Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Indestruct2Tank Walkthrough!

Created by: ArmorGames
Currently Rated: 4.18 avg

Indestruc2Tank, the long awaited sequel to the surprise hit IndestructoTank with tonnes of new features! All new hand animated graphics, an Improved Physics engine, three distinct game modes including a story mode with levels, bosses and a fully voice acted cast of characters! Earn medals by achieving goals and use them to unlock secrets such as alternate tank graphics and much much more!

Indestruct2Tank is the new Game of the Month in COCAK. It involves a tank destroying bombers, vehicles and more!
It has three game modes, a medal system, unlockables and lots of explosions.

1. Game Modes
2. Enemies
3. Medals
4. Secrets
5. In-Depth Adventure Mode
6. Credits

1. Game Modes

Classic Mode
A remake of the original IndestructoTank, with improved graphics and physics.
Classic includes three modes of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s the simplest game mode, where the tank destroys any moving object (bombers, gunners).

Enhanced Mode
The original IndestructoTank with added features suggested by NG users.
Enhanced also includes three modes of difficulty. It has lots of extras that make it more enjoyable than Classic. Some of them are:
- Irregular surface
- Experience Orbs
- An enemy pilot can eject once his ship has been destroyed, and you can kill him when he’s on his parachute!
- If the tank goes out of screen, the camera follows it instead of staying in the same place.
- Boom bar. Once you have enough experience, your boom bar fills up - and pressing the up key will make a small jump. It’s useful when you are going to touch the floor and lose your combo.

Adventure Mode
Adventure is the most disappointing part of this game. It’s pure dialogue, with three bosses you can later play at any time. It follows the Enhanced game style, with a few changes. For more information and a guide, check ‘5. In-Depth Adventure Mode’.

2. Enemies
Indestruct2Tank offers 5 kinds of enemies. This is a bit low and gets repetitive after playing for a while.
The upgrading costs are per level. For example, the first bomber’s upgrade costs 10, the second one 20, etc.

Weapon: Bomb
Upgrading cost: 10 per level

Standard enemy drops bombs as it passes over the IndestructoTank.
It’s the first enemy you will meet. I like it because in Classic and Enhanced mode it's cheap to upgrade.

Weapon: Bouncing Bomb
Upgrading cost: 20 per level

The bomb dropped by this enemy bounces once, giving greater opportunity to link combos.
If you played this game a while before, you know there are times where the screen lags with tons of enemies, and sometimes no enemy appears, making you lose your combo. The Bouncer is useful when you are falling with no enemies on the screen.

Weapon: Strutch Bomb
Upgrading cost: 30 per level

Bomb launched will target the IndestructoTank for a short time, creating a much greater chance of being hit.
The pink bomb will target you but it won’t work if you are over it.

Weapon: Seeker Bomb
Upgrading cost: 40 per level
Bomb launched will always hit the IndestructoTank, providing a minimal boost. Is this a blessing or a curse?
I think it’s a curse. When you are going to hit the seeker, the sacred seeking bomb appears and boosts you up a bit. It usually makes you lose combos, because it takes more time to destroy the enemies.

Weapon: None
Upgrading cost: 50 per level

This explosive truck travels along the ground, providing a great way to extend combos.
The Miner will help you a lot. It’s the most expensive, though, but it provides the bigger boost and will save you on the moment of losing your combo.

3. Medals
Indestruct2Tank has a special feature: Medals. You can achieve them by doing certain things (destroying 250 planes, beating adventure mode, and more). This adds replay value to the game, and can be later exchanged to “secrets” (unlockables).

You can see all the medals here.

Medal walkthrough
Courtesy medals: You think these are easy? Well, in fact, they are. To get the Tutorial one, press “How to Play” in Main Menu. To get the Armor Games one, click on “More Games” in Main Menu too. But the Credits medal is a bit tricky. Some people don’t know that they have to beat Level 3 in Adventure Mode and watch the last story animation (Sunset). The credits will appear near the end.

20/40/60 combo: Start on Easy Enhanced Mode. I recommend finishing it, so you can get bigger combos in Unlimited Fuel mode. If you can’t get the 60 combo, try using the jump (Up key when Boom bar is full) when you are going to touch the floor. That will eventually prevent losing the combo.

