Saturday, December 8, 2007

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 - Rock for badges!

One of Kongregate's more popular and addicting game just got some badges - poor fingers.

Band Camper Badge (easy - 5 points)
Requirements: Rack up 10 awards points in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

Garage Performer Badge (medium - 15 points)
Requirements: Earn at least 1 perfect medal in an amateur track, and at least bronze on the others in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

Guitar Champion Badge (hard – 30 points)
Requirements: Earn at least 2 perfect pro medals, as well as at least bronze on the rest of "pro" in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Badge (impossible – 60 points)
Earn 72 award points by completing every single track perfectly in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

Tips & Tricks
- Shinki, the creator of SCGMD2, said in his webpage:
“For getting a Pro, you need to: hit every command, fill every hold and NOT HIT ANY KEYS AT THE WRONG TIME.” Sigh.
- Press Tab on the Guitar Selection screen to see all of them, even the locked ones.
- Disable voice (Click on ‘Toggle Voice’ under ‘Ready’ when you are going to start a song). It’s distracting.
- You may like to have a friend to press ASD keys while you press the arrow keys.
- Play the same song till you master it. Practice makes perfect.
- Are you going for Perfect and missed a note? DON'T RESTART. Continue playing the song as if nothing happened to practice the harder parts at the end.

Avoiding lag
- Close any other applications.
- Try going to Catalonia, Istanbul or La Razza chatrooms. They tend to be the less crowded ones, then mute the chat.
- Game shows more lag on FireFox than Internet Explorer 7. However, IE6 is apparently the less-lagging one.
- Always use the default guitar. The others make strange effects when you press the keys, which are distracting and cause lag.
- IMPORTANT. This technique could freeze your computer, make it ultra-slow, as well as speed up the game NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR COMPUTER IS. I'm not responsible of what could this do to your computer, nor Shinki, nor the Kongregate Staff. However, if anything wrong happens, restarting the computer will solve the problem. It requires all previous techniques for avoiding lag at the same time, or everything will screw up. Works with Windows only
Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete (That key could be called Suprime, too. It depends on the keyboard). It will open the Task Manager.
Click on Processes tab.
Right click your browser's process. If you are using Internet Explorer, it should be called IEXPLORE.EXE. If you are using Firefox, it should be firefox.exe.
Once right-clicked, click on Priority.
Click on High. The slowdown starts now. DON'T CLOSE THE TASK MANAGER.
Go to your browser and start playing the game normally. Everything should be slow, except the game :)
To revert the process, right click your process again and set priority to normal.
Top Scores for each song:


Hollywise 7147
This Way (Demo) 11412
Truth or Dare 10737
The Quest of Your Life 7603
Super Mario World Rock 9340
Legend of Zelda Rockin’ 11291
My Heart Up Your Ass 4712
SWiTCH vs Evil-Dog 15423


Broked it 13142
Please (Intro) 16370
Guitar vs Piano 1.2 14125
Rough Tone 16242
Run’n’Gun 39898
Big Blue (F-Zero) 13405
Super Mario World Rock 25580
Legend of Zelda Rockin’ 30710
My Heart Up Your Ass 22540
SWITCH vs Evil-Dog 41636

*This guide is under construction. If you have any tips, videos, or useful information you want to share, don’t worry, I’ll credit you. Leave me a shout or a comment and I’ll add it.*


Anonymous said...

You could always just edit the score while strumming, with a good Hex Editor, to exactly match those that you so nicely provided

Anonymous said...

Could someone upload/link to a perfect savegame?

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the scores dor bronze, silver and gold on every song too?

Focus said...

Anonymous 1.
Actually finding a savegame is hard, due to random numbers in the save file carpet. Also, I wouldn't find it fair.

Anonymous 2.
Well, this is something pretty hard to check - we could ask the developer.

Anonymous said...

Finding the savegame is easy, but it is pretty much the same fairness as when you use a hex editor? I tried doing so, but I did not know what to change.

~Anonymous 1.

Juze said...

Anonymous: Don't be a cheater! You just get banned.

DeadlyMan said...

Focus, it doesn't have to be the exact amount, but about how much for bronze. I need it for the hard badge :|.

BTW, I was Anonymous #1.

Suruma said...

Toggle the quality to low and the game will run a little faster, though it doesn't help much.

Focus said...

Argh, so many anonymous. If you want to be one, please use some symbolic name so I don't get confused. I answered to the wrong person twice.

deadlyman. I will try, however it's hard to find a minimal score for bronze. Getting 1347 it's not the same that getting 2000, but both could be bronze.

suruma. I updated with some more tips for avoid lagging.

Any tip would be appreciated!

Eye of the Tiger said...

I'm just wondering how does this post help at all

Focus said...

Heh, tell me what would help 'at all', I will do it.

JudeMaverick said...

It's graphically intensive. Low Quality and if possible, the option to turn off the distracting circles.

DeadlyMan said...

A non-laggy PC would help, Focus :P

Dexmente said...

i have a question... when does begin the bronze, silver and gold awards from??? i mean, which perceteage, or how many misses made...

Ben said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nab said...


I always lag on the same spot at about 37000 score on switch, and it always skips a note. I'll try IE..

Focus said...

Dex, they are based on score. One miss is likely to be a gold, because the score is still high. However, if you lose your combo all the time, miss notes, press notes when you shouldn't, etc. it's likely to be a bronze or nothing...

And ben, it has been too much for now. I deleted your comment, and any further ones.

Anonymous said...

What, is the "supr." button????

and where is it?

Focus said...

Delete button, under Insert. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I finally for perfect on every single song!

anonym#5 said...

can somebody give us a link / upload a game whit perfect on all songs or a game whic give you the hard badge (2 pro perfect and awards)
or just one whit more than 4 perfects
srry, my bad english

"How to Kongregate" said...

Read "How to Kongregate: Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2" for a more professional comment on this game and the secret to a 72-star-all-perfect!

Anonymous said...

Messing with process manager is not very safe. At least more dangerous than the built-in function of cheat engine.

Anonymous said...

can somebody upload the guitar-seized ? Gives it a .exe data for playing webless?

§jakerman999§ said...

found 2 other ways to reduce lag.

1.close as many programs in the task manager(applications) without closing your browser.

2.right click the icons next to the system clock and close them if it is possible.

Anonymous said...

I think you get bronze at 25% silver at 50% gold at 75% of the total score

Anonymous said...

has ne1 evr gotten perfect on guitar vs. piano? cuz i keep playing it ovr nd ovr nd ovr again nd as far as i can tell i'm hitting all the notes..but evrytime my score is exactly 100 pts off perfect!! wut am i doin wrong?

Anonymous said...

the 3rd game of this is stupid...DON'T PLAY IT.