Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In-Depth Review #7.1408 - The Best Game. Reviewed.

Due to Malachi being out of commissioned via an accident today, I would like to finally get my emo-blogging reviewing life back on track. So without furthur ado, I shall review the best game on Kongregate, made by the King of Kongregate. I'm honoured to review this montrosity of a game in which the developer spent almost 8 years performing to perform it. Put your hands together and read more. I guarantee you there will be something in it.

Rating: 10408/5
Good: It's better than being rick-rolled by those darned programmers.

First off, an overview of Rocketattack for those who do not know. Rocketattack is an advanced game, hidden within the sheer deception of it's simple graphics. Not many would know, but hidden within it, lies the true key to enlightment, and also where Greg's mind is. It's formed by the basis of all hidden strategies, making sure that if you make one simple mistake, you will die.

I mean it.

The content is a take-in. It's the game within a game within a game and a game within a game. There're only one type of rockets that'll penetrate you, but be warned - they each have their own ways of destroying you, and confusing you. By the time you get to the boss level, you must have the seven crystal orbs placed on the temple of Goa Tse and also to make sure that you sit in the golden tub.

As mentioned, the graphics are simply astonishing. You.MUST.PLAY.TO.BELIEVE.

The Gameplay, like all the other attacks, are simple. You click on the rockets in a sequential way to de-activate them. Additionally, you can use them again to repel the other rockets towards you!

Replay Value. Lots of strategies. Make your pick.

Summarizing the review, Rocketattack is a game you must play in order to understand. Failure to do so can result in dire consequences.

Happy 4/1/08!



Focus said...

Why no one understands that greg's game is waaaaaay better than this one?


Sylicas said...

it's a rip-off!

Malachi said...

What accident did I get into? Who gave you this information >:O

Sylicas said...

the accident where you forgot about april fool's.

Anonymous said...

is COCAK going to write any more guides?

Anonymous said...

i was wondering the exact same thing its been about 2 weeks since the last one
they have always been pretty reliable but not recently
whats the deal?

Sylicas said...

We got lazy :(

Sylicas said...

Adding on to that, the reason I'm not writing guides is because I haz exams soon!

Yeah, yeah, I'll make sure I'll write one soon. Honest.