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Issue #2 - J to the M to the T to the B to the 0 to the 2

Issue #3 - Acheivements are go!

Issue #4 - Achievements are Successful, Party at my Room!

Issue #5 - Shapes, Shouts, Achievement Floods, and Tons of Games

Issue #6 - *Issue #6 was lost to me, if you have it send it to

Issue #7 - Let Me Whisper In Yer Ear, Matey, A Tale of Badges and Challenges

Issue #7 -


Let Me Whisper In Yer Ear, Matey, A Tale of Badges and Challenges...

~Giving Thanks for Pirates Challenge~

The most recent challenges still has a bit of time left, so get going! It is in Treasure of Cutlass Reef, by gameinabottle. The challenge is easy enough- salvage 50,000 gold in the Colonel difficulty setting. 50,000 may seem like a lot, but you don't have to have it all at once. It refers to the total gold you collect, so you can buy upgrades like mad. The card is the sexy looking General's Insignia, which is an item card.

Challenge Tips:

Upgrades are the key to earning the card. I highly recommend a strong crew, as they are basically your hit points- when you run out of crew, it's game over. You also need to make a decision early on... will you be firing the cannons more, or battling ships face to face? If you choose to fire the cannons more, mainly upgrade the cannons (though be sure the upgrade your crew as well). If you're more of a melee person (which I believe is much easier and faster), then focus on crew upgrades.

My strategy for the card was solely upgrading my crew- nothing else. That way I had fast cannon reloads (seeing as your crew affects your cannons), and I could melee most of the ships. It worked for me, so try it if you want.

Good luck.

~Read The Headline~

I wrote that I would like to tell you a tale of badges and challenges. Yes, challenges. CHALLENGES. Plural. S at the end of CHALLENGE . That means more than one. Get it?

If you were playing Bot Arena 3 while the Treasure of Cutlass Reef Challenge was first loaded, you may have noticed you still had a little bit of time to get the Girdle of Iron Will card. Is that not awesome? If you haven't figured it out, TWO challenges were running at the same time! Either Greg made a mistake (not possible), or this is the start of some serious multi-tasking. Celebrate! This also could mean the start of previous cards being made available again, though I wouldn't be that wishful as of now.

~Badges Unleashed~

The spread of achievements is more rapid every day, though now they're mainly just referred to as "badges". Take note that I will refer to achievements as badges as well, for simplicity. Now then- if you leave for a month from Kongregate and come back (like me), you'll notice a TON of badges that you missed. It's really pleasing to see that many badges... it brings a tear to my eye! That's A LOT of badges that you can currently get, so go! I'm cool as we all know, so I'll list some games that have badges that you should try to get if you don't have them already:

-Johnny Rocketfingers (1 and 2)
-Balance Balls
-Kongregate Chat
-Turkey Fling

Not a lot, but they were all fun to get, so try them out.

~The Gamerkc Review~

I had to hustle in order to mail this out today, so I picked the game.

Ether Cannon

Ether Cannon is a game in which you control an Ether Cannon. No misleading titles here... You have miniature suns and oversized stars coming at you, shooting all sorts of hazardous things. Your mission is to exterminate the opposing gases and stay alive in the process. To be blunt, it's a WASD shooter where ya dodge and return enemy fire. The controls feel nice and smooth, and there's nothing to it- it's pleasantly simple. The artwork in the game is beautiful, no doubt about it, but chances are you'll want it less beautiful at times due to lag, and the music is pretty dang cool. Let me do the Pro/Con chart, it makes things easier and a lot more attractive than a wall of text:


-Beautiful artwork
-Nice music
-Shaking screen is a nice addition
-Smooth and easy controls
-Upgrades add more dynamics to the already large game


-No quality control (makes for heavy lag)
-Too challenging in the beginning of the game
-Upgrades don't keep up with the always increasing enemy difficulty
-No mute button (gotta have a mute button)

All in all, after the calculations have been done, it's a decent game. It has a lot of strong points, but for each strong point it seems to be weak in something else. However, the game needs its justice- it's pretty good. I would definitely try it if you haven't already. I'm being harsh, but honest: Ether Cannon has earned a 6.5/10.

