Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Protector Walkthrough

Argh! I have been hit by the protector addiction bug, can't....stop.... playing. Well, since i'm trying to beat the entire game, i might as well record what worked for me on certain maps, to help everyone else. This is a work in progress, and will be updated as i go through the game. Due to blogger being screwy with fonts, I will update the fonts AFTER i go through the entire thing.

BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE SKILL POINTS THAT I HAVE. I've gotten reports of people losing maps that i didn't have a single problem with, which might mean that they don't have ultimate mastery or something. Be sure that you have the skill points that i am using for the map.


Protector is a tower defense game, like DTD, except the towers gain experience when attacking or killing something, and need experience to be able to level. When a tower levels, you can pick between upgrading it's special attack and giving it a little more power (specialist), or upgrading its power by a lot (generalist). If you upgrade 5 levels of generalist, you get an extra 1 range added to your tower, and if you max it out as a generalist, you get more speed.

In this walkthrough, I'll basically be playing through the game, and posting what works for me. Since all basic towers are the same power-wise if you upgrade them pure generalist, I will take advantage of the specific enemy types in the level to decide which towers to get.

Look at the Protectodex or whatever (accessible from the main menu) for anything related to what the towers do and whatnot.

Badges: I'll add a prettier section later, but the easiest maps to do them on is burning pass or the easy marathon. Burning Pass is quicker: all i did was start with 2 poison guys at the very beginning of the map, and build all the units in order, while upgrading the 2 poison guys near the entrances.


* Well, i skipped the first level, and apparently if you skip it, you don't get the skill point from it. Therefore, the first 13 sections (from the beginning to XIII.Ominous Shrine) have one less skill point than you guys should have. Put it somewhere logically.

**If a particular strat doesn't work, be sure that you have the important skill points needed (basically the later levels that need ultimate mastery). If it still doesn't work, leave a comment.

I. Homegard Keep


Just build some red guys in the middle and upgrade them. You don't need a walkthrough for this.

II. Village of Shaven

Skill Build:

1.Fire Focus

First things first, click on the skill tab next to the map tab on the level select screen, and put a point into "fire focus". Please note the "Re-assign Skill Points, which lets you repick your skills. Since we're going to be swapping around skills often, I'll just list the skills i used for each level, and you redistribute them according to that.


1. Start by building the 3 fire mages in the very middle, then move your way up, while trying to build things evenly (wait for 50 gold, then build a set of fire mages evenly). Don't upgrade anything yet.

2.When you've completed the layout, you can start aiming for upgrading the purple guys to level 3, with each level going into the specialist area (for 20% lightning special). You can also do some 1st level 10g upgrades for the red mages if you wish (go pure generalist).

3.When you have finished upgrading your purple guys to level 3, start to upgrade the red guys until you can't. When you have tons of gold, you can upgrade the purple guys again (the 50g upgrade), and you should make it through without losing a single life.

III.Village of Skipper

Skill Build:

1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling


1. Start by building 3 red guys in the middle square, and the purple guy up top. Upgrade the Purple to level 2 (go specialist), then start adding more red guys, and complete the build.

2. Now, start upgrading the red guys to level 2 (the 10g one), adding into generalist for the reds. When most of them are upgraded to level 2, upgrade the purple guy to level 3 (adding into specialist). Then start upgrading the red guys to level 3 (going into generalist).

**At level 10, I leaked the fire resist boss, but that was the only life i lost following this strat.

3.By this point, you should have enough gold to upgrade whenever you can, so just upgrade whoever levels from now on (add into specialist for purple, and generalist for red).

4. You should have a lot of gold at around level 19, So if you want, at level 20 you can just start building red guys everywhere, and pave roads for new ones. It's doable with my original layout though.

IV. Shoreview Inn

Skill Build
1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling, Fire Specialism


1. Start off by building the 2 red mages marked with orange mullets, and one red guy with a pink mullet. Add the other pinky when you have the money. Upgrade the pinkys pure specialist, and upgrade the oranges pure generalist.

2.Upgrade them evenly, and add the purple mage when you feel like it (i did it between upgrading the red guys from level 2 to 3). Upgrade the purple mage when it levels.

3.At around level 12ish (more or less), you should be stuck with around 200 gold and no one to upgrade.Proceed to filling the entire map with red guys (replace the green and blue guys in my picture with red), and upgrade the new red guys pure specialist.

V.The Lighthouse:

Skill Build:
1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling
2.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


0.Using this strategy, i was left with 8 lives: way too close for comfort. I would suggest replacing the fire skill points into Aspiring Archer, and Archery. If you do this, play like normal, but instead of wasting your money on paving and dexers, just pave and make archers instead (near the beginning of the level, before your middle red guy pack). If you do this, you'll easily take down the hard air levels.

1. Start off with the two red guys on the middle platform. Upgrade them to level 2 (generalist), then get the 2 green guys near the entrance, and upgrade them to level 2 (specialist) Then fill the remaining 4 spots on the middle platform, and add the 2 purple guys. Start to upgrade everyone (red=generalist, purple+green=specialist). You might want to consider not upgrading the greens past level 2 or 3 at the start to let everyone else get exp. Upgrade as soon as they level.

2. At level 13, you should have a lot of gold. Build the dexers on the remaining spots of land below the middle. Again, you should have plenty of gold: i had 300 at level 18.

3. At level 20, pave those spots of land, and add dexers (the dexers are marked by pink mullets)

4.At level 30, you can just pave the rest of the path with dexers (i have some path paved in my drawing as an example. The boss was leaked still.

Notable Later Levels:
Level 25: Boss
Level 30:Boss
Level 33: Fire absorbing skulls... -29 lives
Level 35: leaked twice, air boss
Level 40: leaked necromancer boss

VI.Mainland Mines

Skill Build:

1.Aspiring Archer, Archery
2.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher

0.I forgot to screencap before i finished, so i replicated the final layout at an early level. The pink spot is where the archer should be.

1. Start by making two red guys in the middle. When you have 50g, make the 2 purple guys. Upgrade the red guys GENERALIST, and the purple guys SPECIALIST as soon as they level. Upgrade the reds whenever they level, and the purple guys to level 2 for now.

2.At level 6: upgrade your red mages to level 4 as soon as they level. Once you have the gold after leveling, immediately build the red mage on the bottom platform. I barely survived this level with no leaks: this is important, so try to not leak any.

** on second thought, it might be better to build dexers in front of your red mages instead. So build the dexers at the start of the level, instead of upgrading one mage to level 4. Upgrade a mage to level 4 during the level when you get the gold.

3.At level 8, go ahead and build the 2 green guys on the top platforms. these will be going SPECIALIST. Start to upgrade everything when they level, focusing on the red then green then purple in that order.

4.After getting your red mages to level 5, green to level 3, and electric to level 3, start saving up for an archer. (the bottom red mage is probably still level 1).
Upgrade your dexers GENERALIST to level 2.
I was able to buy one at the beginning of level 15, with all my towers leveled up.

