Saturday, February 16, 2008

Game of the week #3

The game of the week this week is Pillage the Village! And the review is now out! Read the full review by clicking that cute little read more button.

Ok, now time for the review!

Pillage the Village is a great and fun game. The physics are good, the sound is great, the story is the most complicated in a flash game I have seen since Coil or The Walls 3 (not saying much since they came out last week, but it does have a sort of OK story, considering it is all about why the villagers hate the hands [but why did they transform into stickmen?])


Graphics: The game looks nice. Really nice. Nice enough that you will really need a fast computer for the game to work. But the game is detailed, the animations are smooth, and things breaking look good (or have enough dust where you can't see if they look bad, which is fine).

Sound: The sound is excellent. The hands slightly english voices in the intro were very well done, the villagers hitting the ground sounds excellent, the sword slashing through the air sounds pretty good for not making sense (swords don't really woosh through the air that much, but W/E) and pretty much all the sounds match up with what they should.

Story: It works.

Gameplay: The only part I have any real complaints with. I have a few small problems, but otherwise the physics and gameplay are spot on. The first problem is that when throwing villagers up (not straight down, but upward) they seem to either give one coin, or nearly the maximum amount of coins. I am not sure why exactly it does this, but it seems like two nearly identical throws give me 1 coin and the max coins sometimes. The next problem is with the fact hitting villagers with objects does so little damage. I know being thrown really high will hurt you, but getting crushed by a hut should do the same. I throw stone statues and *SPOILERS*

GIANT SUNS (antagonist final spell) and they take almost no damage, yet I can toss them five feet in the air and in a groan of pain they drop one coin and die. The final one also has to do with that, in that the antagonist final spell is insanly weak. DON'T BUY IT! Otherwise, the physics are spot on, the game is fast and hectic, but not too impossible (playing on a fast computer, laggy computers may either be too easy due to insane reflexes, or impossible due to the coin glitch I have never personally experienced).

So all in all, this game deserves a 9/10. Good job Arcane!


Focus said...

*Waits patiently*

Milskidasith said...

I am writing the review now. I said tomorrow, I never said which tomorrow.

Focus said...

Tomorrow never comes. It just transforms in today. :D
Well, onto the real comment now. I think I know how the money thing works.

For example:
1. You send him upwards.
2. He falls, but he is still alive.
3. Bounces.
4. Hits the ground again, with less power now.
5. Dies.
6. Gives one coin.

It's not the same that:
Send him upwards with lots of power, falls, dies, lots of coins.

I think the coins they give you are determined by the power you gave him 'to die'.

Roman Iazaroff said...
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