Friday, November 16, 2007


Badge:Roboslayer Badge (easy – 5 points)
Goal:Lay waste to 10 opponents in career mode or challenge mode in Bot Arena 3

Defeating 10 opponents is easy just build two robots with "Akaumin DLZ-100","Overwatch R200" and "Raptor DT-01".

After that play the first level 5 times and your done!
!!!NOTE in this version of the game you can control the bots so make them attack only of the enemies at once(This can be done bu clicking on your Bot and dragging on the enemy one).

Badge:Champion Robotics Engineer Badge (hard – 30 points)
Goal:Complete your fulfilling career as a master of all things mechanical in Bot Arena 3

For this one I will be using names to keep track of the Bots.Name the first one RM1 and the second RM2.
lvl 1.First make two robots with the only chassi displayed "Akaumin DLZ-100",put a "Overwatch R200" on both and finish them with a "Raptor DT-01".
When you start battle be sure that both robots shoot at one enemy,

lvl 2.Now you unlocked a new type of armour for the bots, beat level 2 with the same tactic buy it and mount it on both robots.(You will need to beat the level 2 times and more if you want to buy the new gun you unlocked).

lvl 3.If you collected enought money to buy the new armour and a "Raptor DT-02" for both bots the this will be an easy battle.This is also the timeto tell you not to send all your money on junk since the battles require an entry fee.Beat level3 6 times and buy the new chassis after which buy the new armour availbale dismount the guns from the other two robots you have mount them on the new and sell the old.

lvl 4.This one might be hard and you may die a couple of times too(attack Sabertooth first), but after you finished it buy the "Darsig A101-1" and put it on one of the bots(You will have to replace the current armour of that bot with the previous version bacuse of weight).Beat level4 again and do the same for the other bot too.

lvl 5.You have 3 enemies here but they are very weak so you shoul`nt have trouble here.Beating this level unlocks the chance to have 70 in team weight a new chassi and a new armour.Now go thru that level another 2 times and purchase new bots and arm the with all the latest stuff you have.

lvl 6.Again three enemies but with weak weponds I doubt passing this level will be hard.Replace the old guns with the new "Torrika" ones.

lvl 7.This time your forces are almost equal so just make the two bots follow one of the enemies.Beat the level one more time and buy two "Xeroi" chassis,dismount the torrika guns, also get the overwatch plates.Now build two robots out of those parts and sell the other.

lvl 8.In this one you have to attack Reaper and the two slayers are just for distraction.Once complete buy two gaiacorp plates and carry on.

lvl 9.Attack the healer fast since there isn`t point in hurting the other ones othewise once he is dead just finish of the other two.Now you have to buy two "Porantis" cannons and the new "Gaiacorp" armour.After that you might want to save your progress in case something like a power failure happends.

lvl 10.This level is extremely easy with the bots you own just kill the cutlass and finish of the other two.Buy the newest gun called "CIRCES" and load up the next level.

lvl 11.Again this is about right tactic attack the one that has your armour first and finish his partner.Your in luck since this battle unlocks you the power to have 120 team weight.Now go thru skirmish(level 10) a couple of times and buy the NTECH chassi plus a "OVERWATCH 2" for both your bots.

lvl 12.This one is also VERY easy kill the "Emperor" and the others will have no chance.No modifications are needed for the next one.

lvl 13.Just make two bots kill one of the enemies and kill the other after easy level.Again no modifications.

lvl 14.Another simple level kill Thrash and finish Trevor after.Ok the next level is the final career one and guess what you get to have 150 team weight so just buy the new chassi and Cerberus guns also dismount the Overwatch 2 and put it on the new robots.

lvl 15.Attack SCREAM first and try to stay away from his partner when scream is dead finishing off the other guy should be easy.Note that this may take a few tries, but after they are both dead celebrate because this just earned you a badge.


blackhole42 said...

This wasn't the best article I've seen. I found it unorganized and hard to follow.

Milskidasith said...

I won't say it is disorganized.... It is in order. Hard to follow, it definatly is. Whenever you are creating a level by level guide, post what upgrades you need ON the level.

Don't, for example, tell them to buy the stuff for level 15 at the end of level 14, because people usually read the part about killing the enemy, and read the next for upgrades. It is rare to find somebody who even SCANS anything on a level guide after the part where you actually advance to the next level.

VertFire said...

Yeah it is kind of hard to follow and where are the pictures! Im going to try to do a video guide for the challenges. And its kind of funny that this was out before the post about the card.

bloohoo said...

on lvl 1 of career, wat do u mean by 'overwatch r200' ?

blackhole42 said...

Bloohoo, he/she made a mistake. You get that armor when you beat level 1, so buy the better starting armor and THEN the overwatch armor.

bloohoo said...


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