Saturday, November 10, 2007

An In-Depth Look at How To Beat Feudalism Easily

High Warlord Badge
Difficulty: Hard (30 Points)

Table of Contents:
a)Overview and Outline of Strategy
b)Hero Selection and Skills
c)Step-by-Step Walkthrough
vi.Everything Else

a)Overview and Outline of Strategy

This walkthrough will basically guide you through how i beat feudalism with basically doing nothing except clicking the same button every second or so during battles.

The general strategy is as follows:
1.Fill up your first line with the strongest melee fighters that are available
2.Fill up your second line with the strongest ranged fighters that are available
3.Have 20 melee fighter reinforcements just in case your 1st line loses some people
4.Use 1 scroll of rage, then use one minor scroll of healing every second.

As for the order of what towns to attack, we're pretty much going to be going in order through our faction's towns from weakest to strongest.

b)Hero Selection and Skills
For this guide, we're going to be picking Vseslav, chieftain of the forest lands because his faction has high hp front line units, and decent damage ranged units.

Start out by maxing out art of war and patriotism. Afterwards, put all your points into int (which increases the max cap for art of war and patriotism), and max out art of war and patriotism with each point put into int. We will not be using our hero at all in this guide, you can sell all of the equipment you gain after battles if you want, we won't need to equip our hero at all. You might want to just in case something hits him though.

c)Step-by-Step Walkthrough

You start out in Dubkee, with a couple of melee and ranged fighters. Go ahead and go to the town hall, and ask for a quest. If it has a decent reward (500-700g), then go ahead and take it and complete it. If it doesn't have a good rewards (100-400g), then click the "no, maybe something else" button, and keep on clicking until you get a good reward. Be sure not to take anything that makes you deliver something to a city on an island, and sell all the stuff you get from the battles. Don't buy any equipment, and start to build up your army by buying troops at the barracks.

Keep building up your army until you have 1st line full of militia commanders and your starting melee guys, 2nd line full of 5 forest guards, 20 militia commanders for reserve troops. Afterwards, go to the village of Dalnevodye, save at the town hall, and click the "try to capture this town" button. You shouldn't have to do anything at during this fight, as your troops should outnumber and eventually kill their army. Congrats! You've captured your first town!


Go ahead and sell all the equipment that you just gained and all of your remaining forest guards and militia commanders, and replace them with a 1st line of warriors, a 2nd line of crossbow masters, and as many warrior reserve troops that you can buy. Afterwards, go and quest a little until you have enough money to have 30 warrior reserve troops. This should cost about 4-5k gold total. Be sure to use the no, give me another quest option to save tons of time, as well as sell all your equipment.

Now, go ahead and go over to Losevo, save, and capture that town. Again, you shouldn't have to do anything but watch.


This time, sell all of your remaining warriors, but KEEP all your crossbow masters. Sell your equipment too. Fill up your 1st line with light riders, replace any dead crossbow masters with new crossbow masters for your 2nd line. Now, go to the temple, and buy one scroll of rage, and 40 scrolls of small healths (shift click to make the buying of healing scrolls go faster). Then, go back to the barracks and buy as many more light riders for reinforcements as you can. Afterwards, quest a little until you have 20 light riders as reinforcements.

Now, go ahead to Dobrov, save and capture the city. There are two stages to this capture, the initial battle, and a palace battle immediately after. Once in the first battle, immediately use one scroll of rage. Afterwards, use one scroll of minor healing every 1-2 seconds. Stop using scrolls once you only have 20 scrolls left. You should lose very little, possibly even no light riders using this strategy. For the second fight in the palace, do the same. Use a scroll of rage in the very beginning, then use a minor healing scroll every 1-2 seconds. Congrats! You have captured your first city!

iv. Dobrov

Sell all your equipment, and your remaining light riders. Buy 5 elite warriors for 1st line, replace your dead crossbow masters with new ones for line 2, and buy 30 elite warriors for your reinforcements. Next, go over to the time, buy 2 scrolls of rage, and spend the rest of your money in scrolls of minor healing ( i bought 10 rage scrolls and still had enough to buy 215 scrolls of minor healing).

Now go ahead and go to Zlatoglad, save, and capture that town. Do the same as the last battle, using one scroll of rage and using one scroll of minor healing twice every second now. You should have enough scrolls to do that and last 2 battles. You should be able to capture the town. If you can't, consider getting some money and buying even more healing scrolls, and using them 3-4 times per second.


Sell all your equipment, and all of your remaining troops. Buy a 1st line of axemasters, a 2nd line of elite axe throwers, and 20 axemaster reserve troops. Go over to the temple, buy 2 scrolls of rage, and spend the rest of your money on minor healing scrolls (I had enough money to buy 500 of them).

Go ahead and go to Ra-Gorod, save, and capture the city. Do the same as before, using a scroll of rage at the beginning of each battle, and using a minor healing scroll every 2-3 seconds. YOu should win easily.

vi. Everything else

Now that you have taken the capital, go ahead and sell all your axemasters, and fill your 1st line with elite guards, and get 20-30 elite guard reinforcements. Stick with the elite axe throwers for your second line. Go to the temple, buy some scrolls of rage and as many healing scrolls as you can. From here on out, just move through the map in a ciruclar fashion: you should be able to take any town and not lose a single unit by using a scroll of rage and using 2 scrolls of healing every second or so.


Therealtahu said...

I find it easier to go to Grouzeno instead of Ra-Gorod. You may have to pay 4000 for the boat ride but the Great Heroes they offer are alot better than the Elite Guard. You practically can't lose them after maxing out Patriotism and Art of War.

Nqkoi1 said...

Well I see you got in but umm..coulnt you put the read more button it takes way to much space now.

Milskidasith said...

Interesting.... but I don't really like step by step guides. Well written though.

Mistress17 said...

I just can't bear to play this game... even for the card. Thanks for the guide though.

sprint45_45 said...

i bought all range fighters(get the ones on horses when avaliable)and fire throwers, used all hp boosting weapons and armor and just sat there while the computer killed the computer and when needed, i could slowley kill the computer.

"How to Kongregate" said...

Alternative comment about this game in "How to Kongregate: Feudalism".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I found that the easiest way to beat the game was to get to the point when you get the eastern nations specialized unit, the black samurai. With full AoW and P, They are practically invincible, and do over 700 damage.

Anonymous said...

yeah i conquered nearly the whole world with a bunch of black samurai - once you got them its easy

Kyriva said...

I'm surprised by how many people use an army. I've always found them annoying as they get in the way and ruin the action. Just get a good horse, good equipment and a ton of potions (normal potions don't glitch). Use tab to select the potion, then hold shift and enter to stock up.

Anonymous said...

lol I used the ninja with the boobs...and I filled my army full of black samurais from Echigo

Tonio said...

erm wot is the best weapon to do 500 damage?