of the middle path.

Wave 11
Now that you have enough money, buy the Bigger Bombs upgrade for the Cannon.

Wave 12
Whoa, new bloon type! Some spikes will be needed.

Wave 15
Before starting this round, buy a Cannon and place it at the left of the middle path.

Wave 16
Buy the Bigger Bombs upgrade for the left cannon.

Wave 25
For doing this you must have MORE than 2472 money. If you don’t, because many bloons escaped, don’t do the following, it’ll ruin your game.
Sell both cannons and buy a Super Monkey. Place it here:

In this wave, you’ll feel weak. Without the cannons, everything is strange, really. Buy some spikes too, because your friend the Super Monkey can’t do all the job alone.

Wave 27
Before starting this round, buy a cannon and place it where you placed the second one (at the left). It will pop the metallic bloons, coming in the next rounds. Always help your Super Monkey placing spikes.

Wave 29
Buy the Bigger Bombs upgrade to your cannon. You’ll now start losing lots of lifes. However, you shouldn’t be under 40.

Wave 31
You should now have enough money for buying another cannon. Put it where you put your very first cannon, at the right of the middle path. If you have not enough money, I feel you’ll be in trouble this level…

Wave 32
Buy the Bigger Bombs upgrade for the cannon you recently bought.

Wave 33
From now on, as soon as you start the round, place spikes on the start. Don’t worry about losing 100-150 money per round, they’ll be worth some lives.

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Milskidasith said...

Not a bad draft(I viewed this as a draft).

The images are not showing up for me, which kind of makes it useless though.

Focus said...

Try deleting your cache (Press Ctrl + F5).

Also, I find somewhat impossible to tell where to put the towers in text...

Milskidasith said...

BTW, don't you think fully upgraded tacks is a bit cliche? I mean you could solve the whole issue of letting bloons go by just building regular monkeys.

VertFire said...

Good Guide. I changed your strategy around around the end but it's still a great guide. Now we need a hard badge guide.

"How to Kongregate" said...

An alternative read on "How to Kongregate: Bloons Tower Defense 2".

Mistress17 said...

I beat the hard level with 50 lives remaining. There are 5-5 minute videos on my Photobucket. Enjoy!¤t=BTDhardbadge.flv