Total kills: There are two ways of getting them: One for the addict player, and other for the lazy one.
Addict player: I imagine you are also trying to get the Classic, Enhanced and Adventure medals. Without playing unlimited fuel mode, you should be able to get to 1000 kills in Medium Enhanced (If you follow Easy-Medium-Hard order, starting by Classic, of course). If in any hard mode you lose and have to start again, it will probably be sooner. Getting 2000 kills is a bit tougher, but if after beating all modes with any difficulty you still didn’t get it, play Easy Classic mode, it’s a walk in the park. ;)
Lazy player: Any lazy player thinks of leaving the game in unlimited fuel mode and going to sleep. You could get over 3000 kills without touching anything, could you? No. The game has an anti-cheat system that pauses the game after 20 seconds of inactivity. However, you can cheat the anti-cheat system! (w00t). Put a heavy object on your right or left key, and problem solved.

Classic/Enhanced Mode: Easy and Medium shouldn’t be a problem. As you probably know, you receive experience when you touch the floor, and fuel recharges after getting X experience. Hard could be tough when you can’t land, and you explode when you had a 37 combo… simply because the screen was plagued by planes! Practice for the win.

Adventure Mode: Check ‘5. In-Depth Adventure Mode’.

Now you have all 18 medals… let’s go straight to the Secrets!

4. Secrets
You can access Secrets by clicking on Medals, and on the Secrets button under Courtesy Medals.


2 Medals needed: Alternate tank costume (Classic)
6 Medals needed: IndestructoTank Timeline, including World War 3 and a new discovered element ‘Indestructium’.
8 Medals needed: Alternate tank costume (Newgrounds)
8 Medals needed: Alternate tank costume (Ducky)
10 Medals needed: Com Unit Heads (Small, Normal or Big). Adjusts the size of heads in Adventure Mode.
12 Medals needed: Com Unit crazy (On or Off). Everyone’s head in Adventure Mode start rotating.
18 Medals needed: Secret Message. It congratulates you on getting all medals.

Excepting Alternate costumes, all of them are pretty useless, including the secret message. Now you are asking yourself where your work has gone...


5. In-Depth Adventure Mode
Before starting, there is something you must know: SKIP EVERY STORY. IT’S ONLY DIALOGUE.

Level 1
OMG, Enhanced Mode rip-off! No, not at all. Combos give you some fuel, but it won’t be enough. I won this level only once, and when the “Level Completed” thing appeared, the tank exploded. Try not to lose your combo, it gives you more fuel if it’s higher.

This one is pretty easy, because you can’t die unless you run out of fuel. Simply wait the missiles to come to you, and then fly to the blue dot.

Level 2
Things get a bit harder now. Some holes appear, so you will have to jump over them with a Jump or let the luck decide if a plane will save your life (and your tank). Of course, fuel is depleting faster.

More evil holes await you. The best technique is to wait the missiles to hit you, and after hitting the blue dot (if you did) go to the platform the enemy is going to. This way, it will come back from where it left, and you’ll have a chance for an extra hit.

Level 3
If you were expecting something harder, then you came to the right place… Level 3. Now holes are in middle of irregular, smaller terrains. To beat this level you’ll literally have to avoid the floor. Air is safer.

This level uses a random shooting system. It could shoot its laser during one straight minute or never shoot it. Depending on what it does, it could be easier or harder to beat. After being hit by a bunch of missiles, I recommend bouncing on the floor once and go to the window as soon as possible. In the following video you can see how insistent the laser was at first, and how my technique worked:

6. Credits
Developed and Published by ArmorGames
Coding by Tony L.
Graphics by Nqkoi1 (KongregateBlogger) Thanks Nq!

Indestruct2Tank Walkthrough
Guide, images and videos by Focus (Kongregate - Blogger).
Current Version: 1.0

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Antony Lavelle said...

Hi, I'm "Tony L" creator of Indestruc2Tank - this walkthrough is riddled with mistakes. One of the larger ones though, is Adventure walkthrough. The further to the right of the screen you are, the faster you travel. You'll still need fuel from combos, but its rather quite easy.

Anonymous said...

your game is awfully sucks, the last boss is totally imbalance, it could shoot laser over 30 secs and i could not do damage to it while being pressed by its laser on the ground. its a very very big problem. tell me the truth, how many time u died before u successfully kill the last boss and record the video?

Focus said...

I recorder 2-3 videos beating the boss and then choosed the best. Except the first times when I didn't know how to kill it, I beat it three times in a row - sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read "How to Kongregate: Indestruc2Tank" for a more professional comment on this game!