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Syl's Top 10 Flash Thingys

So anyway, welcome to another blablabla Top 10 thingies. You should know it, it's where each Cocak member tries to put up a Top 10 of something and then after that leave it.

After tons of thinking about which game to put, I have deviced a Top 10 that only me,myself, and I is gonna read because you other peeps would prolly' ignore it in favour of electronic guitars. Well, let's get started.

With specific Awards to the 10 winners! And the awards were made like as if these 10 games were the only ones! (Yes, that means I don't really care about that thing there which isn't in my list. ) (It's under my terms anyway :P)

10. Kong Racing

Award : Best Simple Flash Multiplayer Game.
Kongregate Racing is prolly one of my favourite games in here. Last time, there were A.LOT of people playing this game here, as it was pretty much exclusive to Kongregate. Of course, it gradually lost popularity, but sometimes there might be a few people...
9. Particles

Award : Best Simplistic Game Award ( or if you like, most annoying game if put under challenge)
Particles. That name is probably the freaking reason why I wasted a lot of time on it. Sure, under challenge circumstances, it's straining. As in the type of "OMFG I GET 237 SECS, WTFFF" during the Circles of Death points challenge (expect to hear those two words more.)

But when played without constraints, this game is one of the most simplistic games, added with Dimrain47's music in it :D.

8. MindScape

Award: Best Confusion Award.
MindScape. A game filled with confusion on how you got into Candy Meadows, then go to some Mechanical place, and then to some hellish place which looks like a part of 1213 (a game by Yahtzee. Ya, that guy who does those non-stop reviews.)
It's a typical platformer, only added with confusing turns which defy the word "typical". You will know what I'm talking about.
7. More Mindless Violence

Award: Best Flash Game to vent out your flusteration.
What better way to vent your flusteration out on a few bugs? Pew-pew here, pew-pew there, rinse and repeat!
Of course, there IS a plot. You aren't shooting bugs coming out for nowhere for nothing you know. What? Overkill? Impossible. They have over 1k bugs on you. And they steal your weapons. Same ol' same ol'.
6. Oroboros

Award : Best Flash game for Atmosphere.
This game wins for the fact that it's something like snake (You eat stuff with your mouth.), added with a few enemies, with some tactics on how to kill them (or not.). Yes, it sounds really boring up-front.
But for the fact that this game has amazing graphics , a bit of a space-like sound-track, it's like the above paragraph doesn't sound like the game at all!
Onto Top 5!
5. Luminara

Award : Best Flash game to see particles. Alot.

WHEE, PEW PEW PEW! Boom, oooh, squares! omg, get a buddy to help you! OMFG LAZER BEAM BOOOOOOM. OH YAY, x3..OH CRA- *crashes into a red circle*

Enough with that, this game is a fast-paced shooter in which you avoid stuff and shoot stuff to see some particles. Oooh, shiny.

4. Areas

Award : Most Simplistic Flash Game (we don't know if this is strategy OR a shooter...)

Areas is a game in which there are no text. No clicks. No colour. What's left? A shooter. Or so it is.

This game is simple : Just drag the thing around and make sure you don't get squished. Of course, it gets better. And it is still fun after level 45 in which you find different tactics to destroy these...circles before they suffocate you. Fun, AND simple!

omg, top 3

3. Amberial

Award : I'll think of one.

Amberial is a game which is simple. Bounce to the main goal. Simple!

And do stuff in between. With switches / Evil Red Stuff / Gravity and more!

2. Capsules

Award : Best Flash Game not much played.
I bet half of you don't know this game. Am I right? Move along!
This is a puzzle game. Collect the blue dot with whatever you're controlling (usually a yellow ball). The yellow ball can't hit any red stuff, or it'll die. Simple idea?

Try the game. You'll be surprised how many variations of it is there. From controlling two yellow balls to rushing from place to place so that you don't die, towards racing, and then... bonus levels.

Unfortunately, most people get put off after playing a few minutes because it IS hard. To bypass that, I give you... "abracadabra" (type that in to unlock all levels) [Greg, include this in next next Picks, kthx :P)

And Top 1 is...

1. LightSprites

Award : Best Game Syl Played.

omg, fun. It's pretty simple, really. Run around and use the spheres you're trusted with to create life. However, the wrong sphere could effectively kill a person.

Of course, they seem to hate you for the fact you must throw them down, making sure you don't miss at all. Well, that's life. ALWAYS. When making enough people on a "island", that place gains a mark (barnhouses to temples to more) to show that it's unified.

This game shows of a lot of peacefulness between people, as generally everyone is happy whenever you do things correctly! (which gives you a sense why you keep on doing this. Believe me, it works when you don't realise.)

And yes, this game housed the last Points Challenge. I still miss them. That's why I keep playing this game, hoping I could get at least 24k of these silly points just in case Greg didn't put any in "by accident" :D.


Woo, that's everyone of them! From Bouncing/ Avoiding Circles to Squashing Bugs on Insanity Isle on Crack, we can only hope there's moar good games in 2008. See ya guys next year on the new domain! (or at least the last challenge guide soon...see ya there!)

~Syl Logs : 27/12/07

Process: Enabled.

Subject : Has gone to rest.

Message: Gtfo, I'm trying to sleep D:

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