*Level 15: if i didn't have the archer, i might have leaked.

5.Upgrade your units like usual(go SPECIALIST for your archer).
The rest of the levels are air, so upgrade your archer, and you should be fine. Spend your remaining gold on random units for level 20.

*I leaked a bunch of guys level 16, but the archer took care of the later levels.

VII.Collo Shipyard

Skill Build:
1.Teacher,Exceptional Teacher
2.Fire Focus,Fire Channeling,Fire Specialism
3.One free point for anything (I put it into Paver)


0.Replicated again, forgot to screencap... 4 square is outlined in blue, the bottom 2 refer to the most bottom left ones.

1.Start with the bottom 2 red guys on the "4 square on the bottom". Upgrade the 4 square reds GENERALIST to level 2. Then, get the purple guy near the bottom, and two more red guys at the bottom, completing the 4 square. Upgrade them like usual.

2. When the bottom 2 reds and the purple are level 3. and the top 2 reds are level 2, make the four red guys at the choke point in the middle. These are the "choke" reds, and are upgraded SPECIALIST. Also add a purple guy at the very top. Upgrade like usual...

*Leaked the level 10 boss once.

3.By level 13, most of your choke reds should be level 4, and almost everything should be leveled up. Just upgrade like usual, and you should win (I leaked the last boss with like 20hp, spend your remaining gold at level 15 on an extra red mage tower or something.

VIII.The Burning Pass

Skill Build:
1.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4.Aspiring Archer, Archery


Forgot to screencap again... Build the archer in the pink space (pave it.)

1.Starting from the inside, build inside out. Try to let the middle guys get as much experience as they can before building the outer guys, or they'll be exp starved later on. U pgrade all of these guys GENERALIST.

2.When it looks like you need to build more in order to survive, just start paving and building more green guys, and that one archer in the middle.

*lost 2 lives at level 13, the "poison resist" level, which can be easily solved by building one archer in the middle.

IX.The Rat Trap

Skill Build:
1.Mushroom Grower, OneUp Farmer
2.Dexer Popularity, Dexer Mastery, Antanomical Wisdom, Ultimate Dexer
3.1 Free (Teacher isn't needed..)

1.Start by building the dexers in the middle, and work your way outwards. Focus on upgrading the ones in the middle (but not the 2 in the very center), and the ones that can hit the most area. Upgrade dexers GENERALIST.

X.Stones of Wonder

Skill Build:
1.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
2.Energy Focus, Energy Channeling, Energy Specialism
3.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling, Poison Specialism

1.Start by building the red mullets, then the white ones, then the blue ones. The red/blue mullets are 2 pairs of green/purple guys. The blue mullet at the very top is a green guy. Upgrade the reds and the blues specialist, upgrade everyone else GENERALIST.

2.Upgrade your specialist guys first, then you can upgrade your generalists at around level 4 or so. Upgrade like usual...

3.When you have a decent amount of gold (100 ish) and nothing to upgrade, fill up the remaining tiles with purple guys (GENERALIST). Upgrade, etc.

4.When you have more money, start paving and building purple mages (GENERALIST) on the narrow middle strip of land. During level 19, i had it all paved and filled with mages.

*Leaked the last level once.

XI.Underground Passage

This Underground Passage strat is entirely Pauloc's (I just copy pasted); as evidenced by the nice numbers and use of frost mages, but i added the skill build. It worked flawlessly for him, and should be really effective.

Skill Build:
1.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
2.Focus and Channeling for all the mage colors.


1) Place those two first. These are purple GENERALISTS and should not be upgrade past level 4;
2) These are blue GENERALISTS, put them during the first wave (as soon as you can put both - I don't like uneven upgrades)

- During levels 2 and 3 upgrade the four mages (generalists) to level 2

3) Two blue SPECIALISTS, at level 4
4) Two green SPECIALISTS at level 5

- At level 5, upgrade the purple guys to level 3

5) Two red SPECIALISTS at level 5 or 6

- Upgrade the blue SPECIALISTS (3)
- Upgrade the green SPECIALISTS (4) as soon as they level

6 and 7) The reds are GENERALISTS and the green are SPECIALISTS

This is the final layout. I won the level without losing a single life and without adding anymore mages.

XII.Vast Forest

Skill Build:
1.Energy Focus, Energy Channeling, Energy Specialism
2.Aspiring Archer, Archery
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4.Persuader, Maniuplator
5.Paver, Master Paver


o.I messed up by getting green guys: there's only one electric resist level, while theres plenty of green resist and poison immune levels. Due to the early levels being weak to electric, you shouldn't have to upgrade as much to do the same amount of damage. Simply replace the green guys with purple guys.

1. Begin by making 5 purple mages. The ones with pink mullets should be SPECIALIST, the others GENERALIST. Now, your goal here is to level up as few times as possible. We are going to be rushing for an archer. If it looks like you can't survive the next level, level some stuff up, but otherwise, try to spend as little money as possible. Try not to level your generalist purple guys past level 2, but continue leveling your specialist purple guys. (My placement might have been a little bad)

2.When you get 250g, buy your first archer, and place it in the middle. Upgrade your archers all SPECIALIST to level 4 (your last upgrade should be the 116g upgrade). As soon as one of your archers hits level 4, don't upgrade it anymore.

3.Buy another archer, place it according to the picture(I paved some tiles), level it to four, and repeat the process. My strategy in the picture was sorta different, so if you have enough money for an extra archer, go ahead and put another one down.

I don't level my archers past four because it's more cost effective.
*8: 3 leaked.
*9: leaked one.

XIII.Ominous Shrine(Southeast medium 25 wave one)

Skill Build:
1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling
2.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4. 6 Free Points (I recommend 3 into Energy and 3 into Dexer)


0.Ignore the red/blue mages in the top part up there. Replace with dexers.

1.Start by filling the lower row of the bottom island, with green and red mages so they make a checkerboard pattern. Don't upgrade any of these mages. Then, get the 2 purple guys in the middle edges , and fill the remaining row on the island like you did at the start.

2.Upgrade your units evenly, and do the purple guys first. Upgrade the purple guys SPECIALIST, and the one on the island GENERALIST.

3.Wave 17, you should have plenty of gold, build a bunch of dexers at the bottom part of the level, while upgrading like usual.

4.Wave 22: go ahead and fill the top part of the level with dexers.

XIV.The World's Spine

Skill Build:
1.Fire/Cold/Poison/Electric Focus
Fire/Cold/Poison/Electric Channeling
3.Poison Specialism
4.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
5.Mushroom Grower, 1up Mushroom


0.Replace all the generalist green guys (not the specialist ones at the very very top) with other colors. There are 2 green absorb rounds in this level, and a blue absorb boss at the very end.
The pink mullet guys are the 8 generalist guys mentioned in step 1. The white mullet guys at the top at the green specialists.

1.Start by evenly making the 2 guys at the very bottom, and add the next 2, working bottom up. Now, upgrade these 8 guys (all GENERALIST).