Well, it's that time of the newsletter again... I take the time to pull out the gray italics and blather. Well, let's get started. You've probably read this newsletter, which means you probably figured out it's back. Yeah, I sent out an email before I sent this issue out- check it, it explains the dealio.

Happy belated holiday! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and seemingly too fast. I enjoyed my relaxing Turkey Day, and I hope you did too. I've done the math and there's only around 20 more business (or school) days left until Christmas. Yay! Get excited, people!

Another thing. Be sure to visit That site is the next best thing as far as Kongregate is concerned. Beauty, detail, fun... that's what it's all about. So check it out!

I have a huge request to ask. Don't worry, it's nothing stupid... I need to know what the song in the gym is in Seven Deadly Sins. Hahahaha! I told you it's nothing stupid. I want that song on my iPod.

I really don't have anything else to blabber about, which is a good thing. Usually when I do blabber it involves bad news, but I've got none... so yay! You know the drill... tell your friends about the newsletter, yada yada. It's never too late for new readers! Happy Holidays!


Issue #6
Issue #6 was lost, send it to if you have it

Issue #5

Shapes, Shouts, Achievement Floods, and Tons of Games

~Bloodsucking Shapes Challenge~

The latest challenge is in three games. To earn the Cain Solomon card, you are faced with the bold challenge of being patient enough to tame geometrical shapes. First you need to get 200 points in Kongregate Chat and then submit your score to complete the "Stars!" task, an easy enough feat. Next you need to head over to Orb Avoidance and beat the "Circles!" task by racking up 5,000 points. Also a manageable task. FInally head over to Triangles to beat the... uh, "Triangles!" task by cha-chinging 5,000 points again. The hardest of the three, but fairly easy.

Challenge Tips:

Kongregate Chat- Just be patient and concentrate. It goes by quickly.

Orb Avoidance- At first the game may seem intimidating, but the only trick is really a circular motion (it wasn't a joke). Manuever the circles to follow the circle and swing back around, hitting the square. If multiple squares kongregate (OLOL) it becomes much easier.

Triangles- Concentration is key, and keep trying. This challenge doesn't require much strategy, it's all about uber patience skills. G'luck.

May the patience be with you.

~Holy *Insert Your Favorite Swear Word Here*, So Many Achievements!!1!1~

Achievements. Yeah, you have to have at least one badge by now. If not... well, I've lost all hope in mankind. But in all seriousness, there's LOADS! They're in every sort of game, and though some may not be in the BEST games, they all give off that comfortable feeling of you being teh awesome when you win a badge. Check out your badges, because new ones are rapidly being added. Get going! Here are my personal favorites that you can have a lot of fun with while earning your badge:

~HMO Practitioner Badge (Dark Cut)

~Frantic Frenzy Badge (Four Second Frenzy)

~Mass Deflation Badge (More Bloons)

~Chatmaster Badge (Kongregate Chat)

Just a few suggestions, don't want to drown you in my favorite badges. I'm pretty stoked to see a badge in Kongregate Chat, seeing as it's my most played game, being the Chatmaster that I am!


Achievements are great, but they affected the Game Rating system. Now you get one point instead of five. It's not a huge deal, but the effect it had on some people made it so that they don't go rating alot of games anymore. I, unfortunately, am one of these point hogs. I went from being up to date with my game ratings, and now, I have 8 pages of games to catch up with. Ow. In any case, I'm sure to stumble upon a treasure trove of good games. I suggest if you've given up on ratings yo go back and play those forgotten games too. You never know, your new favorite could be out there!

