Friday, December 22, 2006

FRAGM3NT's Top 10 Flash Games of 2007

TOP 10
Here we go for my own top list of games for this great flash year of 2007.

10. Notessimo

Notessimo is a great musical creation game on Kongregate. It allows you to share songs of all kinds and create virtually anything that you can think of. Amazingly put together and highly recommended.

9. Tactics 100

I am a sucker for turn based strategy games. This one being as polished and amazingly beautiful looking as it is sucked me into it's wonderful style and gameplay.

8. Boxhead: 2Play

Now sequels aren't really something I try and focus on, but this one was amazing. It added multiplayer, on the same computer which is always a great thing for me (If it was online it might be up more). It increases socialism in a way Kongregate chat can't.

7. Spin series

Green Orange Red Blue
The spin series was for me an opening to addiction. The simple formula for these games made it so easy to get sucked in and just enjoy every second of trying to get a higher score.

6. Bubble Tanks

Bubble Tanks is a great growing game that involved me in such a large world. I loved being able to choose where I went even if they had the same enemies. Seeing my tank grow was also really interesting.

5. Cosmic Crush

Cosmic crush is one of those games that'll make you so mad because you can't get to that next level. This growth game is simply beautiful and it's a very genuine game for flash.

4. Monsters' Den

Monsters' Den, a breathtakingly well done RPG for flash. Character creation is great as there are so many stats that you can mess around with or simply not, depending on what equipment you get of course.

3. Sensuo

Sensou, hmm another turn based strategy game, told you I loved these things. One thing I loved as a child, Risk. Sensou is modeled after Risk and is really one of my favorite pastime games of all time.

2. Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash simply amazes me as the amount of stuff it contains. It's one of the greatest flash games of all time for me and it couldn't be cooler. All of the characters its like my greatest dream ever.

1. Kongregate Racing

Kongregate Racing is the beginning in a growing amount of Kongregate multiplayer games. So in a due to it's credit and it's creator Jiggmin I congratulate Kongregate Racing as the number one game of 2007. With its many nostalgic moments during the pinnacle of it's release, there was no way to not love this game before.


Focus said...

I knew I would appear somewhere, this time I did in Boxhead. :P

I repeat my note to writers: Everyone use the same title!

Focus said...

Oh, and I see you are the blog owner :P, I posted my Top 10 4 hours after you and it's under your post. :'(

Malachi said...

Focus, go to options and you can change the time of your post. If you don't, it will post at the time you started writing it.

FRAGM3NT said...

well actually these posts are all going to be consolidated into a big ole.. top tens from COCAK post (with links to the original articles with the time not correct so they aren't cluttering the front page)