Friday, December 14, 2007

Badge: Anika's Delivery Service Badge

Anika's Delivery Service Badge (medium - 15 points)
Requirements: Complete your journey and retrieve a pail of water in Anika's Odyssey

Ever played Sprout? Yes, I think you did. Anika’s Odyssey is designed and programmed by the same guy, however uploaded with other account :P
I find it easy and short, but if you need help, click the link below to read walkthrough.

Jay from JayisGames made a walkthrough of the game.

1. Click on bucket. Take bucket to pump. An eagle will steal your toy rabbit!

2. Click on bucket. Take bucket to fence. Click on floor to use bucket as a step and jump over fence.

3. Click to move right. Click on hollow log over river to crawl through. You will be stopped by trolls(?)

4. Click on hole in tree stump. Red troll will climb in. Click on him to push him in.

5. While the other trolls rescue him, crawl through the log to the other side.

6. Click to move right. Click on floating log. A seamonster will rise up and bump his head.

7. Pull on the Red, Green and Blue vines (in that order). A chameleon will jump onto the branch.

8. Jump onto the floating log and click on the chameleon’s tongue to get across the water.

9. Click on the bush above to pick the berries.

10. Move to the rock near where the giant’s line is in the water. Click on the berries in your hand to throw them in to attract some fish.

11. You catch a lift on the fish. Click on the mushrooms above the giant’s head to climb up.

12. Pull the lever on the machine. Click on the sparking cogs to kick the machine and knock them off. Repeat until the bridge lowers.

13. Cross bridge. Click on mine cart to push it up the bridge. Cross back over bridge and click lever. Weight of cart will make bridge fall and create steps.

14. Cross over, climb down and climb up track until you reach the goat. Climb back down and round to the cave. Click on the cave to enter.

15. Click on gate to release boulder. Click back on cave and return to track. Climb track.

16. Click on bunny to collect it (click bunny to cuddle it). The eagle will reappear, but the mountain-man will scare it off. Click on feathers to make wings.

17. Click on nest to fly home.

18. Click on bucket to pick it up, click on pump to fill bucket. Take bucket to house. The End.

Original walkthrough here.


Fabian920 said...

You could scratch the giant's back
And kiss mountain man by clicking on them

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read "How to Kongregate: Anika's Odyssey" for a more professional comment on this game!