Monday, December 31, 2007

Alive 2008!

Hay guys, we at Cocak (at least me) wish you all a Happy New Year / Happy New Year in ( time till' midnight) !

Got any 2007 Reviews or Resolutions for the coming year? Post Here.

Once again, happy new year ;).

Syl Logs: Whee, I'm drunk with White Grape!

FRAG Logs: Wooh time to go to parties! Yay for New Years, happy new years everyone!



Juze said...

Happy new year 2008!

Clock time is now (when I am posting this comment) 1.17 am, 1.1.2008.

Hey what? It's so late? And I'm not sleeping? Well, I am not gonna go to bed for long time. I am just gonna... zzzZZZzzz...

Happy new year!

Focus said...

Happy new Year. GMT -3. 09.32 PM at this moment.

Anonymous said...

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