Sunday, November 25, 2007

Game: Content Design?

This post is to ask you the COCAK viewer if you would like to see this layout be used in the future for content posted to the site or if you'd rather have the updated posts.

note: The posts will pop back up to the top when updated by a simple time change and the title will notify of changes

Layout: Example

Scribble! by jmtb02

Game Published:

Game Description:
Connect the dots as fast as you can, using your magical crayon!

Game Instructions:
Draw from dot to dot while holding down the mouse button and moving with the mouse.

Jmtb02Game Review

COCAK Rating: 3

Kindergarten Artist Badge
Level: Easy (5 points)
Requirements: Show off your artistic talent by completing all 20 drawings in under 100 seconds

Also any challenge would also appear in here. With the small card image to display.

Jmtb02Game Review

Well this game certainly captures my attention from its quite stunning graphics and simple gameplay. The only problem I find is depth. One quick playthrough and thats it, thats all you've got. I find myself wanting more, deeper challenge "scribbles". Although I do have to admit it is a wonderful concept. More levels and this game could score a much better rating.

Gameplay: 4
Sound: 2 (Sound loop and a small blip is all this game offers)
Graphics: 5
Curve: 3
Overall: 3

Kindergarten Artist Badge
Level: Easy (5 points)
Requirements: Show off your artistic talent by completing all 20 drawings in under 100 seconds

Strategy: Just draw to your hearts content, but make it fast

In-Depth Strategy: Watch the numbers, just basically start at one and move to the flashing lights, be sure not to hit any on the way.

The Dirty Strategy:


JudeMaverick said...

It's ok... Do you have the template for lazy writers like us :)

FRAGM3NT said...

If the feedback is positive I'll give out the template through email

ExtremePopcorn said...

I like it. Maybe the review should be shorter, though, as I don't think people come to help sites to see what other people think about games. If you guys ever come out with a newsletter, though, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

I like it very much, it is neater and more organised than the last...


Focus said...

It's great as a viewer, but I don't like it as a writer. I sometimes like to get out of the limits and structure and start writing what I like, where I like. I feel that writing numbers for everything only with a small, general review is not ok. Scribbles is a short game, but you can't do this with, for example, Starfighter.

I also agree with extremepopcorn. It should be a review or a guide... not everything in one. If you want to read a guide, the title of the article is the badge name, and if you want to read a review you don't want to know how to get that badge you won 3 weeks ago.

And I don't like (sorry) having everything in one post (review, card challenge guide, badge/s) considering we are 13 writers with different thoughs each. It could be great with 2-3 writers, but not in this case.

Tried to give some constructive criticism, but I couldn't. o.o


FRAGM3NT said...

Well I link to each section of the post within the post. It's not like you have to look through the review, just click through straight to the review by clicking on review or guide.

Milskidasith said...

Meh... Even with linking instead of posting all of it at once, it still leaves some things to be desired. I don't really like templates, but if you are going to give it a template don't have such a horrible review type... It needs specific paragraphs for each category. I also wish we could start giving multiple reviews up, because although my opinions are well explained in my reviews, they certainly are not the only opinions. Extreme, as this is a blog, even if it is a guide oriented one, reviews are still appreciated.

FRAGM3NT said...

aah, well I wasn't really looking into the review so much but the general first part that just links it all, you could have a bigger and better review, but I guess nobody wants the new template so it won't be changed