Thursday, January 31, 2008

2k8 Month Recap: January v 0.something!

A recap on what has happened in Kong during January! :D

( Covers almost anything important. But I might have missed some stuff. )

Kongregate Related (excludes forums and badges.) -

Jan 1st [Tues] - We survived to the New Years! YAY! (awesome)

Jan 2nd [Wed] - The header's were reverted from Felix's and Mario's to the boring red one. Geez. ( News )

Jan 3rd / 4th (Depending on Time-zone) - Challenge Day.
Challenge #43 - Spreadsheer Seduction
Earns Zina, the Beast Mistress card.

Jan 4th [Fri] - Weekly Contest #GregHelpMeWithThis ends. (contest)

Winner - Paladin The Game
Runner-up 1 - Super Saimon Deluxe
Runner-up 2 - Starcraft FA 5

Jan 5th - 8th [ Sat - Tues ] - Nothing happens (awesome).

Jan 9th [Wed] - Greg finally announces last month's winners, and two weekly contests, and said "It was a slow week" on Idle 2 ( News )

Jan 10th/11th - Challenge Day.
Challenge #44 - Hanging Chad
Earns Reinforced Breastplate card

Jan 11th [Fri] - Weekly Contest #GHMWT ends. (Contest)

Winner - Filler
Runner-Up 1 - Achilles
Runner-Up 2 - Vector

Jan 12th - 16th [Sat - Wed] - Nothing happened (again, awesome)

Jan 17th/18th - Challenge Day (challenge)
Challenge #45 - Confronting Claustorphobia
Earns Tiger's Claw card.

Jan 17th [ Thurs ] The Search System is finally fixed, and you can find your friends with an email locator. Awesome? ( News )

Jan 18th [Fri]- Kongregate wins the Crunchies Awards! (awesome)
Weekly Contest #GHMWT ends. (Contest)

Winner - Fancy Pants World 2 (not surprisingly)
Runner-up 1 - Stormwinds 1.5
Runner-up 2 - Bounce

Jan 19th - Jan 23rd - And again, nothing happened! (super awesome)

Jan 24th and 25th - Challenge Day.
Challenge #46 - Deja Vu (Guide not out)
Earns Vanessa Voss, the Daywalker card.

Jan 25th [ Fri] - Weekly Contest #GHMWT ends.

Winner - Don't know
Runner-up 1 - Don't know.
Runner-up 2 - Don't know.

Greg releases news post about previous 2 week's winners. ( News )

Jan 26th - 30th [Sat - Wed] Andddd...NOTHING HAPPENS (schweet)

Jan 31st - Feb 1st - Challenge Day.
Challenge #47 - ??? (not out yet)
Earns ??? Card.

Jan 31st - Monthly Contest ends. (M.Contest)

Winner - Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 (Unless something miraculous happens.)
2nd - 10th - ???

More recaps would be held soon. Anyone can help with their recaps by whispering me the recap. Toodles.

~Syl Logs

Signs -

News = News
Contest = Contest
M.Contest = Monthly Contest.
GHMWT = Greg, help me with this!
Awesome / Schweet = Truly Awesome stuff.

I'll add in Badges if I could, but I need to know the dates when released.
Psss: This is mah stuff, don't try replicate it you other editors


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The green is killing my retina... too.bright,

Zantier said...

yeah, the colour for links really does need to be darkened a bit =/

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