Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kong Redesign (v 1.1)

The next Kong Redesign is here!

Press that "Read More" button.

1. Kongai Beta Testings have opened! (Go to the Card Tab, then scroll down the sweet picture, and you'll see it)

2. Badge Re-organization Day, Part 1. ( Badges Tab. It's not finalized yet though :P)

3. Whispers on the profile! [Profile, go scroll down.] (From AlisonC's profile)

4. omfg, "Showing 20 of you (no.) friends? [Click on someone in Chat, scroll down.]

Probably in the next next update, the Kongai Beta Game will start!
I hope.


Sp3000 said...


Hm...you have the badge problem too...

JudeMaverick said...

Seems pretty promising.

AlisonClaire said...

Syl you n00b. If I wasn't so lazy I'd go screencap the entire shout. He left out the part where he gave me a hug cause he secretly thinks I'm awesome. *HUGS SYLICAS*

Sylicas said...

AlisonC, you nub, you probably photoshopped it in order to show it :P.

Dazzer said...

My scripts have been updated with the new update :)

VertFire said...

Nice update I really like it. Can we get badges for action script 3 games now too?

Greg said...

You guys rock way more than I do. I gave you a link in today's news post.

Milskidasith said...


Greg, could you like, permalink us or something? Or even put a link to us in the forums like some people do to chatrooms? We need integration!

Of course, that is if you want it..