Friday, December 28, 2007

Hero Interactive Interview (Again)

Hero Interactive and COCAK has done another interview detailing a lot of information about their four games in development. Stormwinds Turret Upgrades, Campaigns, Enemies and more. Bubble Tanks Upgrade Paths, Premium Content and more. Bleup release dates and gameplay. As well as microbe Kombat the little known Hero Interactive Game.

Newedge14 ~ FRAGM3NT
cmurda3407 ~ Cmurda
Hero Interactive(J) ~ Jared from Hero Interactive
Hero Interactive(E) ~ Eric from Hero Interactive

Points of Interest:

Bluep Details More
Microbe Kombat Details
Bubble Tanks 2 Details
Stormwinds 1.5 Details
Play Bubble Tanks 2 before it Comes Out!

cmurda3407: Want to tell us about these new games in development?

Hero Interactive (J): Certainly! Any in particular? What games do you want to know about?

Newedge14: I'd really like to know more about Microbe Kombat as it hasn't been released anything past its announcement. Is it being pushed aside for now while stormwinds is taking full reign?

Hero Interactive (J): Yeah, well Microbe Kombat is a fun little game that's been started it's about half way done I'd say but it's been pushed back to the end of our list, behind StormWinds, Bluep, and Bubble Tanks 2 essentially, it's a cross between bubble tanks and flow, but then it's something completely new, you have an army of little cells as you keep growing, you can split, spawning off AI controlled microbes that battle the other microbes. Whichever side can consume all of the opponents win

Newedge14: Sounds pretty awesome, so about Bluep, is it going to be a more simple or complex game?

Hero Interactive (J): well that's eric's field Eric...

Hero Interactive (E) : Bluep, pronounced Bloop (Blue + a "p") is a game with very similar controls to Bubble Tanks and consists of you (a blueish guy/creature) which floats around and shoots at enemies, enemies appear on the side walls of the arena which can shoot back at you while shooting down these enemies and avoiding enemy fire, you must also jump/avoid lasers crossing underneath you

Newedge14: So is it going to offer a more diverse set of enemies than say Bubble Tanks or is it going to be much more simpler?

Hero Interactive (E): much simpler

Hero Interactive (J): but equally fun I've demoed it a few times, and I'm really digging how it is progressing

Newedge14: So have any images surfaced of Bluep or has all the work been done towards the gameplay?

Hero Interactive (E): so far most of the work has been doing with interface, so not too many screenshots have surfaced yet of gameplay. In the next week or so screenshot will most likely pop up of gameplay.

Newedge14: awesome can't wait to see it

cmurda3407: What kind of artwork can we expect? Along the lines of Bubble Tanks, or sort of like Light Sprites?

Hero Interactive (E): are you familiar with the game Red?

cmurda3407: Yes.

Newedge14: yea

Hero Interactive (E): we're looking at a very stylized smooth look like that centered around the color BLUE.

Newedge14: haha takes a big spin on things doesn't it

Hero Interactive (J): It's kind of bubble tanks look but even more stylized

Hero Interactive (E): exactly

Newedge14: Will there be any upgrades to the avatar?

Hero Interactive (E): There will most likely not be any upgrades at this time, but there will be power ups and things to slow enemies and lasers and whatnot perhaps a few different weapon options, but relatively basic

Newedge14 (J): Well the gameplay for bluep will we be expecting consistent action?

Hero Interactive (E): yea, expect something very intense it will work your dexterity you're avoiding enemy fire, while jumping over lazers, all while shooting enemies

cmurda3407: Will any of these games have extra content you can buy?

Hero Interactive (J): Microbe Kombat and Bluep will not have extra content

Newedge14: We already know stormwinds will have extra content but will bubble tanks 2?

Hero Interactive (J): Bubble tanks 2 will significant amounts

Newedge14: Aah so what kind of content can we expect, more upgrades? more enemies?

Hero Interactive (J): You'll get about 20 more upgrade states, including several new upgrade paths, about 50 new enemies, and 2 new game modes (challenge, and arena)

Hero Interactive (J): Arena allows you to choose any arrangement of enemies you've defeated in regular game, and any state you've been, and face them on your own terms

Hero Interactive (J): You also will likely get cheats, etc...