2.At wave 4, be sure to have 40g (I had 2 guys that needed upgrading), and add the 2 green guys at the very start, upgrade them SPECIALIST.

3.Upgrade like usual, doing your backline first. Don't upgrade your top green guys to level 3.
At level 10, start filling up the rest of the level with mages. These should all be upgraded GENERALIST. Then, start upgrading (you can do your green guys too), focusing on your backline.

*Leaked the last boss once with a balenced build.

XV.Ominous Shrine (Southeast40 wave medium marathon - the one on the bigish island)

Skill Build:
1.Poison Focus
2.Energy Focus, Energy Channeling, Energy Specialization
3.All 4 dexer skills.
4.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
5.Aspiring Archer, Archery


0.Upgrade all the dexers GENERALIST, the archers SPECIALIST, and the purple and green guys SPECIALIST. Build the outer ring dexers from the purple mages going outwards. Build the inner ring dexers the same way. I build archers by most western one, most northern one, most southern one, most eastern one.

1.Start with 4 dexers in corner, add green and purple guys. Up them all to level 2 (remember to upgrade the purple and green guys specialist: very important)

2.Save up for an archer (6 levels or so), and buy it immediately. Get it up to level 3, upgrade purple guys to level 4.

3.Buy another archer, and upgrade it to level 3.

4.Now, fill the inner ring with dexers (you should have it by level 13.)

5.Buy another archer. Upgrade it.

6.Level 17- Upgrade your one archer to level 4, and your poison guys to level 4. I had 2 level 4 archers and 1 level 1 archer.

7.Fill half of the outer ring with dexers, and upgrade your 1 level 1 archer to level 3. Build another archer.

8.Upgrade your purple guys, and your archers. Only upgrade your archers to level 4 (when they have the exp needed to do so).

9.At wave 22- finish up your outer dexer ring, and upgrade your green guys to level 5. Upgrade your dexers to level 2.

* leaked 2 at level 26.

10. Now remember the initial 4 dexers you had? After upgrading most of the dexers to level 2, start upgrading those to their highest level. After, pick the archer with the most experience, and upgrade him to the max. Do this for all your archers, one by one.

11.After upgrading your archers (I had level 7,6,5,4), start upgrading your dexers on the inner ring. Upgrade the purple/green mages when they level.
*Level 35 Leaked the boss by like 400hp, upgrade the level 4 archer to level 5.

12. When your inner ring dexers are maxed out, upgrade the dexers near your purple mages. Stronger archers aren't needed after level 35.

XVI.Ominous Shrine(Hard 25 wave)

Skill Build
1.Get Ultimate Mastery and everything needed to get it.


1.Start with the two purple guys at the very top near the entrance. go SPECIALIST on these guys. Then, start building the setup from bottom up. Level up the purple specialists often. Once you finish the set up, start leveling all the mages evenly GENERALIST. Upgrade bottom up.

2.When you have plenty of gold and ntohign to upgrade, pave tiles and make more mages. I made dexers.

XVII.Pass of Karnagh

Skill Build:
1.Ultimate Mastery


1.Build your units from the bottom up. Add the purple guys in the white mullets early. Upgrade the white mullets SPECIALIST. Upgrade everyone else generalist. Get a good amount of mages before you start upgrading anyone. Once you've filled all the initial paved tiles with mages, upgrade them, again going bottom up.

*leaked level 20

2.At level 23, you should have tons of gold, so go ahead and pave, to make more mages, like i did.

*leaked level 25.

XVIII.Twin Islands

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


1. Build your base bottom up, upgrade everyone GENERALIST, while upgrading the white mullets SPECIALIST. Don't upgrade anyone until you've finished putting mages on all the paved tiles.

2.Upgrade your units bottom up. At level 17, you should have plenty of gold. Pave the entrance, and add more mages.
*leaked last boss once.

XIX.Coastal City

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


1.Build your base bottom up, upgrade everyone GENERALIST, while upgraidng the white mullets SPECIALIST. Don't upgrade anyone until you've finished putting mages on all the paved tiles.

2.Upgrade your units bottom up. At level 22, you should have plenty of gold. Pave, and add more mages.

XX.Stonefield Border

This strategy is almost entirely hazeravens, with some minor modifications, and being a tad more specific on when to upgrade.

Skill Build:
1.Ultimate Mastery
2.Full Dexer Upgrades


0.I tried purple specialists in the beginning, but they didn't do much. Replace them with fire mages.

1. Start with the 2 blue mages with pink mullets. Add in the blue mages with the white mullets as soon as you can. Upgrade all your units in this level GENERALIST. Level the first two mages to level 2.

2.Add in the dexers to the island closest to the entrance, then add the 6 fire mages. Afterwards, add the 6 ice mages behind them. At this point, your front line should be killing everything. Don't upgrade any thing in the front (the fire/purple mages and dexers). Start upgrading anything behind those guys.

3.After level 12, add the 2 dexers on the second island. You can upgrade these too. At level 14, max out the 2 dexers in the front.

4.After level 15, you can upgrade everything at the entrance.
*leaked once on last level.

XXI.Ominous Shrine (40 wave medium marathon, the small one in the snow)

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
Paver, Master Paver
1 Free Point


1. Upgrade everything GENERALIST, but upgrade get the pink mulleted purple guys SPECIALIST. Start with the red mage marked with a blue mullet. Then, start building mages evenly branching out both ends.(so these guys get more exp) Feel free to add the mages on the little "islands" whenever you want. Feel free to upgrade the pink mullets a level or two before you complete the ring.

2. When you complete the ring, upgrade everyone, starting from the bottom up (like how you build the ring). Finish leveling everyone on the bottom half before you start working on the guys on the top half. You can upgrade the purple specialists first if you wish.
*leaked 3 on level 26.

3.The picture stops here. After you've upgraded everything, start paving and making more mages (Level 38 for me). Have them evenly distributed between red/green/blue mages. Don't make any purple mages.

XXII.Unknown Ruins:

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Paver, Master Paver
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
2 Free Points


1.Upgrade everything GENERALIST. Start by putting 4 fire mages on all the tiles.

2. Start paving and building fire mages on the land between the 2 pairs of fire mages. Build them from the fire mage farther from the exit downwards. Build both lanes evenly.

3. You should have this set up completed by level 6. Start upgrading your mages from top to bottom. Always upgrade the mages on top first before doing the mages on the bottom so everyone gets exp.

4.Wave 13 is a little tight:be sure you spend your gold as soon as you get it.

5.The picture ends here. At level 20, i had some extra gold, so wait for the boss to come, then pave some tiles on the strip of land closer to his side, and build some red mages.

XXIII.Evil Stronghold

Skill Build
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
5 free skill points


1.Start by making the 2 purple guys with the pink mullets, and the 2 white mullets. From the white mullets, start building the mages in the squares. Do the top square counter-clockwise, the bottom square clockwise.

2.After you've finished filling those 2 bottom squares, upgrade everyone to level three. Upgrade the pink mullets SPECIALIST, everyone else GENERALIST.

