Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Community Spotlight: COCAK Writers!

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone and as a way to give thanks I'm allowing all of my writers to stay on. As my personal way of thank you for all the great work they've done. Why would I want to throw that away.


These four members have proven themselves throughout the last while and have become quite amazing editors. They have all created great articles and so I (FRAGM3NT) have decided that they all should stay on, notable articles from each.

Super Smash Flash Guide by Vertfire
Indestruc2tank Guide by Focus
Ghost Breaker Badge Guide by Nqkoi1
Ether Cannon Review by Milskidasith


Focus said...

I'm so happy. :D

The links you posted... are they the best guides of each writer?

Focus said...

Nevermind. Didn't read the last paragraph from "FRAGM3NT" on on. :P

AlisonClaire said...

Hooray :D All you COCAK writers rock my socks off in a serious way. Keep up the great work you guys.

VertFire said...

Great job on everything guys. I'm very happy we all got to stay! Lets continue to make COCAK even better!

JudeMaverick said...

Nice work, guys. Time to idle :P

Sylicas said...

Great! It's time to afk, take a vacation!

Btw, everyone take a vacation from Thanksgiving. Card Challenge's on me.

Nqkoi1 said...

Nice work ok writing a comment AlisonClaire.

Milskidasith said...

Hmm... FRAG went soft on us. Guess he couldn't bear to cut somebody. Ah well. Late congrats to all! I have a few more articles up my sleeve to be posted this week (most notably, an interview with a certain PREMIUM game developer...)