Sunday, December 30, 2007

MMM2 Card Challenge Guide

Ultimate Traffic Clearance Challenge

Prevent the evil vehicles from, uh, reaching the other side of the screen (bastards!) to unlock the Origami Crane card.
  • You need to load up "Scenario" mode and reach the 16th wave. Your progress indicates the wave you're currently on.

This guide is here to help you get the card, this will not explain how to get the badges (yet), but it will get you halfway to the hard one.

The Basics:

1) You control an "energy ball silo" Which is apparently connected to and underground system of underpaid and lazy scientists, since you have to prove your worth by killing the enemies to get them to do research ;).

2) The enemies typically come from the right side, so position your silo on the left (more details later). You have to click the energy ball in the middle, and drag it back like so:
Then, once you have your desired velocity (how far back you pull it) and your aim. You let go and slingshot the ball at the enemy. Be warned however, the harder you fling it, the less stable it gets. If it is too unstable it may blow up as you launch it and damage your building. So be careful! Try to balance it out between power and stability.

3) Power-ups. Some enemies drop power-ups, which you collect by clicking on. They then go to the top of the screen, and displays a timer, when the timer runs out, so does your use of that power up. Example: What these 3 do, the Black hole one allows you to fire a ball that sucks in surrounding tanks, and crushes them against each other. The Hourglass disable all cooldown times (the time until you can do ______ again. It is cut to zero). And the orange + sign regenerates your Silo's health.

There are plenty more power-ups out there, but I'll let you guys discover what each one does!!!

4) Angling Shots: Sometimes it is best to aim right for an enemy tank, but other times is is better to bank an energy ball off of a wall, and into that tank. Send it into tanks. Here is an example:
That is an example of when you might want to bank a shot, so one tank hit another and creates a chain reaction.

Hints and Tips

Always check see where your enemies are coming from, and plan accordingly, typically the come from the right side, but sometimes they switch it up, they can come from both sides, or just from the left side. So be sure to pay attention around level 12+ Example: It is also very helpful to invest 1 point in a weapons upgrade, as the 2nd ball you get uses less energy. I would also suggest getting 7 extra points in stability. As well as some energy upgrades. these are my suggestions, after those, keep upgrading and find what works best for you!

Remember that Tanks hitting other tanks, does more damage the hitting tanks with missles, so always try to bunch the tanks together and smash 'em all up. The nuclear tanks are also helpful to keep close to big tanks, when they explode, they sometimes create a nuclear reaction, killing most of the tanks near them.

Another thing you can do, when enemies are close, put your energy ball on top of their tank, and let go. This will cause the ball to stay inside of their tank, thus killing it. A useful strategy for high health escapees ;) But keep in mind, when it explodes it hurts your structure (if its too close) so be careful!!!

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I personally suggest doing it five levels per day if you are having trouble. Just don't delete cookies.