3.When you can't upgrade anyone to level 3 anymore (No one else leveled up basically), add the green mulleted guys. Upgrade the purple guys specialist, everyone else generalist. Build the top square counter-clockwise, the bottom square clockwise.

4.Once you built those two squares, start to upgrade everyone:upgrade the initial 2 squares on the bottom first before you upgrade the guys on the top squares.
I started to upgrade the top 2 squares at around wave 22. Be sure to upgrade the purple specialists first.

*Leaked 6 wave 26.... 4000 hp guys that are fire resistant.
*ALMOST leaked level 35.


greg said...

I spent all day playing this damn game trying to get badge ideas. Maybe you could help me out. :-P


Syl (Too LTSI) said...

Looks like someone else is gonna become a Kong employee, good for you!

Milskidasith said...

You are WAY too reliant on fire mages. The stage you lost out on almost (the one you recommended archers on) I put up 2 fire specialists in the middle box (top right and bottom left) a top left electric specialist, and a bottom right electric generalist. After that, I added dexers near the begginning and started to add ice and fire specialists to keep the enemys slow, poisoned, and taking 170% damage. It worked like a charm, and I only lost on absorbing levels and the necro boss (my reccomendation is to find which path he is going on and quickly, back to front, build lots of dexers paving the way everywhere so that you keep the hurt on and he doesn't heal on the loop).

NorthernPolarity said...
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NorthernPolarity said...

I'm not exactly "reliant" on fire mages: most of the early levels have most, if not all of the enemies weak to fire. I'm pretty sure the archers would have taken out the skulls no problem, then it's just the bosses that leak. I'm just explaining how i'm doing it my way: i'm sure theres lots of better ways to do it (I'll update that after i beat the game)

Malachi said...

...Better check your email, NP!

guybrush69 said...

Dear Greg,
I have some badge ideas for this game..

Can I email them to you?

bakagaijin said...

Almost there - what an unbelievable game. The order you have chosen to do the levels in makes it a little harder.

NorthernPolarity said...

I'm just doing the levels in order as i play through them.

WillianGallis said...

Do you guys have any ideas on what to do in Unknown Ruins? This level is so damn hard.

NorthernPolarity said...

Yeah, i'll be posting a strat for that up. This other guy had a really good strat for it: you need ultimate mastery and the super paver skill points though.

Anonymous said...

I found that on Vile Forest having multiple archers helps much more than upgrading them. I only leaked the last boss once using your basic strategy but without any upgrades at all

NorthernPolarity said...

If you're going mass archers, you really should upgrade them to level 2 or 3. At level 2 or 3, archers have the best gold per damage ratio (6.3-6.5 as opposed to 7.3 for level 4 or level 7.8 for level 1). It's a lot more cost effective that way.

If this doesn't make any sense, basically if you're going to mass lower level archers instead of getting level 4 archers, upgrade them to level 2 or 3 because you get more damage for less gold.

Anonymous said...

Can you remake The Lighthouse, with the archers strategy? Please?

Focus said...

Where did you get that power? Guessing next card challenge? ;).

Great wt.

Paulo C said...

At Mainland Mines, the modification you suggest is important - placing the two dexters in front of the red mages just before level 6 will allow you to complete the level without any leaks.

As for Coastal City, I played with green guys at the white spots (in your picture). The front rectangle may be all generalist reds, it is flawless up to the last level. Then you need some well-upgraded specialists in the back.

NorthernPolarity said...

Once I beat the game, I'll remake the lighthouse strategy, and the others where i lose lives. Thanks for the support :D

PackMan97 said...

I've found that archers max power/gc at level 3 (56 gc upgrade). I had trouble beating the vast forest until I stopped at level 3 and built more (quantity) vs higher levels (quality)

Anonymous said...

Your strategy for The burning Pass needs work. I did like you said and lost bad.

Coolrich2 said...

i am doing the lighthouse right now using archers instead of red mage upgrades and i've lost 11 lives, but none of them were lost on level 33.

ill try 2 put a picture of my winning plot (if i win) so u can use if u want

coolrich2 said...

i did pass with 25 lives to spare

i followed your guide except i built archers. the first one was between level 10 and 13 i think (not sure of exact level). I didnt upgrade everything at first chance, i used my upgrades tactically r.g. upgrade archers (specialist) for a flying round. Hope it Helps

click here to see placements

Speck said...

Maybe a guide on, like, what does what, or which upgrades are better, etc. might help ;)

(I need one personally XD)

NorthernPolarity said...

@packman - thanks, i'll try it after i beat the game and do it that way.

@anonymous - How exactly did you die? Do you remember what you died on? I'll look into it.

@coolguy - Thanks for the info!

@speck - But I expect you guys to follow me like sheep xD. Some of the info can be found on the protectodex, but i'll add a section after i finish the main walkthrough.

Sylicas (Too Lazy to Sign-In) said...

Question. In the Stones of Wonder level, you said "upgrade the 4 people in the middle". Which four people?

Benazio said...

dammit its not working with me .
maybe add some more details ..

Anonymous said...

The walkthrough gets less and less specific when you reach higher levels. Thanks nonetheless though, it helped quite some.

Paulo C said...

I) Underground Passage

Your opening suggestion is way too risky. Most of the time it leaks like hell during the first few levels (it may even end the game before 6 or 7).

I won this map flawlessly like this:
a) start with four mages at the necromancer (as per your image) line, two blues in the middle, a purple at each external island (in the inside of the external island, again where the necromancer is).

b) When this guys are level 2 (all generalists), add two blue specialists to the middle island (at the central spots).

c) This may be the time for the two greens. After the greens, two reds at the bottom.

d) After the green guys are level two, start filling the inside face of the external islands.

e) I found it convenient to have two extra green guys at the bottom of the external islands, to recharge the poison.

II - Ominous Shrine(Southeast medium 25 wave one)

For those of you going for the badges, this is a good place to get the two paladins. Where Northern Polarity says to start buying dexters, save for the first paladin. Then fill the back room dexters and save for the next paladin.

I still leaked one of the red demons once at 21 or 22, but that was it.

NorthernPolarity said...

The reason why the later levels aren't as detailed is because there isn't a need: ultimate mastery makes things easy :D I'll try to have an update by tonight.

hazeraven said...