Newedge14: cheats will only be for those who pay correct?

Hero Interactive (J): yup, same with StormWinds 1.5. BTW, players who decide to pay for the EC in stormwinds will get to beta test BT2 in the next month or two

Newedge14: Speaking of stormwinds.. you said in your blog that the campaigns would all be quite unique such as tanks.. any other interesting enemies we might like to know about?

Hero Interactive (J): well, there are a few new enemies in StormWinds 1.5 not a whole ton though there is a tank guy on the blog you can see a few screenshots of some new ones on our site under StormWinds 1.5, are the Juggernauts they really kick butt, with two huge cannons that fire massive missiles the whole screen shakes when they fire very intense. You can destroy the bullets as they come at you, but when you have to stop 2 or more, it can get crazy they also have 200 life and are armored on top to make it more fun. They are not limited to just one on screen as was the case with the big airships from the first game. You can have two at the same time in some cases and then it gets real.

Newedge14: sounds like the difficulty has been ramped up quite a bit then

Hero Interactive (J): well, it's much more intense mind you, in this game, with extra content, there are 70 total levels accross 7 campaigns so by the time you reach them, you'd better be ready

Newedge14: between campaigns will the turrets you already have be transferred over?

Hero Interactive (J): the 1st game, by comparison, only has 35 levels, even with the extra content they won't, however, winning campaigns gives you huge bonuses as you move forward so, you may start out with far more money as well as, all your guns start out with bonus upgrade points based on the number of campaigns beaten when you buy them so you can really try new strategies with new guns, but still have them be awesome

cmurda3407: Sounds pretty sweet. Any dates on when it will come out?

Hero Interactive (J): well, I can't comment too much on it but expect it in January Armor Games is saving it for something big they have planned

Newedge14: awesome it could possibly be on COCAKs top games of 2008

Hero Interactive (J): Here's hoping seriously though, as far as flash games go, it's massive I think 10 people are listed in the credits

Newedge14: are we expecting lots of load times?

Hero Interactive (J): no, it loads about as fast as the first game not huge, but not small either I'd say it runs just under the 2 mb range for the full game

Newedge14: dang, can we expect badges on Kongregate or is that still under development?

Hero Interactive (J): I think they wanted badges for StormWinds 1, but I asked them to hold off for this upgrade and they obliged and I am grateful so I'm fairly certain you can expect badges it'll be hooked up to their api with a LOT of data being sent so a lot of possibilities badge wise

Newedge14: sweet, so how is the bonus content going to be set up, such as how many weapons/campaigns are going to be in the bonus conten?

Hero Interactive (J): ok so there will be 5 regular campaigns, with 2 EC ones, I think there are 15 regular turrets, and 6 EC turrets and then about 6 new EC enemies you also can then use cheats and you'll also get unlocked challenge campaign levels added every week

Newedge14: can we be expecting the meteor gun for free this time around?

Hero Interactive (J): hell no! It's too sweet

Newedge14: =O

Hero Interactive (J): we've buffed that up the biggest thing that's sweet about StormWinds 1.5, is that you can now completely customize how your turrets upgrade each turret has it's own set of upgrades you can choose from so you can give your lightning gun more jumps, or your meteor gun have denser clusters, etc..

Newedge14: awesome, so what can we expect from say the Time Gun?

Hero Interactive (J): the Time Gun is sweet it freezes time for the enemies, while you pummel them you can upgrade the Health, how long it takes to recharge, how long it freezes for, etc...

Newedge14: Awesome, this all sounds pretty great, so when a turret levels up do we get just one upgrade point or more?

Hero Interactive (J): 2 upgrade points per upgrade buuuuuuuuttt if you've already beaten say, 4 campaings, all your guns start out with 8 upgrade points whenever you buy them also upgrades have different costs so upgrading health is 1 pt cost, but arming your decoy drones with machine guns costs more

Newedge14: so in the original stormwinds a staple turret to have was always the heavy turret will stormwinds 1.5 be the same?

