Friday, March 21, 2008

Card Challenge: Trophy Room + The Fancy Pants Adventures Badges

Trophy Room Challenge
Find all 5 trophies in Fancy Pants to unlock the Rumiko replay card, along with 2 trophies of her own!

There's nothing to worry about! Video walkthrough for all trophies.


It's Rumiko, the first card on Kongregate ever!

Pants full of Squiggles Badge (easy – 5 points)
Finish a level with 100 squiggles in your pants in The Fancy Pants Adventures

Nonono, do you really need help for this?

Antarctic Assassination Badge (medium – 15 points)
Defeat the evil penguin to put a halt to his sadistic "sleeping in bed" plans in The Fancy Pants Adventures

The boss is easy. Get in a corner and wait him to strike you. When he's near, jump and fall over him. Now do it three times.

Run Fast, Run Fancy Badge (hard – 30 points)
Complete the entirety of world 1 in 3:00 or under in The Fancy Pants Adventures

I was going to make another video, but my computer was a piece of lag. No idea why.
Find your best strategies on each level. Try to not jump (unless, of course, it's necessary to continue on the level) or kill enemies, just do your basic movements to get to the exit. 3 minutes in-game is not three minutes on real life, so don't get angry at your countdown clock who didn't include lag in its counter.
Those three minutes include the boss, his death and any other animation.

Be Fancy. And read more. :)


Katsu said...

video is unavailable.

Focus said...

Yes, blame YouTube, it was available before.

I will upload it again, sorry.

Chitown15 said...

Off-topic here, but I just want to give on hand to Focus for being the one of the few active COCAK writers.

Keep up the good work Focus!

Focus said...

The others being "inactive" is the main reason for me to be so "active".

Thanks :$

Sylicas said...

The only reason I'm inactive is because the others are inactive.

I follow the crowd, dammit.

Focus said...

At least you are active enough to sign in :P

"sylicas (too lazy to sign in)..."

Focus said...

At least you are active enough to sign in :P

"sylicas (too lazy to sign in)..."

Michael said...

Nice job Focus :)


Anonymous said...

Pushing "t" will show your current time. You didn't happen to mention that, and it does help for the third badge.

Malachi said...

Yeah, thanks for keeping it alive, Focus! I might make more reviews, however, if people would actually give me feedback (hint hint readers >:O).

Amitu said...

I found this easy to accomplish.

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