~It Makes Me Wanna Shout!~

Once upon a day someone decided "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if there were comments on people's profiles?" And thus, it was made so. Shouts were born. It's easy enough- you just view a person's profile, scroll down to the Shout section, and click "add a shout". Voila, you can now type a Komment (OLOL) to that person. Unfortunately, the Shouts haven't been very popular... in fact, it's rare to get a Shout! We must solve this! Go to your friends section, click a random profile, and give someone a shout. Spread the word. It would be a shame for Shouts to bomb and possibly be removed from the site, so get out there and make Shouts known!

The Gamerkc Review

I haven't forgotten about this beloved tradition, my homies! Revel in this new review of More Mindless Violence, by legitgames.


More Mindless Violence is apparently a sequel to a game I've never played, but that shouldn't affect this review at all. The game is perfectly fine on it's own. It's a shoot-em-up game, which I'm not gaga about, but this game nails it. As usual, it's Pro/Con time.


-Great artwork style

-Easy to learn

-Easy to get into (pick up an play)


-A bit bland

-Repetitive at times

The game is fun to play, what more can I say? The sounds are great, the arcade style is wonderful, and the shooter aspect rocks. The mission briefing adds a more technical feel to it, but they don't overdo it. There's a wide array of guns to choose from as well, which makes it more interesting and brings a strategy element to the table. The game can get boring at times, but fortunately, these moments are few and far between. I would definitely try out this game if you want a shooter, a good time killer, or just the next best game. (Caution- A bit of blood.)

I give More Mindles Violence a nice 8.5/10.

***This isn't an extremely lengthy newsletter this week, mainly because I've been under pressure as far as time is concerned, but also because there's not a whole lot going on in Kong land. This was supposed to be sent during the Speck Opression challenge, but due to a family member's return from Iraq and Harry Potter's grand finale (pwnage, by the way), it got delayed a bit. Sorry! Hopefully Kongregate can keep us entertained for the rest of the summer, because I'm getting sick of listening to Numa Numa non-stop on my iPod while playing Gamecube. Before you leave teh interwebz, be sure to visit It's a Kongregate-dedicated site, and we all know Kong pwns. They've done me a big favor by basically advertising my newsletter. Check em' out! :D Happy summer!


Issue #4 - 7-7-07

Achievements Are Successful, Party At My Room!

~Icon Invasion Extravaganza~

Lately you may have noticed the lack of the point challenges- that is, earning points for completing extra tasks in the weekly challenge. Due to achievements, this has been scrapped (as far as I know) and only the card challenges remain. I personally am happy with this, as there are SO many achievements that can be earned. But enough chit chat, you're here to read about the challenge!
The current challenge is the Icon Invasion Extravaganza challenge, in Onsluaght 2. The challenge is to pwn 100 waves and earn 1000 kills on any map. Easier said than done. The challenge itself is manageable until about wave 85, when the heat really starts to intesify. Good luck with that.

Challenge Tip:

Make a strong map at the get-go. Place turrets at strategic places, and evenly spread them throughout the map. Frequently upgrade these turrets while bulding to the map. A common mistake is to really crowd the entrance, thinking it's better to kill them when they enter. This is fine until the creeps speed up, in which they can breeze along the map without interference.

~Achievements Are Successful~

Achievements. You all know them by now (and if not, wake up and smell the Koffee), and you probably like them. You should like them. I like them, Greg likes [making] them, and pretty much everyone I know likes them. So there. For those who have been locked up or knocked out or what have you, an achievement is an optional mini-challenge within a certain game. It has no time limit and you get 5, 15, 30, or 60 points depending on it's difficulty (easy, medium, hard, and impossible, respectively).
Since I'm such an awesome dude, I'll run down the list of most recent achievements added. By most recent, I mean all the added achievements since the achievement launch. Enjoy:
~Immaculate Desk Badge (DTD 1.5)
~Red Light District Badge (Nodes)
~Keymaster Badge (Thing-Thing 3)
~Preschool Artist Badge (Draw-Play 2)
~Polar Bear Rescue Badge (Warbears)
~Pants full of Squiggles Badge (The Fancy Pants Adventures)
~Bubble Badge (Bubble Tanks)
There you go. Run! Run wild! You're free to earn badges galore! The second impossible badge has been added in DTD, which is an omen of ultimate vortexual poosh. (In other words, it's really really hard.)

