Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! - Challenge!

Hey everyone, its Valentines Day, and since greg is such a Sappy guy when it comes to Love, he gave us an extra card to earn... He MUST love us!

Love's Cruelty Challenge
Love hurts. It leads you on, then lets you fall on your face, as you wallow in misery. Oh, happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Getting to Second Base – Complete the first level, and the torment of this challenge will end. Then you can go back to cutting up pictures of happier times with the person who somehow got away: the person who somehow didn't understand that you were MEANT to be together! God, why?

All you have to do, is beat the first level! Sound easy? Think again.

This game is full of traps even in places you wouldnt expect them. Fortunately for you, I made a video guide that you can follow (and to beat it you have to follow nearly exactly)... Enjoy!

Teh Video! =P


Focus said...

We all love cruisers!

Razib AHmed said...

Love surely hurts and if you can pass the first level then in the second level, you can be very happy. Every successful couple surely goes through this process.
If you have time then viist my signature link and you can read a wonderful love stroy from another culture.

ExtremePopcorn said...

I saw a while ago that Fragm3nt said that you guys were also using Jing, but do you really think that Screencast has enough bandwidth (when I downloaded Jing a month or two ago, it said something like only 1gb per month)? I mean, even with only 1 video, it can't take more than about 500 views to take that out...

Maybe you should've hosted it on

Focus said...

Jing sucks. I don't use it.

Youtube ftw, in my opinion. You can embed them in the post, which is great.

Juze said...

You could use the level code too. Level 2 code: PLL1PE

That would give you the card too.