Friday, November 2, 2007

It's over 2000!!!! Congratulations Kongregate

Kongregate has officially gone over the 2000 games mark. This is a great milestone in Kongregate, its twice as amazing as when Kongregate had 1000 games.

The 2000th game.

Also Kongregate has the new card out but wait.. its not the color of any of the other cards, this can only mean one of two things. Its a card designed for a new type of character, Robots? I don't think robots would do it. Or its a item card that can be used universally amongst character cards.

Also some great games came out..

3D Logic 2!

Super Smash Flash!


Dolphin Olympics!

Oh and p.s. guys.. rate based on the game, not the challenge/badge because Greg said so!


VertFire said...

Maybe the new card is part of the witches set because its a potion.

VertFire said...

I just talked to Greg he said the new card will work with any of the characters!