Friday, November 9, 2007

Challenge 35: Conquistador Extraordinaire

Conquistador Extraordinaire Challenge
The petty peasants of the land need a new ruler! Wet your blade with blood and conquer 3 cities in Feudalism to unlock the Stoneheel Totem card!

Errand Boy Badge (easy - 5 points)
Every great leader needs to start somewhere! Earn 1000 gold in Feudalism

Strength of a Warrior Badge (medium - 15 points)
Deal at least 500 damage with a single hit in Feudalism

High Warlord Badge (hard - 30 points)
Any resistance will not be tolerated! Conquer all 32 cities in Feudalism


Created by:
Avatar Vitaly (Game published on 2007-09-21)

Game Description
Choose a hero, complete quests, buy weapons and build the most powerful army to capture the whole world in this medieval strategy/RPG game.

Game Instructions:
Arrows or WASD to move, spacebar or Numpad '0' to shoot Shift to swap weapons.

Strategy for Feudalism:

Feudalism is essentailly a build an army and conquer the world game, well thats all it is. So first things first lets get that easy badge, just do errand work for the city that you spawn in is fine. Just travel around the world map and gather enough to unlock the Easy badge! Sweet another quick 5 points.

Also one thing, you'll already own one city in the beginning of the game! Sweet!

Now then your probably wondering whats up with that medium badge, thats going to take forever to not only get a succesful hit but hit for 500. Well you see the stat is based on MaxDamage so technically you don't have to get any weapon hit at all. All you need is one really good weapon namely any weapon with Death on it equipped. There you go simple Medium Badge for 15 points!

Now then lets take some cities, all you truly have to do is fight around until you gether enough cash to control a huge army. Take it in to a outpost and fight! Gradually build your army and you'll find that taking cities will become simple things. Just remember any weapons you get from drops can be sold for more money to buy troops. Soon enough you'll get your first three cities


you've achieved the Stoneheel Totem Card

Now then, taking over cities is fun but whats the best way to do it, well if you can find the Great Hero in China and the Horseback Recon in the north you'll be fine as long as you keep upgrading your armor and weapons as well as your Patriotism and Art of War. Eventually you'll have a big enough army to just take over everything in one fell swoop.

Then you'll get the Hard Badge!


Focus said...

Whoa, Fragm3nt saved those POOR GUYS who couldn't get the card. :P

Christoph Wagner said...

Earn some money, buy 30 black samurai (at whooping 5000 per unit) and the game will play itself. you only have to travel and click conquer.
Probably the best strategy as the game is quite boring and easy over time.

Gustavo said...

I think heroes change depending on your character's nation. For instance, for a northern forests protagonist, the best choice is to conquer Grouzeno and buy Great Heroes as if there was no tomorrow. Actually, once i got 10 of these guys none of them died until the end and the game was beaten just watching them doind the hard work.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Alternative comment about this game in "How to Kongregate: Feudalism".

Phil said...

Could you clarify the part about the medium badge? (Dealing 500 damage in a single hit). Finished the game, but still don't know what you're talking about? How do you equip Death? thanks.