Friday, November 2, 2007

Focus on: /- TBA - /

/- TBA - /
Created by: ArmorGames
Currently rated: 3.56 avg.

Bounce from port to port as fast as you possibly can, using skill and logic. The game has 25 lovely levels, each challenging you with a time to reach the goal. Be fast but smart! This is one of my favorite games to have produced, hope you enjoy it :).

No, it’s not going To Be Announced! It’s already released! Jmtb02’s newest game is here (Yes, only one week after Dark Cut 2!). Why is it called TBA?

‘TBA doesn't stand for anything. It just started as a joke on the front page of my website, when I left the "Next Game" notice to "TBA" and people started asking me what kind of game "TBA" is. I just left it that way, and the game is being released as such!’

Let’s review it.

You are a small ball, flying around the sky. TBA means simplicity, because you only play with the space bar! Your objective is to get to the goal, and you’ll do it with many ball-launchers. Be careful, there are many kinds of them, including rotating and moving ones, auto-launchers and more.
TBA combines puzzles and skill, all-in-one!

Two songs to choose from, something not usual in Flash games. Atomic Trigger 3 from ZeRo-BaSs or Piano Loop from DJ Chyrz? You choose.
But if you are one of those players that mute the game and listen to their own music, that’s also possible. Right click > Mute.

Infinite lives.
Par times, beat your own records.
It saves your times, data, levels unlocked, etc. by cookies.
Don’t you like the music? Right click and change it to a Piano Loop.

No achievements
No highscores.
More levels, maybe?
No milliseconds. It’s the same getting 0:06:00 in a level that getting 0:06:99

After some seconds playing in the same level, you’ll be playing at night! The game follows the day-night cycle.
There are small questions and fun facts after each level.
Press P for pausing and see the whole level.
The game is still in front page.

Read the funny fight between Greg and jmtb02 in the comments:
I would totally implement the API/Badge stuff to this game if it worked for Flash 9. Send your complaints to Greg, he wants to hear about it.
Greg: The only things I love more than API/badge whining are comma splices, jmtb02. So thank you on both levels!
Jmtb02: I’m sorry Mr. “I am too worried about grammar to implement Flash 9” for the incorrect use of a comma. I will refer to my MLA book by Diane Hacker that I have cherished since Davis.
Greg: I’ve cherished your MOM since Davis! Maybe I should consult her again tonight for a little implementation of my “Flash 9,” as she so affectionately calls it.
Jmtb02: Hey Mr. Cheapshot, leave the mothers out of this. Besides, your poor excuse of a comeback doesn’t relay the fact that these poor innocent 13 year olds will have NO ACHIEVEMENTS OR BADGES because they have to sit around reading our silly arguments.

Greg: Your FACE is a silly argument!
Jmtb02: Your FACE is a silly argument is a silly argument!
Jmtb02: Can we be friends again plz?
Greg: Yes. I’m sorry. Let us never fight again. I love you.


The game is underrated, but don’t worry about that, I’m sure you will like it ;). Enjoy!


Malachi said...

Wow, you just gotta love Greg xD
Very funny argument :P

Focus said...

I’ve cherished your MOM since Davis! Very funny lol

Sylicas said...

Dammit, I'm gonna counter your cons :D

"No achievements."
- You realise how hard isit to add in optional achievements in a game like this? :P
"No highscores."
- Blame Greg
"More levels, maybe?"
50 would make the game too lengthy though. 35 too, and 30 sounds wierd.
"No milliseconds. It’s the same getting 0:06:00 in a level that getting 0:06:99"
Nobody really cares about Milli-seconds anyway :P

Sp3000 said...

No milliseconds is a good thing too. That way I can brag about getting 1 seconds on level 2 when I actually got 1.99 XD

Focus said...


When I was writing the review, I decided to put Pros and Cons. After writing the Pros, I noticed that I didn't had any cons. So I had to choose some things as "cons" that I still don't agree with them... :P