~Dude, where's my room?~

Have you checked the list of chat rooms recently? Wait, did you see that correctly? Is there really a bodaciously named room called the League of Gamers? Yeah. Yeah there is. And it's proudly owned by yours truly! I've been a mod for quite some time now, and have tried my best to enforce Kongregate's rules and policies. I made a lot of friends (and a couple not-so-good friends) in the process. When I recieved a room, I was like: "Zomg". It's a great new thing for me, but it also means a lot more responsibility now rests with me. I'm fine with that, personally, but this means I won't be floating around chat rooms anymore (at least not during the bulk of my time). You can always find me in my room if I'm online, however. Since the room is new, it's not exactly a bustling city yet, but it is getting there. Drop by, eh? Keep me some company. I'll make sure you get a warm meal and a place to stay. ;)

~Teh Games... Zey Are Radical!~

As if achievements weren't awesome enough, there's a load of good games on the site as well. I'll list a few of my personal picks for must-play games.

Onslaught 2
Platform Racing
Dokey Kong!!!!
QWERTY Warriors 2
! Music Mania !

Those are my five picks. Dokey Kong!!!! is a very good rendition of an all-time arcade classic, Donkey Kong, and it might be breaking laws (not my problem), but I felt I should include it.

***Hoo-wee, fate really doesn't want me to make these newsletters. First a long move delayed the letters, then my computer CRASHES. Apologies for the havoc I caused in one day. If you weren't here, good... don't concern yourself, it's nothing important. The good news is that me and my letters are here to stay, and fate is on my side for this one as I write and send it out on July 7th, 2007. Lucky sevens. They say love is in the air, especially with certain horoscopes... stay close to your partners today! ;)
A whole heck of a lot is on my mind as I write this fourth newsletter. First and foremost, my trip in six days is stressing me out (but don't panic, as the newsletters will continue over my trip). Second of all, there's been a bit of ruckus on Kongregate lately, which I'll get to in a moment. Last but not least... well, I don't really know. I'm sure you've had these days. You feel so stressed and pressured for no apparent reason. Ah well, enough of my chitter. Time for a more serious issue: Kong drama!
Now normally this newsletter is a light-hearted email from me to you guys. I intend to keep it that way. But this is one issue that needs addressing, and not in a happy way. I don't mean to depress you or exaggerate this matter, either, so bear with me for a paragraph. Recently there has been a game called PedoPriests on Kongregate. The game caused controversy, havoc, and a lot of crap among the users and the mods alike. The developer removed the game due to the uproar, but Greg isn't finished with the matter yet. He's made a thread here that he would like you to read and respond to maturely and seriously. He also included the PedoPriests game file so if you haven't played it, you can see what it's about. WAIT! Before you click that link and get too into it, let me finish my letter, peeps! After all, I don't write this for nothing!
I have one last request I'd like to ask of you. Hint a dude or dudette about this newsletter. I hope to get a bigger audience before we get too into my newsletters, y'know? So just mention it in chat, or direct them to this newly made sign-up thread. You could also tell them to track me down in the League of Gamers chat room, or email me at Thanks a million. ;)


Issue #3


Achievements Are Go!

~Technicolor Migraine Challenge~
As of late, you've probably noticed more and more challenges have lots of tasks in multiple games. This challenge is no exception. The first task is Sweet 16, in the fun puzzle game 3D Logic, in which you have to get to (and beat) Level 16. Not too hard. *COUGHcoughgooglecoughCOUGH* Excuse me, I have a bit of a cough. The second task is Everybody Dance in the game LightSprites, in which you have to score 12,000 points in Normal mode of Normal mode. No typo there, there are two Normal modes you need to choose. Easier done than said. The LightSprites part is the doozy, so watch out. The game has an annoying habit of ending when you're only a couple points away from winning the challenge.

