Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top Ten Timed-Out Classics

While many of these little kids in COCAK share you their favorites, I don't think why I should follow suit. You know, you can check their favorites :P Instead, I'll show you ten sleeper-hits and why they should rock instead of being a failure (A sleeper hit is a game that fails although it's actually pretty good). I will rank them according to how great it is. For example, six.

Note: Timed out means the connection to the internet is too slow and resetted. Just in case you guys are not as 1337 as me :P

The List of Sleeper Hits:


Clubby The Seal

Why: Instead of clubbing a seal, why don't you club eskimos and get money out of their skin?


Dice Mogul

Why: It has a Monopoly-type of game and it's actually the first game I've played in Kongregate :D


Cosmic Crush

Why: This game is similar to Asteroids Revenge III but you get to make Earth and no ships. Big planets included.


No Comment!

Why: This game shows why paparazzi are hated by actors and actresses alike. Paris Hilton excluded though. Made by Fancy Pants dude.



Why: A simple real estate game that shows you this simple business solution: Buy low, Sell High.



Why: If you want to get annoyed because you have no siblings, play this game. Grinding teeth and crazy! Has a badge.


Hyper Square

Why: Based on the movie, Cube, this game places you on a place where physics are useless. Includes the beta-testing of me.



Why: You get to pop hotcorns. Simple and fun. Made by that monkey guy who wants you to shoot balloons.


Fugitive Takedown

Why: You get to take down the bad guys or run away from the cops. Freakin' awesome!


Flight of the Bumblebee

Why: It's made up of cool sprites and is a music game. The music is the well-fabled classical song and is the same name as the game. Only you little kids don't understand why classical music rocks.

Conclusion: Little kids like action games such as MAD: Mutual Assured Destruction and Thing-Thing Arena 2. They need to learn to appreciate better games instead of mindlessly killing people.

Anyway, Ciao!


Malachi said...

I don't know what all that rambling was at the top, but nice list. I haven't played half of those!

JudeMaverick said...

Go play it then. And then, donate to me by playing any of my awesome games :P

The rambling on top serves as a weird intro to my list. To make it clear, this list is more unique than the COCAKers.

Ketchupyoshi said...

I guess I will try some of those games. lol

Sylicas said...

Funny, I thought you'll be putting Rocketattack on the list.

Guess I was wrong lololol.

Focus said...

The bumblebee one rocks. I love it. (And I played it before)

JudeMaverick said...

Rockettack ownz.