Friday, December 22, 2006

Focus' Top 10 Flash Games of 2007

It's now my turn to present my Top 10. Before you start reading I must let you know I have a strange liking, so most of the typical top rated games won't be here. Totally unnoticed games could be those that I love!

Here it goes...

10. Oroboros
I completely ignored everyone's complains and enjoyed this game without problems. But what really made this game in the Top 10, is the developer's attittude, who updated his game lots of times based on feedback.

9. Indestruct2Tank
I love the fact of a tank that is constantly being hit by missiles. It's totally reverse than what someone would think. Suicide tank?

8. Nuclear Eagle
When I'm stressed (yes it could happen) I need to hit something, or someone. But the simple idea of an eagle destroying a war tank, well, that's good. You now know the real use of this game.

7. Fold
Innovation is the key to success - and if I made games, I would have never thought of an ant, using a Gravitational Manifold Anomaly Device to avoid obstacles. In the other hand, my opinion: Manifold sounded better.

6. Ether Cannon
If you ask me, I don't like shooters. I usually find them boring. But Ether Cannon pleased me in an unexpected way. Its graphics and shaking gave me the action I never found in any other Flash game, ever.

5. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2
I'm not a rock fan, I don't like guitars, I never played Guitar Hero. But SCGMD2 gave me the opportunity to mash keys and miss a lot of perfects. Really, did you play the first version? It will make you rate this one a 5/5.

4. Warbears
At this moment, this game is a bit old considering three more Warbears games are out and one is coming soon for Christmas. But their humor, action and puzzles make me save the world all the time (and get a badge I already have).

3. Portal: The Flash Version
Although a Flash version will never be as good as one for a new generation console, thinking with Portals showed what is Flash capable of. It creates stuff.

2. Dark Cut 2
If I see blood, I get blue and guilty, and I get totally scared. But Dark Cut 2 is twice better than its predecessor, with more realistic graphics. It has a totally unexpected ending that makes me play it again and again, no matter how many times I won it, or if I faint in front of my computer.

1. Luminara
As I previously said, shooters are not my best, but Luminara is unique in its type. A pixel shooter? Where did we see it before? I can't compare this to anything on Flash games. It really deserves its first place in my Top 10.

Hope you enjoyed my Top 10, as I said before you won't agree with most of them but I did my best to keep you 5 minutes reading it.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Renny said...

Kudos for putting Luminara at the top, Focus! And a Merry Christmas to you too :)

Focus said...

Thanks, Renny!