Was that easy for you? No? Too bad, there's another challenge. The harder challenge will earn you 50 points. Not too shabby. The two tasks are Over 9000 and No Googling. For the Over 9000 task, you need to score 15,000 points in Challenge Mode of LightSprites. God bless. For the No Googling challenge, you need to complete all 30 levels. Not hard. Well, that about sums up the challenge. Just one more thing- anyone who picks up the Over 9000 reference gets a cookie.

Challenge Tip:
In LightSprites, you will probably need to try multiple times. To be expected. My advice to you is to practice on a mode other than Normal Mode so you don't have any pressure. This will give you a feel for the game, and you'll do well in the challenge.
For 3D Logic, here's your tip: Google.

~Achievements Have Landed~
Now, if you've stayed with Kongregate this far, you probably like the site. What can make Kongregate even more awesome? Well, I didn't think it was possible, but say hello to the newest piece of heaven on Kong: achievements. Let's discuss, shall we?

The Basics
First things first. You need to understand achievements. What are they? Well, you can go here to read Greg's explanation, or you can just keep reading and enjoy my much cooler explanation. Achievements are like challenges. They reward you with a set amount of points depending on the difficulty level of the achievement. Easy earns you 5 points, medium earns you 15, hard = 30, and impossible gets you a beautiful 60. Achievements not only earn you points, but badges! Badges appear in your profile, and it should be your goal to collect them all for ultimate bragging rights. What's more is that achievements don't expire- there's no time limit! Pretty bodacious, eh?

Now let's get deeper into these achievements. First, since I'm so freaking cool, I'm going to tell you where to find all the badges. That would be here. Next, I'll explain how the badges work. When you earn a badge, you will be told so in chat (like challenges). The badge will appear in your profile in the big sexy Achievements box, in color! If a badge isn't earned, it stays in black and white. I like it, it's a nice fun collection to get going. Eventually achievements may become greater, with possibilities of trading badges, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :)

Well, that about sums it up for the main portion of the newsletter. Achievements. Check them out, they're going to be huge when everyone realizes they're out. Also note that achievements aren't visible from the front page, you need to manually enter the game. Happy achieving! But wait- aren't we forgetting something? Yes...

~The Gamerkc Review~

Haha, I have not forgotten! Here is my third review. Because this newsletter was made unexpectedly, I chose the game for the sake of time.

Well, I should begin by describing the game. Basically, it's a card game in which you build your castle and try to destroy your opponents. It has an RPG feel, but is really just a fun start-up-and-play strategy game. On top of that, online play! Let's do some pros and cons.

-Strategic fun
-Online multiplayer
-Original concept

-Terrible online chat
-Gets repetitive

Not many pros OR cons, seeing as it's not a huge game. The games themselves are fun and original, and playing the computer provides entertainment. If that's not your thing, play online, where there's usually always someone ready to play cards. The biggest flaw of Castlewars is the chat, however. You are allowed to create an alternate name to use in chat, which is problematic, because chat is completely free. People swear, spam, and you hear horribly vulgar things. Mods find this annoying, because due to the nickname issue, it's not possible to dole out punishment to users. It's a flaw many users adapt to, and you need to learn to live with. Just go in, find a partner, and do some gaming. Basically, ignore chat. In a private game, you can chat as well. This is problematic too, because sometimes people abuse other players. Remember, chat in the game has no restrictions. Other than that, it's a fun, original game with some achievements to beat as well. Have fun with it.

***I hope the third issue was as enjoyable as the first two for you. I promised pictures, and I won't break that promise, but I can't complete it now. But hey, I learned how to hotlink. :) Now, I owe you all an apology, and an explanation as to why the newsletter dropped off the face of the earth. I lived happily in NY while I was writing the newsletters. I still do now, but I had to undergo a dramatic move to a town half an hour away. Yep. It was actually very stressful and I had to go through alot of crap, but now my computer is hooked up and I can write my newsletters again. So, we're back in business, and enjoy.