Got a working strat for Stonefield Border. (Hard 20 wave stage in the middle of the map; available early on.) Perfect run except for one leak on the final boss.
1. Many levels are poison resistant, none are weak.
2. First three levels are fire absorb. One later level is as well, so invest in fire mages later.
3. Two waves are weak against energy, final boss is energy absorb, so invest lightly, if at all.
4. Nothing is strong against ice, several waves are weak. Invest heavily.
5. Three waves are strong against metal. Wave 12 is metal absorb. Invest lightly at the front of the level (same with fire) and build up later to mop up. Metal is fair game after 12.
Skills: 4 in dexer, 3 each energy and ice (energy can be reduced or omitted), 2 in fire, 2 in teacher.
Recomended: go all in fire/ice/dexer (11 points) perhaps with teacher (13 points).
Build: Start with two ice mages back opposite the second island. Add two dexers on the front island. Wave three is tricky, but adding ice in the back asap should keep you from leaking. You will probably end up with six ice in the back. Add some fire at the front. (This keeps any absorbtion at the beginning of the level, where it doesn't matter.)
Any leveling should be generalist. Once past level 12 (metal absorb) add two more dexers in the rear center island, and level as needed. I haven't replayed this one yet, but I'm pretty sure you can get by entirely on fire/ice metal.
Sorry about the poor quality. If anyone is really interested I have the complete wave layout.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I was playing this game on Kongregate and they have two levels that you don't have in your walk through. There is a second Ominous Shrine (Med 40 Lvls) in the south along with the Evil Stronghold (Hard 40 Lvls) northwest...huge island. Do you plan on adding those levels to your walkthrough or did I miss something? Thanks!

Sylicas said...

^ Patience young one, he's playing the levels as he sees to it ;).

Nevin said...
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Anonymous said...

coolrich2's screen helped me a little further on the lvl 'The Lighthouse' but I still didn't complete it, please say how you upgrade your characters (dexers and archers) specialist or generalist...


Hmmm anyone that can answer this may answer me :P Or give other ways to finish it :-)

NorthernPolarity said...

Dexers are always upgraded generalist, and archers are always upgraded specialist. Although he buffed specialist dexers recently, why change what you have right, right?

Eomry said...

I finally got the unknown ruins (the one with only 4 starting positions), I did it later on so I had lots of skill points. Here is what I did in case your interested

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Both Pavers
Both Teachers

Use only red mages


Put one mage in each position to start and then use money to pave the middle and add more red mages evenly on each side.

Once you have the middle strip done pave three spots in the middle at the top and put in three more red mages.

Once all mages are placed start to upgrade all equally as generalist starting at the bottom and working your way up.

No lives lost!

Anonymous said...

a different "Anonymous" commented on "The Burning Pass."

You said to place just the mages in the center then wait as long as possible to place more, so they get exp. With only the 3 central mages, even upgrading them ASAP, I still lost more than 10 lives in the first wave.

Not that your strategy is horrible - i made it to wave 13 or 14 modifying it a bit.

One question I have, why not energy mages? Most the creatures are Energy weak - except 3 are energy strong - and none are energy absorb. Few if any are poison weak. I've not yet tried it - i'll let you know if it seems to work better.

makuta2 said...

For X.Stones of wonder i put skill points on poison and energy mastery, teacher maexed out and all mages were speacialist...it worker better than the one advised by COCAK

makuta2 said...

im confused about pauloc's version of underground passage...is the layout the exact same as original or different? Would be easier to understand if a map could be added with corresponding numbers

Anonymous said...

One of your levels, you posted as "Vile forest". It's actually called "Vast forest".

Granted, a small error, but i thought you might want to be noted.

Coolrich2 said...

@ Anonymous who posted at February 10, 2008 3:07 AM

all my dexers were upgraded GENERALIST and all archers were SPECIALIST

i did the map again to check my strategy and i found i didnt the the two archers near the exit much so it would be a better idea to spend some money on extra mages and upgrade general

all the other mages were upgraded as said on the guide

coolrich2 said...

sorry that shoudl read 'i didn't need the two archers near the exit much'

HAMC said...

Hi, I love the Tutorial btw it's really helping me a lot, I'm having trouble on Collo Shipyard though I try to follow your instructions, but even when I upgrade everything to lvl 4 I still manage to fail on the game, is it possible your strategy needs a bit of work when coming to the 13th lvl?

Paulo C said...

makuta2 said...
im confused about pauloc's version of underground passage...Would be easier to understand if a map could be added with corresponding numbers

As requested: Underground Passage

In my image:
1) Place those two first. These are purple GENERALISTS and should not be upgrade past level 4;
2) These are blue GENERALISTS, put them during the first wave (as soon as you can put both - I don't like uneven upgrades)

- During levels 2 and 3 upgrade the four mages (generalists) to level 2

3) Two blue SPECIALISTS, at level 4
4) Two green SPECIALISTS at level 5

- At level 5, upgrade the purple guys to level 3

5) Two red SPECIALISTS at level 5 or 6

- Upgrade the blue SPECIALISTS (3)
- Upgrade the green SPECIALISTS (4) as soon as they level

6 and 7) The reds are GENERALISTS and the green are SPECIALISTS

This is the final layout. I won the level without losing a single life and without adding anymore mages.

Anonymous said...


about Collo Shipyard:
those three fields near the entrance, hire three red guys and upgrade them to level 2 specialist.
as soon as possible hire two dexer and place them in the lower section where the route crosses last time to the exit.
Finally upgrade when possible the red guys to level 3. Every time you have enough money hire another red guy and place him on a field. You don't necessarily need to pave one! Don't forget to level him at least to level 2 specialist.
Eventually you have 4-5 dexer at the last T-cross and 12 red guys.

Paulo C said...

The anonymous strategy on Collo may not work as predicted. There's a reason to start from back to front:
If you start overupgrading the front guys early on, they will kill everything and prevent the back guys from gaining experience. But you need the back guys to get experience and upgrades or else, when a strong wave break the front defenses, your background guys won't be able to deal with it.

Paulo C said...

I propose that your Insane Marathon solution is overcrowded. My take:

Skills: Ultimate Mastery, Exceptional Teacher, Manipulator, Necromancy (the simplifier)

a) Start with the two purples;
b) Fill the two bottom squares with alternate reds and blues GENERALISTS (red and blue ONLY!!). Start at the third space of the top row (third counting from the purples - in this map configuration those are the experience-starved spaces) and proceed as you said (clockwise at the bottom, otherwise at the top).
c)Refrain from filling everything right away - take your time, let the first few guys (3 on each side, for instance) get their exp before adding more mages. This requires a careful evaluation of each level, but it is quite doable.
d)When you're mid-way on the squares, upgrade the purples.
e) After the squares are complete, take everyone to level 3, as said. Take the purples to level four.
f)Then start saving for two necromancers. When you have the 500, buy them and put them near the entrance, exactly opposite to the purple guys.
g)When the necros are level 2, buy two greens and put then in the middle strip, near the central corridor, so they can hit all roads. Those are specialists too.
h) Manage your upgrades - examine the next wave before upgrading something (ie, do not upgrade the greens just before a green absorb level).

Otherwise, upgrade everything as they level, including the red and blue guys. You will end you with the strongest set of mages you ever saw in the game.

I lost a couple of lifes to level 26 (that seems inevitable, no matter what) and two more to the fast guys at 37 or 38, but that was it.

(Sorry, forgot to capture the screen).

happyseaurchin said...

regarding unknown ruins:
very tight at level 8
with only 1 life left over from my starting 5
and seven got through on level 13...
can't see your's as a solution...

NorthernPolarity said...

