Thursday, December 28, 2006

Milskidasith's Top Ten Flash Games of 2007

#10: 3D Logic 2. A good 'ole fashion puzzle game that is well made, nice looking, and has a fairly clever rotation system. My only complaint is that the difficulty of some levels are way higher or lower than it should be.

#9: Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy. An impressive online game, and although I have not followed the updates recently, it probably still seems to have no real goal and gets old to most at around 800 kills. The weapons are nice and varied and the graphics are nice.

#8: Momentum Missle Mayhem 2. A great game with a nice concept, but the framerate gets pretty bad even on the fastest computers. On the plus side, it is graphically impressive and has an awesome upgrade system.

#7: Bowmaster Prelude. A great game graphically and it has great upgrade system, but it takes forever to win and you can buy everything halfway through the game.

#6: Portal: The Flash Version. An awesome puzzle game which actually has some fairly funny writing. The only problem with the game is that there is not a Weighted Companion Cube reference.

#5: Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2: A great rythm game (If you don't have the mega lag) which is fun to play even after getting a perfect on everything.

#4: Dolphin olympics 2. Nice sound, goopd graphics, cool time system (though I never remember 11 PM sunsets....) and it has a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. What more could you ask for? (besides a Restraunt at the End of the Universe that looked like the one in the book)

#3: Bloons Tower Defense 2. Monkey's stopping the annihilation of all ballons attempting to pass, with a pretty well balanced tower and upgrade system. It is one of, if not the most, strategic and fun on the rails TD game (on the rails meaning the enemies follow a set path).

#2: DTD 1.5. Amazing balance. Tons of game modes. This game, while weak graphically, sets the higehst possible standard for a well balanced and fun tower defense game. Preecep, you make some great games!

#1: Caravaneer. While many don't like this game, what I see is a game with fairly nice graphics, a great amount of work into balancing and the depth and choices of weapons (greater than DTD, in fact) a great story for a flash game, and a good econemy system and enemy AI. This game would be good enough to be a console game, with some polish on the graphics and a nice ending.

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Anonymous said...

Great top ten, although I would love to see more flash puzzle games ;-)