Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Featured Review: Indestruct2Tank

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
The Good:
Good-looking graphics with smooth transitioning, three different modes to play, with lots of new features.
The Bad:
Adventure is disappointing (cheesy!), and this game lacks API.

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There have been a lot of great games submitted recently, and it can be hard to keep up with them! Luckily, us in Cocak are busy writing reviews to help you keep up ;).

Indestruct2Tank is our game of the Month this month, another game by ArmorGames (but not made by Jmtb02). This is a sequel to Indestructo Tank, a game not on Kongregate, unfortunately.

For an overview, this game does the opposite of what similar games would do. Pretty much, instead of dodging bombs and gunfire, you use the missiles aimed at you to hop into the air and destroy planes, helicopters, and other vehicles. Try to make the highest combo you can!

Nqkoi1, a fellow writer, helped Armor Games with the graphics for this sequel. His work has showed through with a very nice looking, smooth game. No real "wow" factor, but the game looks nice, and certainly isn't sloppy.

Blowing stuff up is always fun.

The gameplay of Indestruct2Tank is very simple. Just use the arrow keys to go left and right--the up is used for the Boom Bar, which you can save for situations where you need an extra combo or two.

Indestruct2Tank has three modes: Classic, Enhanced, and Adventure.
In Classic and Enhanced, you try to level up before your fuel runs out. When you get enough XP from destroying aircraft, you get to increase the frequency of certain things. In Enhanced mode, you get hills, parachuters, and a boom bar.

In Adventure, you complete certain objectives, and fight bosses once and a while. In my opinion, the missions start out way too easy and escalate in difficulty way too steeply. Also unfortunately, these are very short, and the majority is just dialogue. The main character seems to have a fetish for the word "right"... Most of the talking is irrelevant and boring--I'd recommend skipping it.

Luckily, this game has a lot of extras, which make the game more enjoyable, and give some objectives for the player. You get medals for doing certain things, such as complete Adventure, destroy 250 things, etc. Then, you can unlock little extras, such as different tanks, by getting certain amounts of medals. Yay!

As an ending reaction, Destruct2Tank proves itself to be a good sequel with nice visuals (thanks Nqkoi!) and lots of features to keep you busy. The only downfall is the Adventure mode, and the lack of API (we want badges, dang it!). However, these small things shouldn't stop you from playing it--It is a great game overall.

...And that's another review. Done. Yay! Cheers ;)

~Malachi, reviewer

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