Hero Interactive (J): well there are more primary weapons machine gun, heavy cannon, dual machine gun - rotates full 360 degrees, and radio plasmid gun - all of them fire at the same time and whatnot you can even get a controllable unit airship in the EC the landing pad is the turret, when you select it you have control of that mini airship he just follows your mouse

Newedge14: How about the buffers is there anything new?

Hero Interactive (J): no new buffers, but there are more support guns such as decoy drones orbital mines, time gun, shield gun so Eric's got to go soon any more questions for him before he leaves?

cmurda3407: Not that I can think of right now. Thanks Eric!

Hero Interactive (E): yep, anytime

Newedge14:What release time can we expect bleup?

Hero Interactive (E): Shooting for mid january, depending on other release dates we don't want to overwhelm

Newedge14: alright looking forward to it thanks eric. Bubble Tanks 2.. is there any new upgrade paths that you find intensely compelling?

Hero Interactive (J): oh yeah it kind of branches so some are not available till the very end but the Sniper Path is sweet pressing spacebar makes your bubble tank break apart allowing enemy bullets to pass through you releasing it will allow you to reform so you can fire a highly focused explosive bubble shot really fast every ending path is awesome in it's own way you can get subordinate AI controlled tanks on your side or be a huge seeker tank a whole bunch of stuff

So concludes our Interview

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Focus said...

I'm really expecting SW 1.5 to be a lot better than the first version, honestly I didn't like it. But I'm looking forward to Microbe Kombat (a game I've been always wondering what it's like, thanks), Bubble Tanks 2, and the I-just-noticed Bleup.

Malachi said...

Aw, too bad Microbe Kombat has been pushed back. That one sounds the most interesting to me ;)

tiger33511 said...

Ok whats up with the hero interactive crap!!! You spent your time on a crap blog that nobody will read and not on a card/badge blog!!!

FRAGM3NT said...

tiger just because we did an interview doesn't mean no-one will read it, it also doesn't mean that we aren't working on the card/badge guide.

I would appreciate a less hostile attack on my blog..

Also Hero interactive produces quite a few quality games and they've been nice enough to involve us in things they have going on which will effect Kong in the future. This blog isn't just about telling you how to score a few points on Kong, its more than that. It's a blog on Kongregate itself, it's games, it's community, and it's developers

Focus said...

Come One, Come All Kongregate. ALL of it. Not KB, Kongregate Badges. Duh.

Sylicas said...

omg, tiger is right, we are spending time on a blog in which nobody reads... his mind.

Considering that you actually responded with a comment, I don't see why he's making a contractdictory statement to his statements, thereby making him look like a lie ;).

TvStation@4 said...

Sweet! BlueP Sounds amazing! I feel an addiction coming on! muyhaha

Tiger33511 said...

I am so sorry for that i was just up all night last night and because of that i am so so sorry.

tvstation@4 said...

Don't Worry! I forgive you! :-D As long as you play BlueP with me now!

sullimart said...

microbe kombat looks the best, hope it's not pushed back to long. thanks for the diversity in your blog and not for just sticking to strategy guides etc. the flash game scene is growing like crazy!

greg said...

Tiger, it may infuriate you to learn that right now I'm spending my time reading a crap blog that nobody reads instead of actually MAKING cards/badges! Muahahaha!

Seriously though, lots of interesting information here -- I'm really looking forward to the games coming up from Hero Interactive.

It doesn't really matter what your favorite Flash gaming site is, whether it's Kongregate, Newgrounds, Armor Games, etc. For all of us to be truly successful, the Flash development industry as a whole needs to grow. And nobody is helping that along more than people like Jared and Eric, who work full-time at developing great games.

Armor Dan said...

Can't wait for Storm Winds 1.5. Look for it on 'Armor Games' in the first few weeks of Jan.

Make sure to buy the extra content and you'll get to help beta-test 'Bubble Tanks 2'. :D

Sylicas said...

Bubble Tanks 2 ftw!

Milskidasith said...

Bubble tanks 2! Sweet... I can't wait. Bubble tanks 1 was awesome enough!