Saturday, February 2, 2008

Timed-Out Classics: Ep. 1 - Pilot

Based on the top 10 list by me, I will review one of my ol' time favorites.

VICTIM #1: Game #1: Agent Wing Defenders Final by lan14n

This game may not look epic but it can be classified as awesome.


I found a game that match something to the name of the episode and it's awesome. You get to beat up Godzilla and pwn some other enemies. Sorry Fancy Pants, no spiders.


The graphics are very anime-ish and is pretty cool espicially the animation.


The gameplay is simple. You shoot like that old side-scrolling shooter games you used to play in the arcade. But when it come to bosses, you have to think... It's like Legend of Zelda with planes and definitely without that annoying Navi. The fast-paced action will throb your heart a lot.


The music is suited for this kind of fast-paced game. And as a Newgrounder, I loved the music artist's music. This is just one of the few reasons girls should be the dominating gender.

Music's Defletion by ParagonX9


It's epic and you need to play it. Stop playing WoW and play this for a break from WoW :D

Timed-Out Connection:

This is a special rating for this series of reviews. It will show how old is this game before I get a successful connection (For those who aren't tech-savvy, timed out means that the browser you're in "exhausted" itself from connecting, mainly because it takes too long). So "review date" - "game published" = "score"

2008-02-02 - 2007-04-15 = 9 months, 17 days old before successful connection.

It's time to end the episode. Thanks!


Constructive criticism is encouraged

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NorthernPolarity said...

less bias please xD When I played it, it was fun, but a little too easy due to the shield mechanic. The ending was great though.