Friday, February 8, 2008

Game of the week #2

Did I forget to mention that last week didn't have any games that I would qualify as game of the week, and that I couldn't rely on FRAGM3NT's games of the day to figure out any good games (I didn't look that much).

Anyway, this Game of the week is Protector!

Also, there are no screenshots this time, my computer with Vista's is temporarily broken.

Anyway, on to the review!

Protector is... an interesting combination. And a very good one. A tower defense game with an RPG like growth for the "towers" (Even if the options are fairly limited and the EXP is just a way to prevent you from buying up the rather cheap upgrades). But it is great. I take back my previous statements that Bloons Towere Defense 2 is the best tower defense game on the rails ever made. I am somewhat rethinking my stance on DTD as the best flash TD game ever made, though this game's lack of strategy changes puts me off a slight bit (even though it is fairly easy to pave lots of squares, there is usually one good build for a map without many variations).

But for a short rundown of all things:

Graphics: The enemies, towers, and the environment look great (though I liked the upgradeable appearance of the mages from Defender) but the attacks and the blood are fairly lackluster. It looks good enough to play, and it is just a flash game, so no harm done.

Gameplay: It works fine, and the first paragraph gets the point across nicely.

Sound: Not bad. The music is nice and the SFX are pretty good. It is good enough for me.

I know this review was much shorter than my other game of the week review, but Stormwinds is an exceptional game. You can find great tips for this game on the very detailed guide by NorthernPolarity here at COCAK. Also, a shameless plug for coming out fits here rather nicely.

Final score: 8.5/10.


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Paulo C said...

If your computer has Vista I would say it's permanently broken...

Protector is great. If I had to say something, I would say the colors could be a little less dark, a little more briliant.

steve said...

XV.Ominous Shrine (Southeast40 wave medium marathon - the one on the bigish island)

couldnt get this to fly with the notes here. Ended up putting archers on the corners of the middle ring, and putting a pair of each color mage on the ends (2 are in the walk, needed 2 more pairs)