@happyseaurchin: Are you sure that you had the skill points that I did? For my strategy in unknown ruins, ultimate mastery is needed to do enough damage to pass the level. There really shouldn't be any reason why it doesn't work for you otherwise.

@pauloc: My insane marathon strategy isn't really hard... All i do is alternate red/blue/green mages, and i only lost a couple of lives on wave 26. No point changing easy strats that work, right? Thanks for the Underground Passage strat though, i'll upload it.

Paulo C said...

NorthernPolarity: my objection in Insane Marathon was just about the excessive use of mage manpower. And too many colors.

Plus, I wanted to see if necros were really worth the trouble. Apparently, yes.

SmashMan said...

XIX.Coastal City: Just go fire mages except for the 2 energy mages. Most enemies are fre weak and none are fire absorb. Upgrade and pave at the top first. After the beginning the enemies won't even come close to the exit.


NorthernPolarity said...

To be honest, i don't think it was excessive enough. If i filled those 2 rows in the middle, i could probably have lost fewer lives during level 26 , but alas, oh well.

Anonymous said...

I have a beginner VIDEO for the first five levels done (i gotta go through again.)

If you need it i can email the vid to you and once im done it all, you can put it up...

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

You rely WAY to much on dexters.. when mages would be better....
dont rely so much on dexters they are not all that great

Anonymous said...

on like 4 of these maps i compelted with only 3mages.. its all u really need if u upgrade master and stuff

Paulo C said...

Here's a curiosity I was wondering about, Stonefield Border as the sixth map (which feels like the natural order to me). I tried it some times the first time around and was soundly trashed. So now I started another game just to test if it was doable.

You have only 5 skill points. They go into Fire Channeling (2 points), Cold Channeling (2 points) and Energy Focus.

The map show the configuration just before level 20: Stonefield

Now the details (see the map for the numbers - they represent the aproximate order of deployment):
1) Two blue specialists (at level 1)
2) Two blue specialists (at level 2, upgrade the other two)
3) Two red generalists (upgrade "2" before buying those)
4) Two green specialists
- Two front dexers (generalists, as usual)
- the two back dexers, added in a hurry when you feel something will leak (the fast orc level is usually the moment)
6) Two purple specialists (never go after level 3 with purple or the last boss will kill you)
7) Red specialists, added to cope with the last red weak levels
8) More dexer, thinking about level 20
9) Two useless reds, make them dexers
10) More dexers after paving.

This configuration leaked the last boss three times, but that was it. At some points it is touch and go but you must remember there's no ultimate mastery nor teacher nor all dexer skills here, just 5 lousy skill points.

It can be done even better: the reds at 9 should be dexers, the purple skill should be dexer. You need those purple mages, but more dexers will gain faster on the last guy purple absorption.

Paulo C said...

Just a correction: In my comment about Stonefield above, the blues at "2" (the front island) are GENERALISTS and the reds at 3 are SPECIALISTS.

(this is pretty delicate, any minor mistake may make this layout leak).

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused here, lower speed is faster shooting or higher speed is faster shooting?
Wondering because the protectopedia says archers are really fast, but base speed is less than a mage.
Also, how exactly do you determine power of a special (specifically anti air, splash or poison)? Does splash do that much damage to nearby? I'm not sure how poison or anti air works (it seriously does 25 more damage against flying?!), pls help!

NorthernPolarity said...

@anon: how exactly am i reliant on dexers? I've only used dexers on three of the maps: Rat Trap, the Mainland Mines, and an Ominous ShrineIn one of them, they're essential,in another one it's helpful to stop leaks, and in ominous shrine, well that was a "fun" level for me, since i got bored of the mass mages strat.

@anon: I think that anti-air adds the anti-air number add bonus damage against air units (so anti-air 25 would make a 10dmg archer do 35), splash should just do the number as splash damage. Poison i'm not sure: i would guess its like the number as damage every 3-5 seconds (so if it was poison 6, it would do 6 damage over 5 seconds or something).

Paulo C said...

And by the way, Pass of Karnagh is also doable with only 6 skill points. Barely. Following Northern's strategy, with Energy Specialism, Exceptional Teacher and Mushroom Grower, I was able to finish it with 5 lifes to spare (down from 33). You have to place and upgrade mages carefully at the opening - specially before the green absorbing third wave. But there are absorbing creatures for all tastes on the higher levels.

Paulo C said...

anon, high level archers are really fast against flying enemies. Really, really fast. There are a number of levels you can't win without them, even though the pedia says otherwise.

Poison will do damage over time, but I am not sure how the mage poison level relates to the damage.

Splash will do full damage to one creature and some damage to the surrounding enemies.

Anti-air I am not so sure, but I've seen archer destroying a flying boss in seconds.

Hikari said...

A heads-up... I think someone stole your walkthrough. I was pointed at it by someone with the Kongregate username nilocsiuol, but I don't know if he's the one who stole it or not. It's been posted at http://kongregatekings.blogspot.com/

HAMC said...

Hello Me Again, I'm still finding it really hard with Collo Shipyard, I try your strategy over and over again and I keep losing.

HAMC said...

Ah, I finally completed it, so never mind the last comment.

However I am finding it hard on The Burning Pass, I put the 3 in the middle but still lose quite a lot of lives,

Anonymous said...

for ominous shrine you only really need fire and cold mages

Coolrich2 said...

i just used a different way to do Costal City. You dont lose aly lives (like the one on the guide) but i had over 5000 extra points by level 25

click here to see layout

i didnt need any of the ones on places that started off unpaved.... i just bought them to spend money (and get points)

build from bottom up and upgrade when all are built (paved only). upgrade as soon as available.

HAMC said...

No Matter how much I try your strat on the Ominus Shrine Medium, I cannot do it, a little more step to step detail would be helpful or something.

NorthernPolarity said...

@hamc: which ominous shrine? And where did you die? Did you have ultimate mastery if i said to use it?

Anonymous said...

For the Unknown Ruins, you should turn those free points into mushroom grower skills. It really helps when using your strategy, which tends to leave you very close to death.

HAMC said...

like I said Ominus Shrine MEDIUM.
I always lose all my lives at lvl 8, a little more detail on what needs to be done for this level would really help, I don't really get a few things in the level because by level 4 I don't really have 40 Gold because of the upgrading.

Focus said...

Hey Northn,

I got my own strategy at Lighthouse - of course, modifying a bit yours.

I used your skills, archers instead of dexers... this way.


I put archers 1 and 2 without paving (they level up slow but should be lvl 3-4 on level 33). Then paved near the fire pack, and put 3 and 4. Lost no lives with the skull bombs, just a few with last bosses.

Focus said...


The link doesn't seem to work on my prev comment...

NorthernPolarity said...

Focus, that's how i envisioned my suggested strategy, except the archers were next to the purple mages.

yuske said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Focus said...

Yeah, now I'm reading it more clearly and...

oh well... sorry.

yuske said...

hey NP! my 1st and 2nd run of Burning Pass... the first was just to complete, the second to get the Necromancers for badge.

Anonymous said...

