Monday, December 24, 2007

COCAK Loves Top Ten Lists

The top tens are in from COCAK writers and you can find them all here

FRAGM3NT's Top Ten

JudeMaverick's Top Ten Timed-out Classics
Focus' Top Ten
Malachi's Top Ten
Vertfire's Top Ten
Sylicas' Top Ten

Milskidasith's Top Ten

(The posts were removed from the front page to reduce clutter and all top ten posts will be linked from here.. enjoy!

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JudeMaverick said...

Correction: JudeMaverick's top ten timed out classics :P

Dazzer said...

You guys should really consider getting a domain or something , before you have to shift.

I also would suggest Wordpress, since it has advanced features with editors/contributors etc.

Things like top ten lists should be organised by the editor, and compiled, instead of everyone doing his/her own posts.

Focus said...

Oh Noes, the 'Don't Read more on this article' is a rip-off!


greg said...

Great list, guys! Since 5 of you picked your favorite games and since my 5 "Greg's Picks" games haven't been updated in a while, I just might have to blatantly steal your suggestions... muahahaha!

I'm going to go through each list and select the highest-rated game that DOESN'T have a badge associated with it to win a spot on my picks. Hope you don't mind.

In fact, maybe "Greg's Picks" should be "Community Picks" instead, and maybe each week we could have a different person from the community choose his/her 5 favorite games. Then we could link to those games along with a link to that person's profile. What do you think?

Focus said...

Love the idea, if you do it I want to be the first one. :3

Sylicas said...

Lawl, wait for my entry!

You'll like it to include it in your Picks, Greg :(.

JudeMaverick said...

greg becomes clever somehow.

Of course, credit us >:P

greg said...

Hey, I'm crediting you here, aren't I? :P

Milskidasith said...

Where is my top 10 list? I know I emailed it to you Frag....

Milskidasith said...

Also, I know I forgot to add pictures to it, but we should have pictures for all of the games I mentioned somewhere. Most of them did have badges.