Thursday, November 22, 2007

Badge; Freedom Flyer

Freedom Flyer (completed)Freedom Flyer Badge (medium – 15 points)

As this game so beautifully illustrates, the pursuit of freedom is endless. Score 50,000 points in
Turkey Fling

Ah, the best type of game... Fun and simplistic, and the best part... Humorous!

I wouldn't suggest playing this game around your boss, you're liable to break out laughing at some of the thing this poor turkey gets himself into!

Note: Don't try this at home! :-}

Now, on to the basics of gameplay...

1) How to start
You must pull your turkey, lets name him Turkee... the Turkey, I'm so original! to the desired power and angle, then let go. This causes a 'slingshot' effect, sending your turkey off into the distance, where he is doomed to die... BUT! He needs to go out in style, right? This brings us to the flying part.

2) How to fly You fly by simply click your left mouse button, it keeps you up longer. However, there is a power bar on the bottom left of the game. It measures how many more times you can fly. To replenish this gauge, try flying into some levitating corn-on-the-cob (the floating yellow things) That way, you can fly farther and get a better score.

That is the entire gameplay, but one thing which will keep you coming back, is the Various 'things' he lands in/on. Ranging from Pumpkins to Candles, you can guarantee yourself a laugh every time you land on some new.

I hope everyone has as much fun on this game as I did, Remember: Flap your wings, load up on corn, and play again to see what happens to Turkee! (Now I feel bad about spearing him with a fork :]