Love this game!
I was not aware of the Re-assign skill. Just restarted my file bc i didn't like what skills I had done, now I feel like an idiot

elion5 said...

In Twin Islands what are the mages on the very left? They're blocked out.

Matt Ellsworth said...

I used these tips after I had about 5 maps left. worked great!

Ytaker said...

Hm. I completed this game a little while ago. I mostly used mixed heavily upgraded builds, which killed them at the entrance. Since it was faster. Though it is interesting to note that just buying loads would be more money efficient on most levels.

I was wondering if anyone else had got necromancers to work. I like the idea of them being "The most powerful unit" Or whatever it is, but in my experiences, they just get to be a slow and powered up electric power by the end. You can't buy them early enough to build up kills... has anyone else got them to work?

I do realize they're kinda useless, like the paladins and the alchemists, but it'd be cool to have a one hit kill for the final enemies.

Charles said...

I got the badges B) Nice guide, thx a lot man

Anonymous said...

Stonefield Border:

It is much easier if you use almost exclusively blue mages. I loaded the very rear with two blue mages on each side. Then I put one blue mage and one fire mage in the rear-most island. I followed this with two purple in the frontmost squares to the side, eventually followed with two more blue mages in the front-most island.

I upgraded the two purple and two blue in the front general for the first two levels and then specialist the rest of the way (they seem to gain power and special percentage better like this).

I only leaked one character on an early level when I only had the four blue mages. The key is to keep upgrading mages. Sometimes I think this walkthrough relies too heavily on building multiple mages and not correctly upgrading a few. After the 75 gold upgrade the mages start increasing drastically in power with each new upgrade, especially if they are solely generalized (+20 power at 80 lvl 6 and +29 at lvl 7).

The biggest question I have... is it ever useful to use the three special characters (paladin, necro, alchemist)???? I have tried on a few occassions and found that normal characters always work better due to the costs and extra skills.

NorthernPolarity said...

Thanks for all the support.
@anon - I have never personally felt the need to build specialist units. I remember once I built an alchemist specifically for this splash level, and it failed at working. I then tried 4 specialist mages, and it worked, so that's partially why I don't like specialist units. As for the other thing, I think the cost effectiveness of level one mages are about as good as a level 6 mage.

bearokopoulos said...

Great guide! I had made my way, via trial and error, through all but the last 3 levels. Thanks for getting me over the hump!

Pavdog said...

Thanks for the walkthrough! Just finished!! It helped me discover "skill points".. never even knew they were there. I'd like to read a strat-guide if there's one available.

Anonymous said...

Northern Guy, great work, helped me a lot for one hard maps. And btw. lol @ the guy who didnt know that its possible to re-assign points .

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the guides, without them i wouldnt have finishe lvl 1.
tip: in the lighthouse as u said it is really better not to get dexers but get rangers i didnt lose 29 lives like u did!

Zigon said...

Definitely helped me beat the game, not a flawless walkthrough but seeing how your mages were placed really helped.

Anonymous said...

XXIII.Evil Stronghold

Nice walkthrough but it seems that your strategy fails to maximize the most valuable real estate and men are placed on low value areas.

For instance the most valuable spots are the 8 in the middle (4 paved) which can attack two of the main squares plus the long paved passage way are left unused.

Secondly you are placing men on the side of the squares that the bad guys only pass on once which is a waste of resources. For the same money you could double up your men on the side of the square where they pass twice getting twice the fire power out of those men.

Or you could place those same men not on the square but, on the strip between the squares, giving them the ability to hit on twice the real estate giving them more value.

Bottom line is I think you could find better spots for about 24 men.

Also I think that you might be overlooking the value of hitting the bad guys as they enter and exit the long passage down the middle with mass firepower at either end.

Now as for those fast moving red guys in the middle of the game, I haven't figured out how to take them out yet without them slipping by.

Thanks for the walkthrough. You did give me some ideas on building.

Mandeep said...

For Ominous Shrine (Hard 25 Wave), there's an EXTREMELY SIMPLE TACTIC.

Pave the first stone next to where the monsters are coming out of, and make a purple mage there. Go specialist.

Next, fill up all the open areas with fire mages.


I didn't lose a single life and ended up with 18k + score, compared to your 10k and one mess of a map xP

Oh, make sure you have elemental mastery. I also had enough skill points to put in teacher and the shr00m person thingy.

chinese dude said...

For the lighthouse, i actually completed it with 27 lives, using archers instead of dexers. I used the first 4 free spaces near the end first, then continued adding spaces, always near the end, when u have 350 gold and added a archer on it. Though I have no screenies (my computer is weird) you can try it out

Anonymous said...

I’ve beaten 18 levels so far and I still can’t figure out if its worth making a hybrid between specials and generals. I tend to just max one each type of special in a given area and go general with the rest since the skills don’t stack. The exception being the fire mage, sometimes I make clusters of specialized fire mages. Can anyone explain to me the advantages of going with some specialization and some generalization or do most of you just max one or the other ?

Katherine said...
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Anonymous said...

what do you mean by mullets? I don't have any guys with mullets

Anonymous said...

How do you make the advanced units?

Anonymous said...

Mullets are the ones with color on the back of their heads.

You can get the adv. defenders by getting the required skill. You need the 1st and the 2nd.(ex. Aspiring Archer & Archer)

KaXaSA said...

Just one advice.. build first in the exits, start from the end of the map and then build in the beginning. I beat the whole game using only the basic units.

Anonymous said...

I just started playing. Pardon me for ignorance, but how do I add an archer when it is always 'locked'? Protectopedia doesn't explain how...

Smarty said...

on Burning Pass put the skills all the way to aspects of enablement (maxing out on poison and energy).

And the build, one poison in the middle and one near each opening. The rest of the slots energy guys. Start from the middle and work your way out.

Anonymous said...

you can really do a lot more damage with a couple of specialist mages in the beginning (energy, poison, cold) than putting only generalist mages in. i beat a couple maps with just a 3-5 specialists and a couple of generalists later on

Anonymous said...

To anonymous from June 4rth... near the top of the screen is a SKILLS tab (next to the MAP tab)... click that to open, then near the bottom in smaller letters is something like "reassign skill points". This clears all your accumulated skill points off the skills and lets you reassign the skill points before each map... depending upon what you might want/need to tackle that particular map. (If you are new, you've got to beat a map to get more skill points). Once you done that, drag your mouse over all the little boxes... and in the top right area are the two boxes you need to designate to get archers. Once you've done this, you'll understand. I think everyone plays a number of maps before they realize they can reassign. I know I did. Makes all the differnce.

To Northernpolarity... excellant job. I always appreciate people who take the time to share their strategy and then absorb all the critics who nit-pick. Some give good support, others like to just complain. You did a good job, thank you.

Cramshopmouf said...