Issue #2
J to the M to the T to the B...

~Landing Bay of Pigs Challenge~
The current challenge is in the ever-popular game More Bloons, a follow up to the first bodacious title. I have to admit this challenge is easy. Ridiculously so. It literally took about 10 to 15 seconds for me to beat the challenge, but only because Level 10 was already unlocked for me. Even so, it doesn't take god-like skills to get to Level 10 quickly! It's a fun challenge, and to make up for it's childish difficulty, there is a second challenge in which beating the entire game earns you 50 points. A nice additional challenge, but for those like me just in it for the cards, the challenge is a breeze. Ah well, enjoy it. It's a sigh of relief after weeks of painful challenges. (NOTE: Both challenges require normal mode; no endless dart mode.)

Challenge For Dummies:
Once you reach the tenth level, it's pretty dang easy.First hit the balloon horizontally across from you. It should go through the balloon, freeze the balloons under it, and break the brown block. Practice this until you can nail it every time. Step two is to bounce a dart across the sheet of frozen balloons, and hit a chunk of the special balloons. If done correctly you'll trigger a massive pwnage reaction and, if lucky, you may get all the balloons you need. If not, like me, you may need to use a couple extra darts to pop one or two last balloons.
Don't "aim" for the special effect balloons. During step two, just bounce a dart across. It's near impossible to miss the balloons, so don't sweat it.
The previous challenge was the Go Go Go Go Challenge in B29 Assault, with a bonus 30-pointer task of beating the game.

If you couldn't already tell by the header, this issue is about John Cooney, my favorite flash developer. Journey with me through some truly great series of his in this nice little second issue of The Gamerkc Newsletter! Now featuring pictures. Heck yes!

The Four Second Series
There are many games of John's that are pwnsome. In fact, it's hard to find a bad game. But a truly exceptional series is the Four Second series, which is fairly new (about a year old). It has three awesome installments, two of which were required tasks in a previous challenge for Kongregate. The series started with Four Second Fury, a simple game with the key idea of WarioWare. Complete short microgames in four seconds with a set amount of "lives". Though easy, the game was addicting, fun, and took over the internet. The follow up hit, Four Second Frenzy, followed the same theme, but integrated microgames from other flash developers and not just John. This provided more variety, flavor, and challenge to the already great series. Finally, along came Four Second Firestorm, the grand finale. It too had loads of authors, and was just as fun and pwnsome as the first two, with a load of new modes, and the great option to game with the mouse and not the traditional method of the arrow keys and space bar. You can submit your score in these games, a cool feature. Definitely check the game out if you want some great fun for hours on end. The game is rewarding- it'll never get old!

Four Second Series Tip:
Practice makes perfect. That's never been more true! These games take time. Try to master all of the minigames. It may be time consuming, but it pays off. Eventually you'll be unstoppable. Hellooooo high score!
The Ball Revamped Series
If you asked me what my favorite flash series is, I would say Ball Revamped. This is just about THE John Cooney series, it made him who he is. The series started off with Ball Revamped, a sloppy game that's sort of fun, but hard, and not polished. The game was bad... I have to admit that much. That's why you won't find it on Kongregate. You can play it at The second game was bodacious, it was (and is) my favorite game of all time. Ball Revamped II drew me into the world of flash. It featured awesome controls, innovative and original fun, and just about the best gameplay and levels I've seen in a game. Then came Ball Revamped III. This game was unique in the fact that it was split in to two parts, Andromeda and Gemini. Both parts were great, and were good enough to be stand alone games. Albeit the third installment wasn't perfect, it was exceptionally well done. Finally there's there's Ball Revamped IV, the latest game. It built on the third game, taking up where it left off. It had more great controls, and now the Ball Revamped world is really complex and expansive. The fifth and final Ball Revamped game is scheduled for release this year. Be sure to play the whole series while you wait!

