Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Premium web games update!

Chris Pasley posted an update about Kongregate's upcoming premium web games today, coinciding with a little press launch we had. Expect to see a bit more coverage coming up on a few other sites, including IGN.

For now, though, you can find Chris's post here.


Focus said...

It would be great if we pay for extra content and not for playing more. I would not like to play 5 hours and then have to pay $3.

Basically, what I mean is that you shouldn't be forced to pay for playing more. (Hope you understand)

Greg said...

The premium games will be free to play and NOT subscription-based. The $3 will be for extra content.

Focus said...

Whoa... extra content forever? I may think again about paying or not.

Chris Pasley said...

The microtransaction element will be done differently for each title, to fit each game best. Greg is right though -- completely free to play is the rule. Think extras and expansions.