Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to Destroy The Sun

So you want to Destroy that darn sun in Ether Cannon? Well I got the guide right here!
Celestial Soldier Badge
(medium - 15 points)Take to the skies and defend Earth, scoring 3,000 points in Ether Cannon

This Badge really isn't that hard. Don't worry about getting that score right away just complete the levels continuing if you die. Once you get to about level 12 you can get those 3000 points just for completing 3 waves!

The Sun Eater Badge
(hard - 30 points)
No heavenly bodies will be tolerated. Complete all 21 stages in Ether Cannon
Now its time for the hard one! First you have to get past the other 20 levels but since you have an unlimited amount of continues this shouldn't be much of an issue. This is the Setup I had going into level 21: About 45 engine, 100 Shield, and about 70 Turret. I recommend having a higher engine, because the boss moves faster then I expected, and you're shield doesn't have to be so high because the boss instantly kills you if you get hit. Once the level starts kill all the enemies that appear around you then dodge the sun that comes charging twords you. Then watch your radar and dodge the sun, as it go twords you dodge it and shoot it as much as you can. If you can dodge it and shoot it enough eventually it will fall. you will have to hit the sun with about 10 streams of fire to bring it down.

Tips: Here are some basic tips you cab use throughout the game.

1. Use your radar! It can help you when the waves come in from all sides!
2. Your shield and turret are important but don't forget your engine! Your engine can be a valuable tool in the later levels.
3. Turrets change how they shoot when upgraded enough. Upgrade you turret in big chunks so it will shoot more powerful shots faster.
4. Don't Give Up! You have unlimited continues so just keep trying you'll get it after some practice.


VertFire said...

What do you guys think should I have it Show more or is it good?

Focus said...
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Focus said...

Two friendly comments :).
1. It's not the sun. Check the Main Menu image or end animation, the sun is behind it.
2. Imagine you don't know COCAK exists. You search in Google "Ether Cannon badges" and nothing appears. Would you really search in Google/any search "How to destroy the sun"?
(The previous comment is mine, I deleted it because I had some spelling errors, like "searching for google" xD)

fridek said...

My tactics:
1. upgrade both canon and speed up to 20 (speed more important)
2. just press left-up arrows and shoot into right-down corner
3. Enemies are too slow to catch you, and your weapon works like a shield to their lasers.
4. finish game with 50/100/50

Sometimes you die at the very beginning, but as far as you have unlimited continous - that is not a problem. To avoid such early death you may move just a little bit to right/up/whatever direction you want. Enemies will follow there, leaving left-up path free.

greg said...

Yeah, I guess it's not really the sun. I just couldn't resist the name "The Sun Eater" for a nerdy World of Warcraft reference ( ). I suspect that even the WoW reference was a reference to something else, though:

To my credit, I think that The Sun Eater and "High Warlord" are the only two WoW references I've ever made with achievements, most of which are a reference to something. I've exercised incredible restraint!

"How to Kongregate" said...

For a far more detailed guide, read "How to Kongregate: Ether Cannon"!