Ball Revamped Tip:
Practice control of the ball. Get used to it. Don't overdo it, but don't tap it either. Be balanced. Be a leaf on the wind. Eventually, young grasshopper, you will swerve through walls, leap over coconuts, and trigger switches with a sway of a finger.
Yeah. Practice, just like The Four Second Series. Not as much, mind you, but get a feel of the ball.

The Scribble Series
The final series I'll cover is Scribble, an awesome and original game in which you... well, scribble! The simplest games are sometimes the best, and that certainly applies here. The first game has you connect the dots y holding your mouse. It's easy, but great fun and very nicely done. The second game has you doing the same thing, but the screen moves for more realism and the stages are harder. At the end of both games, you get a nice banner stating how well you did for use in forums, Myspace, etc... It's a nice feature. You can also submit your score.

Scribble Tip:
You really want to know? It's nothing new. Practice. Heard that before? Just like the other two, get used to the feel. This series is more pick-up-and-play, so you don't need to have drills, but at least fiddle around a bit... especially in the second game, because it's a big change.

I noticed, as you probably have, that all of the tips are basically to practice. I had no intention of that happening, but as it turns out, it's true. John's games are really games that you can only get better at by practicing. So get going!

~John's Website~
You need to check out Mr. Cooney's site, as well. Simple, right? Yeah. So go on! There you find the latest news, games, and animations straight from the man himself. You can also comment, go to the forums, and find contacts for him there. If you're nice, or a huge fan, you can even make a donation and buy merchandise. Have fun!

~Gamerkc Review~
Huzzah, the second review of mine. As before, not much, just enough to get my thoughts down. Now then- this review is of Endless Zombie Rampage. Kudos to Aussieborn for the suggestion. Now, let me warn you... you may not agree with this review. Just a little heads-up. ANYWAYS, on to business!

Oh boy. Where to start? Well, I guess I'll describe it a bit. It's basically a defense shooter in which you blow up zombies with guns from a top-down perspective. (Do I hear Boxhead?) It's a theme done loads of times before. Now let me start my positives:
-The game is depressing. Why is this good? The game does such a great job of capturing the feel of a zombie rampage that you can sense it. It's a creepy, eerie feeling... yay!
-The game does well in terms of controls and gameplay. It's easy to play, and fun as well.
Those are the only things I thought really stood out. Now for my peeves!
-STRANDED-ZOMGWTFBBQAX!!!111! My main peeve. It really ticks me off. The game is Stranded! It disappoints me, because this game earned alot of glory and respect for something it doesn't deserve. It's a ripoff. What's more is that when Stranded 2 comes out, it'll seem as if IT is a ripoff of Endless Zombie Rampage, and that's just not right. The game sickens me... it doesn't deserve all the hype it gets.
-The game gets boring.
-I like the feel, as stated in my positive list, but playing for more than an hour seriously makes me start to get emo. Anything that gets that depressing is really creepy. And yes, it's possible to turn the sounds off. But the floor that's now made of blood is kinda noticeable.
Now, these may seem like crappy opinions. Some are. But in a nutshell, here are my true thoughts on the game:
It's fun. Give it a try, you may like it. Not being a fan of blood and gore, this wasn't exactly my cookie, but it was decent. It was way too much like Stranded, to the point where I think it's just a ripoff game. t gets repetitive and boring after a while, and the depressing sounds really drag the gameplay down.
So, I'm going to give Endless Zombie Rampage a 6.5/10.

I hope you all enjoyed the second issue. I understand I made a promise for pictures, which I'm doing my best to keep. The next issue is sure to have pictures, and I may even send out a revamped version of this one with pictures for those who want it. We'll see. Feedback is welcome, please use the forums. :)



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Issue #7? - Bigger, Better, and 1337er than Ever!

Hidden Transmission - Attention North American Residents it is over

Back Again - The Newsletter Lives!

That would really clean it up and make it a premium archive. Thanks a million.

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Read "How to Kongregate: Draw-Play 2" for a professional comment on the game!

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