Thanks for an excellent walkthrough. I modified the layout on Evil Stronghold a bit, to use those 12 spaces on each side between the upper & lower circles. (It's not worth it to pave the ones next to the central corridor, by the way). I also put six fewer mages on each circle. (I only placed guys in the spots that covered the most path) Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Funky. I won all levels, but haven't got all the skill points the game offers, lots of empty slots.
I just replayed one of the marathons for larks, using necromancers instead of the regular wizards...
I didn't even win but was given a skill point for my troubles nevertheless. Both necromancers upgraded to level 3.
Is this the way to earn the remaning skill points? By using the advanced guys?

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain the special ability of the Purple Mage? The game says it is "debuff" and the mages in the game list their ability as "electric".

What the heck is "debuff/electric?" And what is it useful for? Does it do anything special, like how red mages do splash damage, blue slow your opponents and green slowly sap your opponent's energy even after they've stopped being hit?

Anonymous said...

wow....i was playing twin islands and one of my blue mages was called Northern Polarity....lol

Anonymous said...

Purple mages are, in the late game, the second most important of the debuffing mages. Their debuff makes the monster hit by it take a percentage of extra damage from EVERY ELEMENT, even the one it's resistant to. So once you have your purple mage debuff at 50%, the monster is basically weak against all but one element, taking normal damage from one element, and is taking 200% damage from his natural weakness. Purple mages make some stages winnable.

Anonymous said...

This guide truly sucks. A lot of them are so called "perfects", I followed it exactly. Failed. Great job, thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Please explain why you would use Generalist instead of Specialist for mages.

Anonymous said...

on XV.Ominous Shrine (Southeast40 wave medium marathon - the one on the bigish island): better place the archers in the corners of the second ring. that way they can reach all three rings.
thanx btw, i used your walkthrough for first ideas (and after studying yours, i used my own strategy ;-) hehe)

Alfred said...

I have a question about Necromancers. I've finished 18 or so levels, and I feel like Archers are pretty good, Chiv. Dexers are alright, and Alchemists are pretty superfluous. I know Necromancers do a ton of damage if you go generalist the whole way. Level 3 or 4 Necromancer does significantly more damage per shot than a level 6 mage.

My question is, what does Necrosis do? I powered one up to something like 70% and I just didn't know what it was doing. He had about 60 kills at the time, but it was too hard to measure his individual performance. Does anyone definitively know what Necrosis does?

Anonymous said...

Stonefield Border strategy.
Finally found a strategy with no leaks:
Skills: Ultimate Mastery, Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
Use all Blues (Generalist):
1. Start with two blues at back center, upgrade one level ASAP
2. Level 2--Add two blues at front island before level, upgrade one level ASAP
3. Level 6--Add two blues at back island; upgrade back center blues one level
4. Level 8--Add two blues directly across from back island blues
5. Level 9--Add blues next to blues placed in step 4; upgrade back island blues one level
6. Level 11—upgrade back center blues to level 4 when possible.
7. Level 12—upgrade step 4 blues one level
8. Level 13--Add two blues directly across front island blues, upgrade step #5 blues one level
9. Level 16—upgrade step 8 blues (next to front island) one level, upgrade back island one level; upgrade step #4 blues one level
10. Level 18—upgrade front island blues to level 5
11. Level 20--upgrade positions to following levels (save enough gold for one blue at position #7 depending on which side boss takes):
a. Front island leveled up to 6
b. Back island leveled up to 5
c. Back center leveled up to 4
d. Step #4 blues directly across from back island leveled up to 4
e. Step #5 blues leveled up to 3
f. Step #8 (directly across from front island) leveled up to 3
g. Save enough gold left to buy one blue—place at last exit tiles depending on which side boss takes. You probably have enough gold to place a blue on both rear exit tiles.

Anonymous said...

Your guide for mainland mines SUCKS i did everything u said and didnt get past 16..

Anonymous said...

Did a screen cap for mainland mines to replace the one that you were missing the archer on. This was snapped at 1 lvl before the boss. It worked perfectly, lost a life or two, but good walk through.


Good walkthrough, I like using it after i get frustrated at failing w/o the walkthrough. hehe.

Anonymous said...

thx really good walkthrough!!

Anonymous said...

that's too much mage-building indeed. Actually I have passed 'Vast Forest' without any archers, but with ultimate mastery, just went magepaving a lot, two triplets of specialists at bottom left and top right, everything else filled with assorted generalists. Purple mages do very good anywhere, starting from Lighthouse to Stronghold. I do not care about leaking one to three lives per really hard level (one only if a boss level, one boss costed me 4 lives.. gr-r-r, anyway, the point is to defeat the thing without dying).

I have passed the game w/o walkthrough, just looked to see wht's inside.The worst level for me was 'Rat Trap' with tons of dexers, I have added 4 poison spec mages outside the main ring, and a purple spec plus cold spec inside it, haven't lost a single life (skills: ultimate dexer, level 4 poison mages. Trick: place all mages first, let them whack something to earn 8xp per mage, then add dexers inside, then outside, then start upping mages first, dexers next) Yep, scoring 4th place all time (two first with 6M I consider as cheaters). Hum.

The Lighthouse: do mix fire generalists with energy ones, add a blue spec on the uppermost spot, and those fire absorbers won't bother you anymore. You may have to relocate your skills to favor energy mages, like 1 level fire, 1 level energy, paver, whatever else you want. 'Teacher' skills are useful here, but still you may go easily without these.

Collo shpiyard: lowermost 2 spots are best suitable for dexers, fire mages are better placed anywhere else. The same actually applies to almost every spot where mob path turns 180 degrees around.

The Burning Pass: the one level I used necromancers instead of spam-mages. Start: 2 purple specs at both entrances, 2 poison specs 1 square lower and 2 squares inward. These alone (upped specs once) can earn enough money to buy a necromancer, that's about 6 levels, place him 2 spots lower right from the purple mark (theres a poison mage at your layout) then up him spec, and add energy/poison gens at the sides so the necro will get kills. Upping necro past level 4 is cost-ineffective, it's better to up gens instead. I don't remember where to up first, but specs should be upped ASAP, unless a necro is not yet in place and they are level 2 already. If you have difficulty with levels before a necro, feel free to place several level 1 mages around the map. (I have placed a second necro later in that game, he went bad. Skills: both for necro, persuader+manipulator, poison magi rest)

The Rat Trap: It is generally better to upgrade dexers 3 first levels generalist, 4th upgrade specialist, when you have Ultimate Dexer, they start dishing out greater average damage (2.4 a swing only, but at level 9 every bit matters). Also poison specs mages instead of 1-square-hitting dexers work their money. The trick in spreading poison specs is that they will not target the same rat at once, so more damage over time will be delivered.

Unknown Ruins: I came there at the early stage, so I had no ultimate mastery. My skills were fire and cold mages (7 skills there, to earn a point in fire magi), both paver skills (2) and ultimate dexer (4). I started with placing dexers at the uppermost spots, paving the roads just behind them and adding 2 fire mages, then I added 2 more dexers at the spots above the vacated paved ones, placed 2 more dexers there and filled the rest with fire mages, all generalist. When the lass boss came, I paved his road with dexers and it died.

Yours, Vesper