Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dazzer's GreaseMonkey Scripts

Wanna have a sexy badge page like mine? :)


Here's a cool script by dazzer that organizes your badge page and a tweak to the search engine:

Dazzer's GreaseMonkey/JavaScript Script

Right now, the badge script is version 1.4 and is still currently worked on while the Google Tweak has just been released and it is version 1. The badge organization features are exhilarating such as lesser lag, organizing and easy-to-use while the Google Tweak boasts its great searching horsepower.


Here's how to use it:

(Without GreaseMonkey)

1. Go to the crappy, laggy badge page
2. Paste the code from dazzer's post in the forum after the URL (Sorry, Blogger hates HTML :()

(With GreaseMonkey)

If you want to skip that and use this script forever, do these steps.

1. If you don't have Firefox, download it at here. If you have it, skip this step.
2. Get GreaseMonkey at the add-ons.
3. Go to this link and press Install.
4. Be happy after restarting your FireFox.

UPDATE: Dazzer has done it again.

Kong Search Tweak

Credits to Dazzer!


Juze said...

"dazzer: oooh yay"
"dazzer: I'm FAMUZ!"

Thanks for posting this too to COCAK. I already have it :)

Dazzer said...

Why thank you.
I'm currently busy doing my real work ($$$ moolah!) but if there are any feature requests be sure to post in the forums and I will consider it :)


JudeMaverick said...

No problem. All I need is more popularity and respect.

After all, I am the 1st 13 year old moderator and one of the first few COCAK editors >:)

matthew said...

Jude... I hate to tell you... but you never really talk about the blog entry. Really more like... posting a picture and explaining through someone else's

matthew said...
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JudeMaverick said...

You can't really add much to it. If not, this will be longer.

Nqkoi1 said...

Its a good script thanks dazz

Kibbles said...

The badge page now has seperate pages =S

This is rather inconvenient =[ Can anything be done to make it all on once page again?